Hemp white cheese produced by Poles from Wrocław!

Cannabis is increasingly present in our homes. This is about hemp seeds, flours, but also so often bought CBD oils, Czy hemp cosmetics for body care! All thanks to the countless beneficial properties of this plant. With the return to hemp salons, we can observe an increasing and more interesting offer of hemp products. This time, innovative food products are made from hemp and their seeds!

Technology of vegan hemp cheeses

Start-up Biotreco from Wrocław has developed a technology for the production of, among others, vegan hemp cheeses. But that's not all. Fermented drinks in the style of drinking yoghurts were also created, as well as the so-called konopki, i.e. sweets made of hemp seeds. At Bioexpo Warsaw, i.e. the international food and organic products fair in Warsaw, this unique white curd from hemp seeds has already been presented. It is supposed to go on sale later this year!

white hemp cheese

Biotreco company - revolutionary hemp food

The Biotreco company was created by people with knowledge and passion. These people include Tomasz Rusak graduate of the Wrocław University of Technology and biotechnology enthusiast, Mirosława Teleszko, who develops recipes for hemp products and supervises the production process. Adam Zając, who is responsible for the development of technology for obtaining, among others, dairy products. The team also includes food technologist and economist Zbigniew Sieciński, who deals with reaching customers with products.

Co-financing the production of natural hemp products

They created the company in 2020, and started working on production technology and recipes before they started applying for project funding. Ultimately, the company received funding from the funds EurEuropean Regional Development Fund. The team, as it emphasizes, is not focused on making a big profit, but on maintaining the quality and naturalness of the products. They follow the clean label principle, i.e. few ingredients and additives, natural and plant products, good for health. It turns out that hemp protein can behave under certain conditions similar to milk casein. Dr. Eng. Mirosława Teleszko, a food technologist, describes that in the production process they receive a kind of curd, granules, and then follow procedures similar to those used in cheese-making. The team cares about a fully natural hemp cheese production process, which is why they use only natural products and substances that are approved for consumption. Thanks to many attempts, they managed to refine the product so that it resembled real cheese. The appearance and smell may resemble cottage cheese or cheese, without the use of compounds toxic to health.

The Biotreco Group emphasizes how large and untapped the potential of hemp is, e.g. in food production. Hemp seeds contain large amounts of high-quality protein, as well as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and fiber. The big advantage of hemp seeds is that they can be easily consumed by allergy sufferers.

Hemp cottage cheese ideal in an elimination diet

Hemp cheese could become a revolutionary plant-based product. Cottage cheese should contain a large amount easily digestible protein (approx. 13% of product weight); the product will gluten free, lactose free and neutral for allergy sufferers. An ideal alternative for people on a vegetarian, vegan or lactose-free diet. The product is already very popular, but the company announces that at the beginning it wants to produce about 150 kg of hemp curd per month. Biotreco is already looking for a suitable place that will allow for greater production of hemp food products. Hemp cheese is not everything, the intention is also hemp pasta, the so-called. konopki, i.e. something like sesame seeds, as well as fermented probiotic drinks from hemp seeds.

hemp food

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