Slots for beginners

Automatic strains for beginners – what are they and which should you choose? If you are a novice grower and live in a country where you can legally grow a marijuana bush, this post is for you. Check:

  • Why will machines be a good choice for starting your adventure with cannabis?

  • What characteristics of hemp will be good for growers?

  • Which seeds for beginners are recommended by the world's best producers?

The easiest marijuana seeds to grow

Let's start with even the most resistant and maintenance-free genetics they need a minimum of attention from their grower, even beginner autos. However, if you choose your first variety well, it will be able to forgive you minor mistakes and lack of knowledge. Experience comes with time. It is worth developing your passion patiently, approaching plants with feeling and then they will return the favor.

easiest slots for beginners

Many novice growers think it is autos are the least demanding and uncomplicated in cultivation. For this reason too automatic seeds are recommended for less experienced growers. They are suitable for cultivation in both conditions indoor (usually with 20 hours of light per day) and conditions outdoor. Autoflowering tends to be faster to grow, smaller in size, and can now match the THC levels of strong photoperiod strains. Just choosing autoflowering seeds is not everything. It is also worth paying attention to features of the best autoflowering variety for beginners.

First, feminized seeds!

This is nothing new, but it is worth recalling that feminized marijuana seeds were created precisely to facilitate the cultivation of cannabis for female flowers. When growing cannabis from regular seeds, you need to know how to separate the males from the females early enough. In the case of feminized seeds, this is not a problem, all plants should produce only female flowers, without fear of pollination and seed formation. That is why novice growers are primarily recommended feminized seeds.

Secondly, measure your intentions, i.e. the selection of genetics for the conditions.

marijuana seeds for beginners

Before buying marijuana seeds, you should determine what you expect. It is also important what budget and what kind of growing space you have. In the case of cultivation outdoor it will be important to match the genetics to the prevailing climate and weather conditions. When growing indoors, it will be necessary to check how high the plant will reach to ensure that it has enough space for development.

Cheap slot machines for beginners

As we have already mentioned, another, quite important thing for beginners is the cost of seeds. Seeds are available in the market at very different prices. One piece of very good, stable genetics in the form of a grain can cost even over PLN 100. But does it mean that cheaper seeds at a price of, for example, PLN 20 per piece are weak? Well, no! Many cheaper brands are very popular and satisfied with their customers.

Cheap automatic marijuana seeds will be a good choice for people inexperienced in growing. When something goes wrong, the loss hurts less. Cheaper seeds also mean less pressure during the first cultivation, and as we know, more mistakes are usually made under stress and tension. In the shop Ziarno Życia you will find cheap slot machines for beginners of very good quality!

Cheap marijuana strains for beginner growers - examples

Quick One Auto od RQS – cheap slot machines for beginners

Variety Quick One Auto, true to its name, is characterized by an extraordinary growth rate when growing hemp. This is one of the first automatic marijuana strains ever created. Moreover, at the time it was the fastest variety available on the market.

Quick One Auto is the result of the work of a renowned Dutch manufacturer Royal Queen Seeds, who based it on original genes obtained from Canada, more precisely, from the Lowryder variety.

Quick One Auto / Royal Queen Seeds
Feminized: Yes
Flowering time: Short (5-6 weeks)
Type: Sativa 10% Indica 60% Ruderalis 30%
Destiny: Indoor / Outdoor
Taste and aroma: citrus, fruity
Yield: Medium (275-325g)
Height: Low (50-60cm)
Genetics: Lowryder 1 x Old School Indica
THC level: medium (13)%
Effect: Physical

PRICES: 1 pcs - PLN 28.00, 3 pcs - PLN 69.00, 5 pcs - PLN 115.00, 10 pcs - PLN 205.00

Fast slots for beginners
Cheap marijuana seeds for beginners

Auto LowRyder 2 / Ziarno Życia
Feminized: Yes
Flowering time: Short (6-8 weeks)
Type:  Indica
Destiny: Indoor / Outdoor
Taste and aroma: citrus, exotic
Yield: Large (300-350gsm)
Height: Low (40 - 80 cm)
Genetics: Santa Maria x Lowryder
THC level: high (15-16%)
Effect: relaxation, relaxation, creation, chill

PRICES: 1 pcs - PLN 20.00, 3 pcs - PLN 47.00, 5 pcs - PLN 75.00, 10 pcs - PLN 140.00

Resistant auto cannabis seeds for beginners

Marijuana in general is a very strong and resistant plant, but seed producers create better and better genes, additionally resistant to, for example, mold, spider mites, pests or low temperature. Such resistant varieties of cannabis should definitely interest amateur growers.


Robust slot machines for beginners – #1 – AK Auto Fast Buds

According to the assurances of the American manufacturer itself, variety AK Auto is considered one of the most durable auto strains available on the market. Business Fast Buds emphasizes that its exceptional resistance to difficult conditions makes this variety able to survive all challenges. An additional advantage of this marijuana variety is its ability to flower automatically. These two features make it an excellent option, especially for beginner growers.

Cannabis seeds autos for beginners Auto Ak Fast buds

Auto Ak / Fast Buds

AK Auto / Fast Buds
Feminized: Yes
Flowering time: Medium (8-9 weeks)
Type: Sativa 60% Indica 40%
Destiny: Indoor / Outdoor
Taste and aroma: earthy, floral, piney, citrus
Yield: Large (400-500g)
Medical Marijuana: No
Height: Low (80-100cm)
Genetics: AK 47 Autoflowering
THC level: Very high (21%)
Effect: an uplifting, energizing high

#2 resistant machines for beginners – Glue Gelato Auto od Barney’s Farm

Glue strain Gelato in the Auto version from Barney’s Farm can adapt to cultivation in almost any corner of the world. This unique blend Gelato and Gorilla Glue is gaining recognition among marijuana connoisseurs who value intense experiences. Glue Gelato Auto is the predominant variety Indica, which surprises its simplicity and speed of growth. This plant thrives in the conditions indoor, and thanks to its high resistance to low temperatures, pests and mold, it can also be a successful choice for outdoor cultivation.

Glue Gelato Auto auto seeds for beginners Barney's Farm

Glue Gelato Auto / Barney’s Farm

Glue Gelato Auto / Barney’s Farm
Feminized: Yes
Flowering time: Short (6-8 weeks)
Type: Indica 60% Sativa 40%
Destiny: Indoor / Outdoor
Taste and aroma: fruity, sweet, citrus, chocolate, spicy
Yield: XXL (500-600 g)
Medical Marijuana: Yes
Height: Medium (90-120 cm)
Genetics: Gorilla Glue x Gelato x BF Super Auto
THC level: Very high (25%)
Effect: happy, elated, relaxed, calming, euphoric

#3 resistant machines for beginners – Auto Desfran od Dutch Passion

Auto Desfrán from a Dutch manufacturer Dutch Passion is an auto strain with a high THC content, with an advantage sativa, characterized by a complex terpene profile and an exceptionally distinctive aroma. Its effect is extremely stimulating and uplifting. This reliable and resistant marijuana strain can be grown in a variety of environments, whether indoors, outdoors (including greenhouses), or in secret locations, and is also ideal for guerrilla cultivation. Auto Desfrán is an excellent choice for true Sativa enthusiasts who appreciate this unique effect and at the same time are looking for a plant that can be easily grown.

Cannabis seeds for beginners Auto Desfran Dutch Passion

Auto Desfran / Dutch Passion

Auto Desfrán / Dutch Passion
Feminized: Yes
Flowering time: Long (9-11 weeks)
Type: Sativa 100%
Destiny: Indoor / Outdoor
Taste and aroma: Piney, fruity, tropical
Yield: Medium (450 g/m²)
Medical Marijuana: Yes
Height: Medium (100-120 cm)
Genetics: Desfran x Auto Daiquiri Lime
THC level: High (15-20%)
Effect: Energizing, joyful, creative

Low marijuana varieties for amateurs

Short genetics will be more compact and discreet. Beginner growers usually don't have a lot of space to grow, so short marijuana strains will be a good solution in this case. In addition, a smaller plant is easier to care for, and larger varieties also consume more nutrients from the soil.

Low Slots for Beginners:
#1 Chemdawg Auto od Fast Buds

American seed producer Fast Buds specializes in the production of automatic varieties. Variety Chemdawg Auto, which was created by them, makes slot machines for beginners expand their already extensive range with a very interesting item. This is an impressive change from the band  Fast Buds, like all varieties of this company, firstly flowers automatically, which makes it an excellent choice even for inexperienced growers. Secondly, the plant itself reaches a moderate size, which can be an advantage in many cases. Thanks to its low growth profile and limited tendency to spread, it is ideal for growing outdoors, for example on a balcony or garden.

Despite an average height of around 80 cm, impressive yields of up to 400 g per m² can be achieved under growing conditions indoor. The flowers of this variety are distinguished by high density and a characteristic, pointed appearance. Another important aspect is the intense bouquet of terpenes that accompany the cultivation, emitting distinct diesel aromas. Resistance Chemdawg Auto to low temperatures and various types of pests makes it even more accessible to beginner growers. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that the effects of this variety of cannabis are no longer intended for people who are completely unfamiliar with the subject.

Small cannabis seeds for beginners Chemdawg Auto / Fast Buds

Chemdawg Auto / Fast Buds

Chemdawg Auto / Fast Buds
Feminized: Yes
Flowering time: Medium (8-9 weeks)
Type: Sativa 20% Indica 80%
Destiny: Indoor / Outdoor
Taste and aroma: earthy, diesel, peppery
Yield: Large (350 – 450 g)
Medical Marijuana: Not
Height: Low (60 – 90 cm)
Genetics: Chemdawg Autoflowering
THC level: High (20%)
Effect: Hard stoned, relaxed

#2 low slot machines for beginners – Pineapple Express Auto

Another suggestion from Fast Buds. An automatic version of the award-winning, fruity Indica Pineapple Chunk grows at a rapid pace, transforming from seed to ready crop in just a matter of time 9 weeks. Her buds retain their extraordinary palatability and provide the soothing sensations typical of the variety Indica.

Pineapple Express Auto is the younger sister of the full-sized one Pineapple Chunk, characterized by exceptional resistance and low requirements. It performs well in a variety of environments, both indoors and outdoors.

low slot machine for beginners Pineapple express Auto Fast Buds

Pineapple Express Auto / Fast Buds

Pineapple Express Auto / Barney’s Farm
Feminized: Yes
Flowering time: Short (6 weeks)
Type: 70% Indica 30% Sativa
Destiny: Indoor / Outdoor
Taste and aroma: Intense, tropical, sweet pineapple
Yield: XXL (600 g)
Medical Marijuana: Not
Height: Medium (100-110 cm)
Genetics: Pineaplle Chunk x BF Super Auto #1
THC level: High (15-20%)
Effect: Calming, relaxing, sensual

#3 Low slot machines for beginners – Auto Blackberry Kush od Dutch Passion

Auto Blackberry Kush, offered directly by a renowned Dutch manufacturer Dutch Passion, is one of the best autoflowering strains Indica in their offer. Not only does it look extremely charming with its dark purple, shiny flowers, but it also delights with its majestic and complex terpene profile, the aroma of which combines earth and pine with fruity notes typical of the Kush variety.

Variety seeds Auto Blackberry Kush They are an excellent choice for beginner growers and those who don't like to wait. This variety has a life cycle of only 10 weeks. In a short time you can get a compact plant, with dense flowers and small spacing between nodes, with wide leaves. It usually reaches a height of between 50 and 100 cm, although the typical height is 75 cm.

low marijuana seeds autos for beginners Dutch Passion Auto Blackberry Kush

Auto Blackberry Kush / Dutch Passion

Auto Blackberry Kush / Dutch Passion
Feminized: Yes
Flowering time: Short (6-7 weeks)
Type: Indica 90% Ruderalis 10%
Destiny: Indoor / Outdoor
Taste and aroma: Sweet, berry, earthy
Yield: Large (400-450 g/m²)
Height: Low (50-100 cm)
Genetics: Blueberry x Dark hash plant
THC level: High (15-20%)
Effect: Strong stone, euphoric, soothing, relaxing

Summary: slots for beginners

If you are not only a novice grower, but also a novice marijuana user, choose varieties with low to medium THC content. You don't know your sensitivity to this cannabinoid, so don't take any chances with very strong cannabis strains.

We would like to remind you that in Poland, the law prohibits the cultivation of hemp other than fibrous, and all information about cultivation is for educational purposes. In countries where cultivation is legal, the knowledge contained in the entry can be treated as valuable tips, while in other places on the world map, all information should be treated as a curiosity.

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