Are there white varieties of cannabis?

white cannabis varieties

The hemp industry has been developing dynamically over the years, and one of the most important aspects of this evolution is the constantly emerging new varieties of hemp. Currently, it is impossible to count them all. In this article, we will select only white varieties of marijuana, discuss their diversity, properties and present the development of white genetics over recent years.

Popular white marijuana strains

White cannabis varieties are becoming more and more popular among growers and consumers. Their unique features make them attractive to both experienced cannabis users and those who are just starting their adventure with this plant world. This popularity is influenced by the properties of individual white varieties, as well as their unique appearance. However, regardless of the desirable and popular features of white marijuana varieties, there is only one king or rather queen of this type of strains. Of course, I'm talking about variety White Widow.

“White Widow” in XXL version from Barneys Farm

Marijuana seed producer Barneys Farm
White marijuana varieties - White Widow Auto XXL
White marijuana varieties - White Widow XXL

We will start this amazing adventure through the world of white cannabis varieties with the latest achievements of modern genetics. White Widow XXL od Barneys Farm. WW XL strains, whether in the full-season or automatic version, are easy to grow, resistant against mold and worms varieties that work well in colder climates (e.g. moderate).

They gained popularity due to their appearance and effect. Let's start with the visual values. White cannabis varieties White Widow XL pleases the eyes of growers with its frosted, resinous buds. The Christmas tree structure of this plant itself is typical of the varieties indica, but in this particular case you should expect lots of frosted tops. They are what give the entire plant its white, characteristic appearance.

The effect is there creative, uplifting, energetic. These strains are perfect for parties because they put consumers in a talkative, euphoric state that will be remembered for a long time.

White cannabis varieties are well represented in verse White Widow XXL from Barneys Farm, and the huge yield they can generate makes them currently the most sought-after seeds available in our store.

White Widows from RQS

royal-queen-seeds-semi di marijuana dai produttori mondiali
White Widow Autofrom Royal Queen Seeds
White Widow RQS

RQS – with your version White Widow went in a different direction than indica white cannabis varieties from Barney’s Farm, described above. Growers from Royal Queen Seeds they offer more balanced seeds of their strains - the ratio of sativa to indica is almost 50/50 in both cases (the full-season version is more balanced than its autoflowering counterpart, because it does not have a ruderalis mixture).

In the structure of the plant itself, White Widow od RQS, are very similar to those from Barneys Farm – they have a Christmas tree structure. As you can see in the photos attached above, even on the leaves of a fully developed plant from RQS, there is a lot of frost from trichomes, so the presence of these varieties in the list of white marijuana varieties is fully justified.

As for the effect, there are variations White Widow od RQS they guarantee a heavy stone. If fans of this type of strong effect are reading this, there is no need to hesitate any longer. Classic taste White Widow with powerful power, it is an unforgettable combination worthy of the legend that the white widow undoubtedly is.

What are trichomes?

What are these hairs? How do they work? You will find out all this by clicking the button below

White marijuana varieties from GHS and his White Widow

Seed producer GHS
White Widow GHS
White Widow Auto GHS
White Widow CBD GHS

Plants White Widow from a Dutch seed producer Green House Seed, on their entire surface, have a huge amount of white crystals, which give it a fairy-tale, white appearance. However, appearance is not the only advantage of these varieties.

Taste and aroma - these are the features that, apart from the appearance mentioned above, are loved by marijuana lovers White Widow od GHS. Deep aromas, reminiscent of cedar wood mixed with spicy pepper, remain in your memory for a long time. It is also worth mentioning the effects of these strains. The effect is indica, fast hitting and long lasting. This White Widow also affects the body's relaxation, which can transform into an energizing, euphoric, sativa-typical high.

The auto version works very similarly, except that it is richer in CBD. THC to CBD ratio in case White Widow Auto od GHS is 1:1.

As you can see in the attached pictures above, especially the full-season one White Widow od GHS white cannabis varieties qualify for harvesting in terms of their snowy appearance.

White Widow from America - that is White Widow od Fast Buds

Seed producer Fast Buds
White Widow Auto Fast Buds
White Widow Auto Fast Buds Package

This extraordinary variation in character White Widow Auto from American Fast Buds is extremely popular. It owes its fame to its versatility when it comes to cultivation (even a beginner can handle it, regardless of whether they choose breeding outdoor or indoor). The closer this variety is to the end of the flowering period, the more impressive and majestic it looks. Plump buds and leaves are covered with snow-white dust.

These are just the visual aspects of this white marijuana strain. You can learn more by clicking on the photo above.

Dutch Passion and his White Widow 

Seed producer Dutch Passion
White Widow Dutch Passion
White Widow Dutch Passion Package

We left a real gem for the end. This citrus variety has been awarded many times at various cannabis events. The genetics are Classic F1 White Widow – what I make the “White Widow” seeds from Dutch Passion are characterized by extraordinary genetic stability.

The guarantee of an authentic smell and taste, as well as the unique high of this classic from the 80s, makes it worth trying the seeds of this particular variety. No other seed bank, despite the refinement of its WW variants, is able to convey this original atmosphere as the manufacturer did Dutch Passion.

A short history of the most popular white cannabis variety in the world

White Widow – this is a legendary variety of marijuana. It is known to virtually every cannabis enthusiast, although not always fully consciously. This is because almost everyone who has ever had contact with hemp has tasted this genetic - if not directly, then certainly through one of its crosses.

The original White Widow is believed to be a hybrid of the Brazilian variety Sativa Landrace and South Indian variety Indica. Her genetics appeared on the cannabis scene like a storm in 1995, winning the prestigious Dutch cup High Times. At that time, strains such as Skunk, Northern Lights or Haze.

When specifying white varieties of marijuana, it is impossible to start with the history of the marijuana variety White Widow (WW) and following its path from the first days. To this day, seeds and crosses related to this variety can be found in various seed bank catalogs such as White Widow from Green House, Royal Queen Seeds, Dutch Passion or WW x BB from Female Seeds.

Most marijuana lovers will agree that the White Widow was and still is a turning point in the history of the plant. It was the foundation for numerous crossbreeds known as the "white family". White Widow has made its mark both before and after the cannabis breeding revolution, becoming an indispensable partner in the creation of new seed banks.

white cannabis varieties

At the end of the 80s, there were no plants with such large morphological differences and diversity, including: in the terpene content we have today. Varieties Sativa they stood out above all else, and Haze, along with genetics Northern Lights and Skunk, they ruled. At that time, marijuana was grown legally on a large scale in the Netherlands and Switzerland. The plants grew on terraces, patios and gardens without unnecessary worries, because neighbors often did not know what plants they were, and the idea of ​​theft of hemp plants was absent at that time. Police were rarely able to tell the difference between a cannabis plant and a tomato bush.

Discovering the power

If you want to learn more about modern and legendary Haze genetics, click the button. Haze genetics are as popular as white cannabis strains. From this entry you will learn, among other things: how it happened that Haze came to... Europy? What are the best Haze strains available on the market? and a lot more. We invite

Continuing… White Widow, together with NL and Skunk, played a key role in introducing the crop indoor do Europy. At that time, most plants had high vigor and wild characteristics, making them difficult to adapt to indoor growing. However, the White Widow was an exception. It could be grown perfectly under HPS lamps with excellent results in terms of bud and resin density. It made it possible to grow several crops a year, which was extraordinary, and coffee shops quickly realized how to use it.

Today, as you can see, every self-respecting seed bank has its own variation White Widow. All the features listed in the descriptions of strains from individual banks can easily provide a general description of this extraordinary cannabis.

Below we will present you another interesting crossword puzzle White Widow z Big Bud od Female Seeds and we will move on to presenting you other white varieties of hemp, the seeds of which can be found in our store.

Female Seeds and its white cannabis strains WW x BB

logo female seeds
Auto White Widow x Big Bud Female Seeds
White Widow x Big Bud Female Seeds

Both versions, full season and automatic, are the most popular varieties from the seed producer Female Seeds. They both are indicami, they are resistant and produce a large crop. Both owe their power to the WW genes. These white cannabis varieties cover the entire plant with white hairs during the flowering phase, which makes the bush look beautiful. As the manufacturer assures, regardless of experience, everyone is able to see the unique beauty of this variety with their own eyes.

White Rhino

White Rhino Green House Seed marijuana seeds

A very strong white variety of marijuana. Perfect for lovers of chill and relaxation. This variety is classified as a medical marijuana strain. She has been awarded several times at hemp competitions.

Great White Shark

Great White Shark

Another strong variety with fruity and floral notes. In action, it quickly transports the consumer to the world of blissful relaxation. It grows to about 100 centimeters, giving a huge crop, covered with white trichomes, doused with a lot of resin.

Moby Dick Auto

Moby Dick Auto Fast Buds Cannabis seeds vending machines new 2023

A strain for impatient sativa lovers, even those without much experience. About 70 days after sowing, we will see a beautiful, frosted plant that, when consumed, will transport the connoisseur to an energetic citrus-woody world.


Euphoria RQS

Another gem that won awards at hemp competitions. This is a medical variety whose THC level (9%) combined with CBD (10%) induces physical relaxation. This white variety of cannabis has had the status of a medical legend since the 90s.

Breeding and white cannabis flowers

White marijuana flowers are a rare sight and can appear for several reasons. The main reason is that some cannabis strains produce flowers that are lighter in color, including white. This color may be the effect genetic specific variety. However, white flowers may also result from growing problems, such as nutrient deficiencies, mechanical damage, or lighting problems.

It is important to monitor plants and provide them with appropriate growing conditions. When choosing a variety, it is worth focusing on those known for their white flowers, if this is our goal. LED lighting, used in cultivation indoor, can be particularly beneficial because it allows for precise control of the light spectrum, which is crucial for healthy plant development.

Remember that growing plants requires patience and attention to detail. Whether you are an experienced grower or a beginner, it is important to always learn and adapt your growing methods to suit the needs of your plants.

White varieties of hemp and the hemp industry

White hemp varieties, in addition to the above recreational and medical properties, also contribute to the hemp industry itself. Their diversity allows the production of a wide range of products, such as oils, fibers, cosmetics and dietary supplements. Low-THC varieties are becoming a popular raw material for hemp supplement producers. Additionally, their popularity will increase as the law changes in more and more countries. In addition to some US states and Thailand, Germany will soon legalize marijuana, thus starting a trend in EU countries European for this type of movement. White hemp varieties will once again experience a renaissance, all thanks to their versatility, already documented many times in various fields of economy and industry.

The future of white marijuana varieties

The development of breeding technology, genetics and cannabis research opens new perspectives for white cannabis varieties. They are expected to play a key role in the future of the cannabis industry, both from a consumer and industrial perspective. The genetics of this type of plants is and will continue to be the basis for creating new varieties of hemp, which will soon be available on the market.


White cannabis strains are a fascinating area in the cannabis world. They range from Indian to seed varieties, offering a wide range of benefits to both growers and consumers. Their growing popularity indicates that white cannabis varieties are a key element of the present and future of the cannabis industry. Whether for recreational, medical or industrial purposes, white cannabis varieties are sure to play an important role in the coming years.

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WARNING! In Poland, the law prohibits the cultivation of hemp other than fibrous. This post is not intended to encourage you to break the law. All content related to the cultivation and processing of marijuana is for educational and curiosity purposes only. Currently, more and more countries in the world allow their citizens to grow a marijuana bush for their own use, but Poland is not one of these countries yet.

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