What is this Bhang?

Nowadays, it is very difficult to count all the methods of consuming/smoking cannabis. Blunts, bongs, joints, modern vaporizers, these are just some of them. There are also more traditional ways of consuming marijuana that date back several thousand years. Bhang it is not just an ordinary drink, it is part of the rich culture and spirituality of India, where it has played a key role for centuries. This traditional Indian hemp drink is not only popular during religious festivals, but also has important significance in Ayurvedic medicine.

The history and origin of the drink 

Bhang is deeply rooted in ancient Indian scriptures such as the Atharvaveda, which was written around 2000-1400 BC In Hinduism, it is closely associated with the cult of god Shiva, which according to legend he brought bhang on the ground. This drink is used during religious festivals such as Holi and Shivratri, where it is consumed for a deep spiritual experience.

The presence and use of the drink bhang can be traced in texts such as the Atharvaveda, one of the four Vedas - the main collections of texts in Hinduism.

bhang in Hinduism


This ancient book, dating to between 2000 and 1400 BC, is one of the earliest sources to mention the properties of marijuana. Bhang it is described as "vijaya", which means "victor", and is praised for its medicinal and spiritual properties. In the Atharva Veda, marijuana is considered one of the five sacred plants that can relieve anxiety and bring relief.

Ritual and medical use

In the Vedas, bhang it is often described as a substance that can aid in communication with the spiritual world, as well as a cure for various ailments. Its uses are related to rituals, meditation and healing.

shiva i bhang

Relationship with Hinduism

In Hinduism, bhang is particularly associated with the god Shiva. Legend has it that Shiva discovered the properties of marijuana while resting under a leaf of the plant. From that moment on, it became an important part of his cult, symbolizing purity and spiritual power.

Social and cultural resonances

In ancient Indian scriptures bhang it is not perceived only as an stimulant or psychoactive substance, but as an important social and cultural element. Its use in religious ceremonies and holidays emphasizes its role in building community and experiencing spirituality together.

These ancient writings highlight how deeply rooted marijuana is in Indian culture and tradition, treating it with respect and recognizing its multidimensional impact on social, religious and medical life. Use bhang it has also spread beyond the borderice India, becoming part of the global marijuana consumption culture. However, in many regions of the world, this traditional Indian drink remains illegal or regulated by law.

history bhang

Ingredients and preparation of a hemp drink Bhang

Basic ingredients of the drink Bhang:

  • 2 cups of water;
  • 3 cups of warm milk;
  • 14 grams of fresh hemp leaves and flowers;
  • 1/2 cup of honey or sugar;
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger;
  • 1/4 teaspoon garam masala spice;
  • 1/2 teaspoon of anise;
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom;
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground fennel;
  • 1/2 teaspoon of rose water;

For decoration, you can use e.g. rose petals, crushed almonds or pistachios, mint leaves

ingredients bhang

Preparation method bhang

If you already have the ingredients listed above prepared, it's time to start preparing this amazing drink. Don't worry, the drink is prepared quickly. Here we go:

Recipe No. 1:

  1. Preparation of the paste: First wash the hemp leaves and flowers, then grind them into a paste. You can use a mortar or blender.
  2. Cooking: Boil water in a pot and then add the prepared marijuana paste to it. Cook over low heat for about 10 minutes.
  3. Adding milk and spices: Add milk and spices to the mixture. Simmer for another 5-10 minutes, stirring constantly.
  4. Sweetening and cooling: After cooking, add sugar according to taste. Then set the drink aside to cool.
  5. Seepage: Strain the drink through a fine sieve or cheesecloth to remove any leftover leaves and flowers.
  6. Administration: The drink is usually served chilled.

Recipe No. 2

  1. Start by shredding the cannabis leaves into smaller pieces.
  2. Then pour water into the pot and add the previously prepared leaves.
  3. Now cook for about 30 minutes on low heat.
  4. When the water reduces by half, add the milk along with cumin seeds, cardamom and anise.
  5. Cook for 30 minutes again - stir from time to time.
  6. Remove the pot from the heat, strain the entire mixture using a strainer to remove the spice seeds and leaves.
  7. Now mix in the butter, sugar or honey until you obtain a uniform consistency.
  8. You can add cashew nuts and raisins.

NOTE: Check the status of marijuana in your country, if hemp with THC remains illegal where you are, use a legal substitute, e.g. hemp without THC.

ready drink bhang


Remember that bhang is a powerful drink and can have a strong psychoactive effect. Marijuana use is regulated by law in various countries, so make sure you stay within the law. Furthermore, due to possible side effects, this drink should be consumed responsibly and in moderation.


Bhang it is not just a drink; it is a window into the rich culture and spirituality of India. Its consumption unites people in their religious practices and everyday life, serving as a symbol of unity and community. Preparation and consumption bhang it is an experience that combines history, culture and spirituality, making it a unique element of the Hindu tradition. If you are looking for other options for taking cannabis, be sure to check out our entry titled: popular ways of consuming marijuana.

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WARNING! In Poland, the law prohibits the cultivation of hemp other than fibrous. This post is not intended to encourage you to break the law. All content related to the cultivation and processing of marijuana is for educational and curiosity purposes only. Currently, more and more countries in the world allow their citizens to grow a marijuana bush for their own use, but Poland is not one of these countries yet.

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