Flushing / rinsing cannabis - how to get a better taste of the herb?

Flushing / rinsing cannabis - how to get a better taste of the herb?

29 July, 2023

Flushing what is it? A method to obtain a better flavor of the herb?

In English, "flush" means to rinse, and "water flushing" is to rinse with water. Because that's what this method is all about - rinsing cannabis plants with plain water.

Why flush cannabis?

The use of a large amount of clean water at the end of the last stage of cannabis development, i.e. at the end of the flowering phase, is intended to remove chemicals as well as minerals from the soil. These compounds are crucial in the development of the cannabis plant. The growers themselves enrich the soil with them, giving specialized fertilizers and hemp nutrients. So why flush? Why flush out what helps the plant yield more and grow better?


By leaching nutrients from the soil in which hemp grows, the plant no longer has any source of mineral compounds. However, at the end of flowering, the plant still needs them. Fortunately, water is not able to wash these compounds out of the roots and plant cells. The entire stock left in the plant should be used by it until the time of felling.

Cannabis rinse to improve the flavor of the herb

Flushing has a positive effect on the quality of dried hemp. Why? As you already know, the plant accumulates reserves of nutrients in the form of m.in. mineral compounds. Most of these compounds remain in the leaves and flowers of hemp, because this is where they are transported for nutrition, and thus increase the size and yield of the plant. Unfortunately, the residues of these compounds in buds spoil their taste.
If you've noticed that your marijuana buds are heavy-burning, the smoke is acrid, harsh and choking-prone, try flushing. With a little effort and clean water, you can dramatically change the experience of consuming marijuana.

Complaining about the taste of tops? Also check what CURRING is!

There is one more way that will improve the taste of your buds, and that is CURING. Marijuana curing is performed after cutting, so if you missed the best moment for flushing, familiarize yourself with the concept of Curing marijuana buds. With these methods, you can get a smooth smoke flavor and you can get the most sweetness out of the sweet varieties.

Cannabis rinsing to fix fertilization errors during cultivation

XXL yields are every grower's dream, but remember that nothing in excess is good. If you add more fertilizers and nutrients to the plant than recommended by the manufacturer, you can do more harm than good. One of the symptoms of overfertilization of the plant are changes in the color of its leaves. The leaves begin to turn yellow at the tip and edges. The cause is burning the marijuana root system with fertilizers. This leads to the gradual death of the plant. Remember, however, that you will notice similar symptoms in the case of dehydration. However, if you are sure that it is the result of too much fertilizer, perform a flush to save your cannabis. Do it ASAP.

trichomes when you do marijuana flushing

When exactly to flush

At what point should you start rinsing your cannabis so that it makes sense? In order not to damage the plants, flushing should be done about 2 weeks before harvesting. During this time, hemp should metabolize the remaining minerals and compounds from fertilizers. If you already have more experience in growing, use the state of the trichomes to choose the right moment for flushing. It is the color of the trichomes, checked under a magnifying glass or microscope, that is the best indicator of the maturity of marijuana flowers. About two weeks before harvesting, the trichomes should start to turn from clear to milky. Less accurate, but a good idea for beginners, is to check the manufacturer's description for how long the entire flowering phase lasts for a given genetic, and start flushing about 14 days before the expected end of this phase.

How to flush?

Rinsing your cannabis plants is not complicated at all. The only thing that can go wrong here is the use of water with the wrong pH (too acidic or too alkaline). Water with a pH close to the most favorable for hemp, i.e. between pH 5,8 and 6,5, will be ideal.

However, most of the time, plain tap water should suffice. Its reaction is usually neutral, i.e. pH=7. We fill the don to the max with this waterice with the plants and leave it for several minutes. During this time, fertilizers and minerals from the soil should dissolve in it. After about 10 minutes, add clean water, thus rinsing out the already dirty water with fertilizers. The treatment should be repeated until the water leaving the donice will be almost clean.

Devices useful for flushing

No special equipment is needed to properly rinse the plants of mineral and nutritional compounds. However, there are measures of the amount of substances dissolved in the solution that can make it much easier to bring flushing to the so-called. end. The TDS meter gives values ​​in ppm (Parts Per Million), i.e. the number of particles of a substance dissolved in a solution, per one million particles of a solution. For example, pure water of medium hardness should be between 11,2-19,6 ppm. Water after proper flushing should show about 50 ppm.

exemplary TDS meter for marijuana flsuhing

Flushing hemp - summary

If you use nutrients and fertilizers in cannabis cultivation, and your drought usually has an unpleasant taste and acrid, sharp smoke, try the so-called flushing. In the period of about 2 weeks before cutting (before the end of the flowering phase), fill the donice plants with the maximum amount of water that the soil can hold. After several minutes, transfer the donice enough water until the water flowing out of the pot is no longer dirty. Such a procedure will make the plant use up most of the accumulated minerals and chemical compounds from fertilizers by the time of felling. The taste of the buds will be smoother and more pleasant.


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WARNING! In Poland, the law prohibits the cultivation of hemp other than fibrous. This post is not intended to encourage you to break the law. All content related to the cultivation and processing of marijuana is for educational and curiosity purposes only. Currently, more and more countries in the world allow their citizens to grow a marijuana bush for their own use, but Poland is not one of these countries yet.

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