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Seed Stockers is a Spanish company providing the best quality marijuana seeds at the best prices. Even though it was established only 5 years ago, it has already gained great recognition among customers all over Europie, also in Poland. In a Polish marijuana seeds store Ziarno Życia you can find most offered by Seed Stockers pips. Currently, in Poland, feminized marijuana seeds are sold only for collecting purposes. The uniqueness and variety of marijuana strains, and thus their seeds, is endless. This is one of the reasons why they are very eagerly bought. Because marijuana seeds do not contain the psychoactive compound that a mature cannabis plant already has, they are legal. The sale, possession and purchase of marijuana seeds in accordance with the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction (Journal of Laws of 2005 No. 179 item 1485) is not illegal.

Thanks to companies like Seed Stockers from Spain, in Poland you can find unique genes enclosed in a small seed. The offer includes both full-season seeds and automatic seeds. A wide range of varieties will allow you to choose the best genetics for yourself.

 TOP 3 auto varieties from Seed Stockers

We will introduce you TOP 3 auto varieties from producer Seed Stockers. These are the varieties selected by seed bank Ziarno Życia. The following were taken into account: parameters such as: efficiency, power, effect, popularity among customers. If you want to know which varieties from the Spanish producer are the most satisfied collectors and enthusiasts of seeds, read on.

BCN Critical XXL Auto - Happy Chill

Seed Stockers describes one of his genetics BCN Critical XXL Auto as a plant hydride, which is a combination of the best of genes Sativa i Indica. We can say that these feminized seeds have the most important thing: XXL yield, high potency and a euphoric phase. Another big plus for all those lucky enough to have the opportunity to grow marijuana in their country is the fact that it is a variety for total laymen. Beginner growers without stress, they can choose it for their first plant. What is the best this machine owes to native genes, i.e. varieties Critikal Bilbo and Critical More. According to the team from Barcelona, ​​the entire cycle of the plant takes on average 11 weeks in conditions indoor. The best results can be obtained with 20-24 hours of irradiation of the bushes. After about 75 days you should be greeted by massive buds, rich in resin and giving off a refreshing, citrus-hemp aromas. Beware of the tetrahydrocannabinol level, which can be within limits 14 to even 22%. At the end, the most interesting, i.e. what effect is closer to this indica? It turns out that BCN Critical XXL Auto it combines relaxation with euphoria, what is the easiest way to call it happy chill effect.

Blackberry Gum Auto - beautiful and strong

 These are marijuana seeds definitely for those for whom the appearance of the plant is important. According to Seed Stockers to the prettiest of slot machines. A plant with this genetics is rich in big budand which they can take shades of blue. Like a real Blackberry the aroma and smell is very sweet, fruity. This is also due to the Bubble Gum genes that had their place in the cross. This vending machine needs approx 9 weeks of flowering. Like most feminized cannabis seeds available on the market, so does Blackberry Gum Auto copes with the conditions Indoor and Outdoor. In the latter case, of course, we must pay attention to the weather conditions in the region. Beautiful fragrances are best born in the sun, while the plant often acquires blue-violet shades in a slight coolness. When it comes to the degree of difficulty of growing this variety of marijuana, the producer himself assesses it as intermediate. Certainly the plant needs a bit of a practiced hand to be able to show its full potential. This genetics is another strong player to have in her buds up to 26% THCand maybe more. The effect of this marijuana is one of the most liked when it comes to indica. Blackberry Gum Auto to relaxing and relaxing phase with a euphoric accent. This type of activity is recommended for a quiet evening with a small group of friends. An additional plus is the calming effect and anxiolytic effect. Pleasant sensations will come almost as quickly as the sensation of sweet, soothing smoke aromas.

Amnesia Auto  - strong, active sativa

Who doesn't know Amnesia? Exactly ... He also created his Amnesia Auto Seed Stockers, combining quality, legendary genes and low price. It is currently one of best selling auto seeds from their collection. This is definitely an option for novice growerswho enjoy the sativa high. It's genes Amnesia Haze and Auto Haze have released feminized cannabis seeds Amnesia Auto. On average, this plant takes a bit longer to flower than its predecessors, but still barely 10-11 weeks. A bit of commitment and a minimum of practice will allow you to enjoy what will give birth Amnesia. Of course it's about thick buds covered with resin, and since one of the parameters taken into account in this classification was power, ta amnesia does not differ in this regard. 26% tetrahydrocannabinol – so much can be in the resin! Unlike Blackberry Gum, here high power goes hand in hand with the advantage of genes Sativa. Such a combination will most likely focus on energized, active phase, extra energy. The only thing left to mention is the taste and aroma that they combine sour notes with spicy.

If you are interested in our selection of feminized auto cannabis seeds from Seed Stockerscheck out the other varieties. Expand your collection and take advantage of the promotions on our website! When buying from us, you are guaranteed safety, discretion, quality, freebies and commitment on our part!

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