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If we want to achieve the best results in any field, it is necessary to gather appropriate knowledge and information. The same is true of cannabis cultivation. Of course you can just quit marijuana seed down to earth and let nature do its work. hemp it strong plantsthat can survive adverse environmental conditions and still produce flowers. However, all the effort that the plant puts into survival could be used in other ways, e.g. by building a strong root system, growing upwards and sideways, developing powerful leaves. As a result, the quantity and quality of flowers would be incomparably greater.

Understanding the processes taking place in the plant and its needs will help ambitious growers achieve the best results. That is why in this post we will tell you what the vegetative phase of marijuana is and whether it is crucial for this plant.

If you live in a country where you're fine for growing cannabis, the tips in this post should be of help to you! Otherwise, treat them for information or curiosity only.

What is the vegetative phase of marijuana?

The vegetative phase, or the growth phase of cannabis, comes after sprouting and seedling formation. During the vegetative phase, the plant strives to reach its maximum size. That is why it is so important to take care of enough space at the very beginning of the growth phase, e.g. a large pot. Thanks to this root system there will be no obstacles to healthy growth. That is why, after obtaining a small seedling, it is recommended to immediately transplant it into a much larger pot. Strong and healthy roots will provide marijuana with good support, as well as water and nutrients, if they are in the soil. Every experienced and ambitious grower makes sure that fertilize hemp and monitor soil pH status.

vegetative phase of marijuana growth phase

Vegetative phase in cultivation indoor

How long does the vegetative phase of cannabis last?

The whole period of marijuana cultivation is, in addition to the duration of the vegetative and flowering phases, also the germination itself and the formation of the seedling. The seedling stage is the moment from the first stalk breaking through the ground to the moment when larger leaves are formed, the so-called seedlings. fan leaves, which enable the plant to develop further by carrying out the photosynthesis process. This process usually takes the plant about 2-3 weeks. The duration of both the vegetative and flowering phases can vary greatly depending on the strain of marijuana, as well as the conditions in which the plant is grown. The vegetative phase in cannabis can last from 3 weeks to even 4 months.

Searching marijuana seeds based on the time of cultivation, pay attention to the conditions at our disposal, the approximate flowering time or the time of the entire cultivation given by the manufacturer.

How long is the vegetative phase of marijuana? outdoor

Vegetative phase in cultivation outdoor

Vegetative phase indoor i outdoor

The vegetative phase is followed by the flowering phase that is most awaited by growers. In the case of cultivation outdoor and so-called With full-season seeds, the flowering phase will start as soon as the day starts to get shorter. This is because seasonal seeds produce photoperiodic marijuana whose growth and flowering phases are governed by specific ratios of the day and night cycle. This means that when we start to approach autumn in temperate climates, the days will get shorter and the plant will stop growing and start converting its energy into flower production. Therefore, the cultivation of marijuana outdoorto be as successful as possible, it should be started early enough. If the plant does not manage to increase its size enough and starts to bloom, the harvest may not be satisfactory.

Under growing conditions indoore.g. in a growbox, the grower decides when to shorten the exposure time. Thanks to this, she can shorten the vegetative phase to gain time or extend it to achieve maximum yields. For the plant to start flowering, it is best to provide it with 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.

The vegetative phase of autos

Automatic marijuana is a plant that can be obtained from special plants auto seeds. Such a plant will automatically flower after a certain period of time. The change from vegetative to flowering phase is not affected by the amount of light, only the age of the plant. Please note that the so-called autoflowers tend to be lower than photoperiod strains, have less THC content, and also produce fewer flowers. Of course, it will depend on what genetics we are comparing. There are producers of automatic genes (eg. Fast Buds) that produce very productive and very potent strains!

Tips for the vegetative phase of marijuana

The bigger and healthier the plant we get, the more we can count on bigger harvests. A larger number of internodes creates additional space for the flowers that everyone cares about so much. Of course, the plant should be as healthy and strong as possible. We, as experienced breeders, can and should help her with this. You should take care not only of the right amount of light, temperature, humidity and air ventilation. Proper soil, hydration and fertilization of marijuana are also important.

lighting in the vegetative stage

 Light in the growth phase of cannabis

The more light we provide the plant in the vegetative phase, the more intensive the photosynthesis process will be. This will of course result in larger cannabis sizes. It is assumed that 18 hours of light per day is the minimum for marijuana to grow properly. In the case of cultivation Indoor we have more possibilities, we can control the prevailing lighting and temperature conditions. However, it's in cultivation Outdoor we gain free energy or ventilation.

Cannabis fertilization and the vegetative phase

In addition to choosing dedicated soil mixtures for hemp, it is also worth using nutrients. The use of fertilizers in the cultivation of marijuana helps to achieve a healthy and strong plant. Thanks to the minerals and nutrients provided, hemp can develop properly, without wasting energy to fight the inconvenience. In the phase of intensive growth, hemp needs especially the right amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but also calcium or magnesium. There are many specialized nutrients on the market suitable for the vegetative phase of marijuana.

Cannabis training and the vegetative phase

It is during the marijuana growth phase that we can start training the plants. There are many different techniques that are primarily aimed at increasing the yield of cannabis. Often, growers try to force the plant to have all its shoots take over the role of the main shoot. This effect can be achieved by bending and tying the side shoots to the ground, while bending their ends upwards. These shoots begin to grow upwards, just like the main shoot. This is the so-called LST (Low Stress Training) method.

Another method is ScrOG training, i.e. using a net to obtain as many shoots as possible and separating them on the net so that everyone has access to light. Under normal conditions, the main top covers the lower, side branches, taking away their light and blocking their more intensive growth. By using hemp training, we can increase their performance.

auto blueberry marijuana seeds Dutch Passion

Marijuana training on the example of a variety Auto Blueberry / Dutch Passion

Summary - The vegetative phase of marijuana 🍀

Each stage of cannabis cultivation is crucial, but the vegetative phase is the period when growers can prove themselves the most. Good care and maintenance of plants in the growth phase helps them reach their maximum potential. Therefore, every real grower should first get acquainted with the general knowledge about the needs of this plant, its functioning in the subsequent stages of development and work out the best conditions based on their own experience.

We would like to remind you that in Poland, the law prohibits the cultivation of hemp other than fibrous, and all information about cultivation is for educational purposes. In countries where cultivation is legal, the knowledge contained in the entry can be treated as valuable tips, while in other places on the world map, all information should be treated as a curiosity.

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The vegetative stage of marijuana

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