Cannabis renaissance in Poland

Recently, it is impossible not to notice the marijuana leaf motif, which appears almost everywhere. On cosmetics in drugstores, on clothes, on shop windows with hemp products or, for example, on hemp vending machines standing by the often frequented sidewalks. Thanks to the legal circulation of products containing CBD, while keeping THC at 0.2%, hemp is experiencing a real rebirth. This fact pleases not only many entrepreneurs, but above all the consumers themselves, who are aware of the beneficial properties of this plant. We are among those satisfied people, although not those who have stopped believing in even greater freedom related to the possession, cultivation and use of cannabis, including indica. If you are with us, we invite you to help on this topic.

CBD oil

CBD drought - what is it?

Every day there are more and more new products with cannabidiol content. They are the most popular CBD oils, CBD droughts, but also CBD cosmetics. In this post, we will focus primarily on dried CBD. Until recently, the characteristic smell of marijuana in the street immediately revealed that someone was breaking the law in the area or simply "drinking weed". Now you can be very wrong, because legal CBD drought, in terms of smell, practically does not differ from its "psychedelic" twin brother, i.e. cannabis containing THC. Of course, officially dried CBD is not intended for smoking, even though CBD has been recognized as safe, non-toxic and not addictive.

Unfortunately, many people still spread myths about cannabidiol due to lack of knowledge. Many people say that using CBD in any form is the first step to heavy drugs. I will not mention people who treat hemp drought on an equal footing with dried marijuana, and marijuana is a heavy drug for such people. All this allows us to claim that despite the increasing knowledge about the effects of hemp compounds, despite many scientific studies on this subject, and despite the increasing number of clinics and doctors dealing with medical marijuana treatment, knowledge about hemp and its beneficial ingredients is too hardly available. An additional problem is certainly the constant spreading of untruths in the mainstream media and stereotypes about the dangers of using cannabis or marijuana.

But let's get back to dried CBD. This product is a dried hemp flower, which is legal in Poland if the THC content in the dry matter of the product does not exceed 0,2%. CBD or cannabidiol - is a compound that, apart from hundreds of others, is present in hemp, and apart from THC, it is the most abundant in this plant and has amazing healing properties in itself. These properties are the cause of misinformation spread in the public space, in the form of a myth that CBD is medical marijuana. Medical marijuana, on the other hand, is available only on prescription (at least in Poland) and contains quite a large amount of THC (even over 21%, depending on the variety).

Collapsing health care

cbd harvestNatural medicine is more and more often chosen by patients who are tired of queues to the doctor, waiting several years to see a specialist or taking expensive, chemical pills that often do not help, which often cause side effects and adversely affect the human body. Of course, we do not negate medicine here, but the way pharmaceutical companies operate leaves much to be desired.

This is where the renaissance mentioned in the first headline begins. CBD as a compound found in hemp can be taken in various forms (oils, drought, cosmetics, capsules, cookies, gummies, etc.), and by people of different age groups. This is because hemp, thanks to its rich health-promoting properties, is a very good supplement to the diet and helps to deal with many ailments.

Properties of proven dried CBD:

  • analgesic - the compounds contained in the herb relieve pain,
  • anti-cancer - cannabidiol destroys emerging cancer cells and stops the formation of new ones,
  • anti-inflammatory – CBD drought perfectly stops inflammation of the joints or tendons,

These are just three of the main ones from a really long list of CBD properties contained, among others, in dried herb, the undoubted advantage of which is its availability, because you do not need a prescription to buy it. Theoretically, it would seem that we do not need a doctor to buy a CBD product, and this is true. However, we sincerely recommend visiting a specialist dealing with hemp treatment, because the appropriate dosage of CBD in severe diseases will help to deal with it more effectively and faster.

Hemp natural strength

Natural CBD products are a wealth available at your fingertips. However, you should carefully read the information about the given manufacturer, get acquainted with the laboratory analysis of the oil, which should be made available at the customer's request. Then we can be sure that CBD (regardless of the form in which we buy it) is natural, and the remaining composition of the oil leaves no objections. Many producers miss the truth by writing, for example, "CBD content 40%" on the dried herb. This is not possible using only natural dried hemp flowers, because with 0.2% THC, the maximum amount of CBD is about 10%. Proven and natural products with CBD have the greatest medicinal value, so it's no wonder that hemp was the leader in herbal medicine, and now it's back again with double strength.dry cbd

The full range of properties of dried CBD makes these products very popular regardless of the age of people who use them. CBD has anti-stress, antibacterial properties, helps with many dermatological or allergic ailments, etc. The list is long, and the exact properties and uses of CBD are still being discovered. Thanks to newer and newer research, the spectrum of CBD's effects on the human body is constantly expanding.

We sincerely hope that the hemp renaissance is just beginning. There is still a lot to do, and yet we can already enjoy the benefits of drought, so far mainly CBD, and recently also CBG. An undoubted advantage is easy access to CBD products, and in today's world filled with pharmaceutical pressure, it is worth taking advantage of this and reaching for natural sources, enjoying health and greater peace of mind.

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