What to mix marijuana with?

Mixing marijuana with tobacco

Marijuana lovers are divided into those who prefer joints and those who prefer spliffs. Although both forms look the same, what differs is what is inside. IN EurHowever, it is customary to use these names interchangeably, which is not correct because it may mislead people who use marijuana. Find out what a spliff is, how it affects the body and why mixing marijuana with tobacco is not the healthiest solution.

What is spliff? Marijuana with tobacco?

Spliff is a combination of tobacco and marijuana. Both substances are mixed and wrapped in rolling papers (rolls) as when making joints. That's why a spliff is confused with a joint - it only contains crushed cannabis buds. Why nicotine with THC is it such a popular combination? In countries where cannabis is banned and it is more difficult to obtain, it is done for economic reasons. One gram of marijuana costs as much as 80 grams of tobacco. So mixing both substances seems to be a form of economy.

How does a joint with tobacco and marijuana work?

what instead of tobacco for a joint

Mixing marijuana with tobacco is a common, but not the healthiest, way to consume it.

The nicotine contained in tobacco has a relaxing and calming effect, similar to marijuana. So it would seem that marijuana-tobacco experience should be a heightened version of the relaxing high. However, it should be remembered that the space in the tablet that could be filled by marijuana is now occupied by tobacco, which does not contain any CBD or THC.

You will find many contradictory publications on whether spliff provides greater or lesser sensations. Some claim that the effect of getting high with a spliff is less spectacular, while researchers from University College London prove that the level of high is unchanged. Meanwhile, in 2009, research was carried out which showed that nicotine with THC makes the psychoactive compound better absorbed, and tobacco increases its evaporation efficiency by up to 45%. As you can see, there is no unambiguous position on this issue. What can be said for sure is that a spliff tastes very different from a joint as it is dominated by the pungent tobacco flavor.

Negative aspects of smoking a spliff

Smoking a spliff has its disadvantages nicotine addiction. There may be a characteristic cough, and above all, the risk of lung cancer, emphysema, asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. However, it should be borne in mind that spliffy is smoked in a much smaller amount than regular cigarettes, so the likelihood of such serious side effects is much lower. You should ask yourself why do you want to smoke marijuana? If for the psychoactive effects alone, nothing prevents you from mixing it with tobacco. However, if you care mainly about the health aspects of marijuana, then choose a classic joint.

What to add to a joint instead of tobacco - what to mix marijuana with? 

what instead of tobacco for a joint

What to use instead of tobacco for a joint? It turns out that there are several much healthier alternatives to nicotine.

If you like to make "a little fuss" with your joint, there are many healthier alternatives you can use to replace the tobacco in your joint. You can add hemp drought CBD, which will not affect the taste and also has medicinal properties - you will find it in our store.

Instead of tobacco for a joint, you can use various substitutes that are less harmful and do not contain nicotine. Here are some options:

  1. Herbs: Some people use other herbs such as sage, lavender, or chamomile, which can add additional flavor and have their own relaxing properties.
  2. Damian leaves: They are known for their relaxing properties and are often used as a substitute for tobacco in smoking mixtures.
  3. Cannabis leaves: Leaves from the hemp plant, especially those from the lower branches, which contain less cannabinoids, can be used as a filler.
  4. Hemp products: Some people also use powdered CBD or other hemp-derived products that do not contain THC.
  5. Special tobacco-free blends: There are also special tobacco-free mixtures available on the market for smoking, which are free from nicotine and other harmful substances found in tobacco.

Refreshing mint, hops, lemon balm or Damian's herb are also good alternatives. Always make sure the substitutes you use are safe to smoke and have no toxic effects. Moreover, it is worth remembering that smoking any substance carries health risks.

How else can you consume cannabis?

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Is there nicotine in marijuana?

No, there is no nicotine in marijuana. Nicotine is an alkaloid occurring naturally in tobacco plants, while marijuana contains other active compounds, mainly cannabinoids such as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). These are completely different chemicals that have different effects and effects on the body. Marijuana and tobacco are derived from different plants and do not contain the same active ingredients

Mixing Marijuana With Tobacco – Is It A Real Danger?

In recent years, the legalization of marijuana has become one of the most discussed topics around the world. With the legalization of cannabis in many countries (e.g. United States, Thailand), fears have been raised that the combination with tobacco can cause a lot of damage to health. Marijuana is a plant that contains a psychoactive substance THCwhich can cause euphoria, mood swings, perceptual distortions, and even paranoia. Tobacco, on the other hand, contains nicotine, which can lead to addiction and also cause many diseases, such as lung disease and heart disease.

So is the combination of these two substances a real threat to our health?

Studies show that the combination of marijuana and tobacco can lead to an increased risk of lung disease, including lung cancer. According to research, smoking marijuana with tobacco leads to more damage to the respiratory system than smoking tobacco alone. However, in parallel, there are also studies that show that marijuana can have medicinal properties and bring health benefits. Marijuana can help relieve pain, reduce the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, and reduce the side effects associated with chemotherapy.

However, we would like to remind you that both the consumption and possession of marijuana for recreational purposes is illegal in Poland. In our offer you will find dried hemp and a wide selection of hemp seeds - collecting them is allowed by law, because they do not contain THC.

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WARNING! In Poland, the law prohibits the cultivation of hemp other than fibrous. This post is not intended to encourage you to break the law. All content related to the cultivation and processing of marijuana is for educational and curiosity purposes only. Currently, more and more countries in the world allow their citizens to grow a marijuana bush for their own use, but Poland is not one of these countries yet.

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