Amnesia – one of the most desirable genes sativa

Many producers create new varieties based on proven genes that have delighted their customers. Genes amnesia are also used by the best hemp seed producers in the world, precisely because of its amazing properties. Here you will find only varieties with genes amnesia. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the list of marijuana seed varieties amnesia. We also invite you to follow us on Facebook (click) and Instagram (click) to stay up to date with promotions, news and information straight from the world of marijuana.

Cannabis seeds of strains containing amensia genes are highly sought after among cannabis bean collectors. This is because the genes amnesia as a rule, they testify to the stable genetics of a given cannabis strain. The stable genetics of marijuana seeds translate into both the quality and quantity of yield that the skilled grower can give this wonderful plant. In favorable conditions and with the right dose of knowledge and experience (of course in a country where marijuana cultivation is legal) you can enjoy the amazing healing properties of these plants. Of course, for commercial, often relaxing use, amensia is also excellent.

marijuana seeds Amnesia:

Automatic or full-season cannabis seeds amnesia?

Here a lot depends on the preferences of the grower and on what yield we want to get. It is clear that a plant that grows for several months will give a much higher yield than an autoflowering so-called autoflowering plant. auto, which, as the name suggests, will flower on its own after about two months (obviously depending on the variety, as each has its own individual vegetation period). In short, auto cannabis seeds will yield faster but will flower less than its twin but full-season indica. The difference, of course, will be in the size of the plant. Depending on the variety, slot machines can reach up to 150 centimeters in height, while full-season variants reach even more than 2 or even 3 meters. Automatics are more popular when growing indoor (indoors), while full-season flowers are more often found in cultivation outdoor (outdoor cultivation). So, if you have more time, space and patience, it is worth choosing collectible marijuana seeds without the auto prefix in the name. But we leave the choice to our customers anyway.

Which producer of marijuana seeds amnesia to choose?

seed cultivation amnesiaHere the choice is simple - everyone. Why? In our store you will find marijuana seeds from the best producers in the world. There are a lot of breeds and brands on the market today, and each offers its own version of marijuana seeds amnesia. We have selected only those cannabis seed producers with genes amnesiawho have been working on their seeds for decades, providing customers with the stable genetics that are required in this industry. seeds from Royal Queen Seeds, Barneys Farm, Fast Buds, Dutch Passion or Seed Stockers they have seeds with genes amnesiawhich are always fresh and only feminized, thanks to which customers get exactly what they are looking for, and it is the satisfaction of our customers that is our highest priority. However, if you are looking for some special marijuana seeds from a manufacturer that you have not found in our assortment, please write to us and we will do our best to import them especially for you and at an attractive price.

Medical properties of genes amnesia

Due to the fact that cannabis strains containing amnesia genes are also dominant plants sativa, the effect and medical properties of these varieties are similar and do not differ much from each other, regardless of the producer that released the seeds. Of course, this is a big understatement, because a marijuana fanatic who has already tested several dozen if not several hundred varieties will not fully agree with this statement. A layman, on the other hand, will not pick up such small nuances. But it is certain that when choosing varieties amnesia we can count on relaxation, optimism, action supporting inspiration and concentration. After consumption, it will accompany us euforia, joy, relaxation. There was an almost complete elimination of stress with a parallel uplifting feeling. As you can see, it's very worth it. The more so that research on marijuana is growing, and genes amnesia will certainly contribute to the production of special varieties that will help in various diseases. With current genetics, it's only a matter of time.

marijuana seeds amnesia other properties

When it comes to yield properties, there will be little difference between the variants, so we can expect similar THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) levels, similar medical properties, similar effects. Marijuana seeds with genes amnesia they are characterized by high "power", which is why they are often chosen by collectors. Operation, due to predominant polarity sativa, stimulate action, trigger creativity and inventiveness. Amensia flowers are great for starting, for parties and for spending time with friends, but you have to be careful about the potency, which often oscillates around 20% THC, which puts the varieties amnesia among the most fashionable varieties of marijuana. If you have a low tolerance for tetrahydrocannabinol, don't worry, in our offer you will easily find feminized marijuana seeds of varieties with less "strength".

Award winning cannabis strains amnesia


Geny amnesia have been appreciated at many prestigious cannabis competitions (e.g. cannabis Cup) that take place all over the world. The jury very often distinguishes varieties with these genes for their above-mentioned, unusual properties, action and power. Smell and aroma of genes amnesia also distinguishes them from other varieties, which is why almost every marijuana variety containing these genes is unique and continues to win the hearts of cannabis lovers around the globe. It is safe to say that there is no person among marijuana lovers or sympathizers who has not heard the word amnesia. And if one is found by some miracle, all doubts and ambiguities about these genes will hopefully be dispelled here.

Marijuana seed packaging

marijuana seeds amnesia, depending on the manufacturer, are packed in packages from 1 to even 100 seeds. All packages contain a seal, thanks to which we are sure about the originality of the purchased beans. In addition, it should be mentioned here that we, as a store, care about the discretion of our customers, so that the package that is sent to you does not reveal its contents, so no one will know what you ordered. Discretion guaranteed.

Amnesia Lemon od Barney’s Farm

A great variety of marijuana that won the podium at the already mentioned Cannabis Cup cannabis competition. It is characterized by high strength, both in terms of potency (21% THC) and in this case resistance, because the cross of genes amnesia z lemon skunk she has done something amazing in this regard. So if you are looking for marijuana seeds amnesiathat will endow the plant with a beautifully lemon-scented, resistant and optimistic high is a variety Amnesia Lemon od Barney’s Farm is for you! Buy feminized cannabis seeds of this variety and see for yourself.

Geny amnesia enclosed in automatic marijuana seeds that is Amnesia Haze od Fast Buds

If you're looking for a quick crop, marijuana seeds are the way to go Amnesia Haze from an American manufacturer Fast Buds you must test it. As for an automatic, this variety can give a substantial and very strong yield, which will take us straight into the citrus-herbal embrace with its aroma and taste. The effect is strong, the cerebral one has to be careful. The plant itself grows quite tall, as it can reach up to 150 centimeters in height.

What about from? RQS? Maybe Amnesia Mac Ganja

Another winner of the prestigious Cannabis Cup – Amnesia Mac Ganja! This strain stood on the top step of the podium four times in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. This variety can be found in almost every Dutch coffee shop. It is very strong (22% THC) sativawhose herbal notes hit the user mainly in the mind causing psychedelic. strong high. If you are looking for a strain of marijuana amnesia, which when consumed is accompanied by bouts of euphoria and joy, are marijuana seeds from RQS are for you.

Legal aspects of marijuana seeds

Please note that the above information is provided for informational purposes only. We do not encourage anyone to break the law, especially in Poland, where the cultivation of marijuana seeds is prohibited by law, and there are legal sanctions for breaking it. The mere possession or trade of marijuana seeds in our country is accepted by law, thanks to which you can become a collector of original, feminized marijuana seeds today amnesia. Don't wait, start a wonderful collector's adventure with cannabis seeds, which you can buy in our store only from the best producers in the world.