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Growing cannabis outdoors is a unique experience that can be even more rewarding when you choose the right automatic strains. Also known as “autoflowering”. These varieties are perfect for growers outdoordue to their independence from light cycle changes and rapid maturity.

In this entry, we will present selected varieties of cannabis seeds autofloweringthat do very well outdoors outdoor. The strains we have indicated have been appreciated by users, so it is impossible not to have them in your collection.

Auto Seeds outdoor characterized by high speed, high resistance and ease of cultivation, which will appeal to novice growers.

There are many opinions that outdoor machines actually grow quickly, but this does not translate into their power at all. This is not true, as modern genetics allow for a fast flowering time while maintaining high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol in marijuana. We invite you to familiarize yourself with each automatic variety outdoor, because the beauty of marijuana hidden in the genes will allow you to choose the variety that best and fully meets the expectations of the future collector. We invite you!

Auto pits on outdoor from the best producers

The world's leading marijuana seed producers have vending machines in their seed catalogues outdoor, because in countries where cultivation is not prohibited, marijuana lovers willingly choose such seeds for their gardens. High-quality slot machines outdoor The following seed producers offer: Royal Queen Seeds, Green House Seed, Fast Buds, Barney’s Farm, Sweet Seeds etc. Let's check what interesting, fast, autoflowering strains, ideal for outdoor cultivation, can be found from these producers.

Sweet slot machines outdoor

We'll start our review of the outdoor autoflowering varieties available on the market with the manufacturer Sweet Seeds.

EA Robots outdoor Red Strawberry banana auto

Red Strawberry Banana Auto

These magical seeds contain plants with unusual growth patterns that bring to mind turkeys. They form lush tufts of intensely red flowers, covered with abundant trichomes. Its resin smells like a fairy tale and comes in charming shades of purple, red and pink.

This automatic Red Strawberry Banana strain also impresses with its speed of growth and flowering. After about 60 days from sowing, the plant is ready for harvest. This is a real treat for all cannabis growing enthusiasts. This is an example of slot machines outdoor they can be beautiful, quick and extremely delicious.

Bloody skunk auto

Bloody Skunk Auto

Bloody Skunk it is a truly unusual variety that delights with its purple flowers. But that's not all it has to offer! Its characteristic, strong skunk smell and delicious, sweet taste are a real paradise for connoisseurs. And what else? The structure of the plant resembles a classic Indica - a bushy structure, with numerous branching side branches. The flowers, in turn, are not only large, but also covered with a dense layer of resin.

In terms of achievements, Bloody Skunk Auto won some well-deserved awards:

  • 3rd place in the category Indica at the II Copa Farallones in Santiago de Cali, Colombia in 2017.
  • 2nd place in the Automatic category at the 2014rd Copa Cannábica Expogrow in Irún in XNUMX.

The awards confirm the uniqueness of this variety. Try it Bloody Skunk Auto and see for yourself why slot machines outdoor are so highly valued in the cannabis world!

These are two examples of slot machines outdoor od Sweet Seeds show how much potential lies in the strains from this producer. It is worth checking out other automatic varieties designed specifically for cultivation outdoor from this seed supplier. In the meantime, let's check out what other interesting slot machines there are outdoor can be found on the market now.

Expert in autoflowering strains

Let's check out some interesting slot machines outdoor Its product range includes an American seed producer specializing in automatic marijuana varieties Fast Buds

Moby Dick Auto

This variety is a real gem in the world of varieties Sativa, which we recommend to both experienced growers and those who are just starting their adventure with growing hemp. These unique genetics mean you can achieve impressive results with little effort. It is a plant that forgives common mistakes and rewards us with wonderful buds only 70 days after planting the seeds. It grows to an impressive 150 cm and branches abundantly to the sides, looking really impressive among other automatic varieties. It is a real giant that can produce yields of up to 300 g per one plant outdoors. However, it requires some care and appropriate cultivation techniques.

As a result, you can expect an abundance of dense flowers that literally glow with resin crystals. This is a real treat for variety lovers Sativawho value maximum yields and high quality. Moby Dick Auto he's a badass and perfectly fills the vending machine collection outdoor thanks to its amazing possibilities!

Moby Dick Auto

West Coast O.G. Auto

Vending machines are a thing now outdoor are distinguished at hemp festivals and competitions. AND West Coast O.G. Auto this is one of the first varieties Fast Buds, which has won numerous prestigious awards. This is no surprise if the strain can deliver impressive yields even in just 70 days from sowing, reaching up to 600g of solid harvest! This is a real masterpiece that impresses with its citrus and pine kush aroma and THC content of 21%.

West Coast O.G. Auto is the absolute king among automatic varieties. Its buds are dense, compact and full of trichomes, which gives the impression that they are extremely juicy. Each plant has an impressive central column full of flowers, and the number of side branches is limited, making it ideal material for techniques such as LST, SOG or ScroG. This variety sees its greatest growth towards the end of the growing season, so go ahead and see why West Coast O.G. Auto wins the hearts of breeders around the world!

King of slot machines West Coast OG Auto

As an American manufacturer Fast Buds is famous for its high-quality automatic marijuana seeds, and almost all of the cannabis seeds it produces are suitable for outdoor cultivation, we could go on and on about the machines it offers for a very long time outdoor. It is worth getting acquainted with the entire range of varieties from this manufacturer from the USA.

Why is it worth choosing slot machines? outdoor?

  1. Fast life cycle: Autoflowering strains usually complete their life cycle within 8-10 weeks of germination, depending on the strain.
  2. Resistance to weather conditions: They are more resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, which is crucial in changing conditions outdoorthose.
  3. Multiple harvests per season: Thanks to its short life cycle, several harvests can be obtained in one season.

Choosing the right variety

When choosing an automatic strain for growing outdoors, pay attention to:

  • Tolerance to climatic conditions: Some varieties do better in colder climates, others in warmer ones.
  • Plant height: It is worth remembering that in the conditions outdoor cannabis plants often grow taller, take this into account and choose varieties that will not cause problems due to being too tall.
  • Production potential: Consider how many flowers you want and whether the variety is known for heavy yields.

Practical Tips

  1. Start in early spring: To make the most of the season, it is worth starting cultivation as soon as the risk of frost has passed.
  2. Substrate selection: It is best to use soil mixtures rich in microorganisms and with good drainage, which will ensure healthy root development.
  3. Irrigation: Autoflowering varieties do not like excess water, please water moderately.
  4. Pest prevention: Checking your plant regularly for pests and diseases will help prevent crop loss.

Where does the popularity of slot machines come from? outdoor?

Automatic strains are an excellent option for growers outdoorthose. They offer ease of cultivation, speed of ripening and the possibility of multiple harvests. By choosing the right variety and following good growing practices, you can enjoy abundant and satisfying outdoor farming. Remember that growing hemp is regulated by law and depends on local regulations. Always farm legally and responsibly.

Cult slots outdoor

EA Robots outdoor

EA Robots outdoor – marijuana plantation in a greenhouse.

It is obvious that every self-respecting collector must have such gems as Amnesia Haze, Jack Herer, White Widow or NYC Diesel. Of course, the list of must-have marijuana seeds is very long, and it all depends on individual preferences. That's why we have prepared delicacies especially for the pickiest growers, including iconic and legendary varieties of cannabis.

Smooth transition from growth phase to flowering phase - fast and abundant

The most characteristic and sought-after feature of automatic marijuana seeds is their automatic, smooth transition from the growth phase to the flowering phase, independent of the light cycle. Both these classic and exotic cannabis varieties can provide a marijuana lover with considerable yields in a relatively short time. This is an option for impatient cannabis enthusiasts. In appropriate conditions, e.g. in California, up to 3-4 cuts can be made in one season!

EA Robots outdoor and Polish law

According to the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction, marijuana seeds are not considered a precursor to drug production, so their possession and trade is legally acceptable in Poland. However, it should be remembered that Polish law prohibits the cultivation of marijuana seeds, and this practice may result in criminal liability. Any information contained on our website is not intended to encourage anyone to break the law. You can read more about the law regarding marijuana seeds here – LEGAL MARIJUANA SEEDS.

Automatic seeds - why are they considered fast?

Auto seeds - commonly referred to as automatic marijuana seeds - are characterized by the fact that they switch from the growth phase to the flowering phase on their own, regardless of the length of exposure. Breeders introduced the Cannabis Ruderalis gene into plants and initiated a whole family of automata. Today, almost all full-season varieties have their own autoflowering variants. Cannabis Ruderalis itself occurs in the Siberian climate, which is not the easiest one. Little light, low temperatures, unfavorable humidity levels - these are just some of the unfavorable conditions in which this genetics coped. As is commonly known, cannabis loves light, so growers couldn't help but use these wonderful genes of Cannabis Ruderalis to increase the immunity of plants. Its genes are present in almost every automatic marijuana strain.

When to plant autos outdoor?

There is no clear answer to this question. As we know, marijuana loves light and high temperatures. This occurs most around June or even the beginning of July - where the sunlight is really good and the prevailing temperatures are very attractive to small seedlings. The summer date for the start of the slot machine season suggested by growers outdoor This means that autoflowering cannabis strains have a short growing time of about four to five weeks. Therefore, it is very important to provide the little ones with as much access to light as possible so that the plant can fully use its genetic potential.

Start of the slots season outdoor in May?

Theoretically you can. Many farmers decide to make such a move. However, it should be remembered that the weather in May in temperate climates can still be capricious, and frosts and rains may limit the plant's potential. Many growers advise that before planting them outdoors, keep the plants in a box for at least two weeks and then put the grown plants outside. outdoorThat. In warm and hot climates the situation is simple!

automatic seedlings in a box

It is worth keeping the seedlings in the box for up to two weeks before we blow up the machines outdoor.

What mistakes should you avoid?

In countries where the cultivation of marijuana seeds is legal, growers are eager to share their experience with other cannabis lovers. Thanks to this, we can avoid unnecessary actions. And these include:

  • Planting the seedlings in the ground too early, e.g. at the beginning of May, when the weather conditions may still be unfavorable (little light, a lot of rain, possible frosts).
  • A place in the garden with little sunlight, which means too little light will reach the cannabis, e.g. when other bushes or trees create a shadow - the plants will usually grow small and dwarf, which means they will not fully use their genetic potential.
  • Lack of protection against animals: wild boars, deer, but also snails and other pests can ruin our efforts.
  • Failure to use fertilizers - lack of appropriate ingredients, which causes the plant to be deficient in essential substances, which also affects its growth and fertility.
  • Too large doses of fertilizers - this results in the so-called over-fertilization of plants, which may result in, for example, burning the roots and destroying the entire plant.
  • Planting plants too late - the end of August or September may turn out to be too late for slot machines outdoor. The end of August may turn out to be OK - the plants will have time to bloom, but the harvest may not be large. Late planting will mean that the plant will grow in October, when there is little sunlight, rainfall and even frosts are possible. In October, plants are exposed to mold.

As you can see, there are many factors that influence the final effect of our work on the plant. Approximate time from seed to harvest for automatic seeds outdoor is approximately 3 months. Therefore, you should approach the issue carefully and react in advance and eliminate unfavorable factors, only then success is guaranteed.

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WARNING! In Poland, the law prohibits the cultivation of hemp other than fibrous. This post is not intended to encourage you to break the law. All content related to the cultivation and processing of marijuana is for educational and curiosity purposes only. Currently, more and more countries in the world allow their citizens to grow a marijuana bush for their own use, but Poland is not one of these countries yet.

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