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Anyone who is thinking about starting to use CBD, whether in the form of oils, dried herbs or e.g. liquids, should find out what exactly CBD is and how it affects the human body.

CBD or cannabidiol is an organic compound obtained mainly from legal hemp (Cannabis Sativa L). In addition to over a hundred other cannabinoids contained in hemp, CBD and the psychoactive compound THC are the most abundant in this plant. Although both cannabinoids have healing properties in the human body, currently all types of hemp extracts legal in Poland must contain less than 0,2% tetrahydrocannabinol* (hemp products intended for consumption must not contain THC at all). Cannabidiol has been recognized as legal, e.g. due to the fact that it does not cause psychotropic effects and due to the decision issued by the WHO according to which: "CBD is a safe substance with zero toxicity that does not cause addiction."

CBD cannabinoid action:

Due to the fact that CBD is one of the best-studied cannabinoids so far, its positive effect on supporting the treatment of many diseases and ailments has been demonstrated. Below we present
most of them.

  • anxiolytic effects,
    cbd cannabinoid

    CBD cannabinoid - a chemical compound

  • alleviating the feeling of nervous tension,
  • actions neurprotective against degenerative diseases,
  • reduction of epileptic seizures,
  • pain relief, including chronic pain,
  • helpful in rheumatoid arthritis,
  • positive effect on the cardiovascular system,
  • potentially helpful in schizophrenia,
  • helpful in the treatment of cancer,
  • increase appetite and relieve nausea
  • reduces the risk of diabetes,
  • helps fight depression by relieving stress,
  • soothes inflammation,
  • helps restore healthy sleep,
  • helps in overcoming addictions,
  • help in the treatment of acne.

Although there is already a lot of scientific research on the properties of CBD, this compound is still not fully researched.
Fortunately, the interest of researchers and doctors in this substance remains high, which is why new publications appear every now and then, which provide us with new, important information about this substance.

CBD market

Currently, you can find cannabidiol on the market in various types of preparations: oils, dried herbs, cosmetics, teas, hashish, etc. CBD oils full spectrum, which, in addition to cannabidiol, also contain other valuable compounds obtained from hemp, i.e. e.g. cannabigerol (CBG), flavonoids, antioxidants. Many users also appreciate CBD droughts sold by the gram.

CBD in Ziarno Życia

Ziarno Życia chose the best products with cannabidiol from the maze of brands available on the market, i.e. natural cosmetics with CBD, full spectrum CBD+CBG oils, as well as seeds with CBD and medical marijuana seeds **. We know how hard it is to find yourself among all these available and newly appearing products, which is why we have made a selection for you. We're always on the hunt for more valuable finds, so follow us on Facebook (click) and stay up to date! :)

*Medical marijuana, i.e. the one that contains, in addition to a large amount of CBD, also a large amount of THC, can be prescribed by a specialist doctor to people suffering from serious diseases such as cancer, Parkinson, drug-resistant epilepsy or Tourette's syndrome.
** for collector's purposes only
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