Czech Republic medical marijuana will be grown by private companies

Czech medical marijuana

Production of medicinal marijuana by private companies in the Czech Republic allowed!

We have barely welcomed 2022 and liberalizing medical marijuana laws have come into force in our southern neighbors. In this article, we look at the situation with access to medical marijuana in the Czech Republic.

Facts and myths about Czech marijuana

There is a misconception that the Czech Republic is a country where marijuana is fully legal. This is not true, because Czech law includes marijuana in the group of light drugs, and the Czechs have not yet waited for full legalization. In January this year, Czech legislators rejected the proposal to legalize the production and consumption of cannabis by adults. This topic is widely discussed in the public space, which can be seen recently not only in our southern neighbors. However, in the Czech Republic, an adult person may carry up to 10 grams of dried herbs, i.e. small amount. There is no denying that Czech society gives permission for consumption and thus possession of weed. The Czech Republic, next to Switzerland, is the second country this year where the level of THC in hemp can be 1%.

medical and recreational marijuana

Industrial hemp in the Czech Republic.

From January 2022, changes to Czech law regarding hemp came into force. This hemp may now contain 1% THC - Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is known to be responsible for the psychoactive effect. So far, this threshold was 0.3%, and in Poland, for comparison, the threshold is 0.2%. The legally increased level of THC content in hemp to 1% puts the Czech state on the podium, exactly second on the list of countries eurin terms of THC content in legal hemp. It should be mentioned here that this provision was adopted by the Czech Chamber of Deputies, although the Senate and the Minister of Health did not fully share this position. Hemp tinctures and extracts containing up to 1% THC will not be considered drugs and can therefore be legally sold. Many experts evaluate this legal move very positively, noting the positive impact of this decision on the economy and health care.

Abolition of the monopoly, i.e. freeing the Czech medicinal marijuana market

in the Czech Republic, from January 1, 2022, it became possible to cultivate marijuana for medical purposes by legal entities. This allows private companies to produce medicinal substances from hemp and sell them completely legally. Abolition of the state monopoly on trading medical marijuana guarantees a reduction in the prices of hemp drugs - which is very beneficial for patients. So far, the National Institute for Drug Control has purchased a given amount of marijuana from foreign suppliers on the basis of a tender. The new regulations provide that future medical cannabis growers will only need XNUMXiceAn application issued by the State Institute for Drug Control (abbreviated as SÚKL) to legally produce and market marijuana products. In addition, from 2022 in the Czech Republic, public health insurance is to cover up to 90% of the cost of cannabis treatment. The number of patients using medical marijuana increases every year. Both those struggling with chronic pain and those suffering from diseases such as IDS or multiple sclerosis. From this year, breeders, after meeting the appropriate conditions (receiving the liceration) will be able to grow and sell to distributors supplying dried hemp to pharmacies. It should also be mentioned here that the registration of products that contain CBD and THC by the Czech Ministry of Health is very simple. Such legal moves open the door for both importers and exporters of medicinal marijuana products.

How much per gram of medical marijuana in the Czech Republic?

marijuana payment

How much per gram – Czech marijuana?

The latest data presented by the National Institute for Drug Control show that so far the Czech government has imported medical marijuana from the Netherlands, from Canadian companies such as Canopy Growth and Tilray. Czechs paid from PLN 5.40 to PLN 7.75 per gram of dried herb Euro. What will happen to prices after the introduction of local medical marijuana products? Surely prices will drop, and maybe even product quality will increase, due to increased competition?

In our opinion, the changes regarding medical marijuana introduced by the Czech government will certainly have a positive impact not only on the state economy, but also on the health of patients. In Poland, the Wolne Konopie Association is fighting for new cannabis privileges for Poles, but so far without positive results. Nevertheless, no one is going to give up :)


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