The genesis of cannabis seed production

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Feminized marijuana seeds

Our store's offer includes a variety of seeds produced by leading producers on the global market. At your disposal we have feminized hemp seeds for the so-called. breeding outdoor (in the open air) and indoor (indoors), seeds of varieties resistant to unfavorable conditions for plant growth, medical varieties, indica and sativa, which differ in effect.

Feminized seeds are seeds that produce desirable female plants. A wide range of products ensures the possibility of making a personalized order that meets the most demanding expectations. What connects hemp seeds available in the store Ziarno Życia? Their common feature is the highest quality production process.

A short history of cannabis cultivation in the world and in Poland

The genesis of cannabis seed production

The genesis of cannabis seed production

The process of producing hemp seeds has been perfected for thousands of years. The first mentions of this plant can be found by browsing engravings from Taiwan dating back to approximately 10 BC. Initially, hemp was used in the textile industry, but over time, subsequent generations of breeders discovered the potential of this plant. Shen Nung - the father of Chinese medicine - presented cannabis as the future treatment in his notes (around 000 BC), including: rheumatism. Approx. 2700 BC, hemp began to be used to produce medicines and anesthetics in Korea. These plants came to our continent thanks to Indo tribeseuropean. It was around 1400 BC. In Poland, they began to play a key role in Old Slavic rituals.

Why is the production process so important?

In order for the product to be perfect, it requires great attention during production. That is why in our store you will find seeds only from trusted ones manufacturerswho make every effort to provide seeds with ideal conditions for development.

What is meant by the phrase "ideal conditions"?

  1.  The soil on which the plants grow must be rich in nutrients - i.e. fertile. The pH of the medium should be between neutral and slightly alkaline.
  2. Soil moisture should be optimal. It is not recommended to grow cannabis on a wet or dry substrate.
  3. Deciding to breed outdoor remember about an important factor, which is the groundwater level (from 60 to 80 cm), when choosing a form indoor it is worth buying the right irrigation system.
  4. During the growing season (the part of the year when plants are free to develop due to optimal conditions) plants require a lot of H2O. Therefore, choosing a breeding type outdoor you need to pay attention to the amount of precipitation in a given region. For optimal growth, it is about 250-300mm of water per day.
    outdoor marihuana

    Outdoor marihuana

  5. The ambient temperature should not go below -6 degrees Celsius during the growth of seedlings - young plants.
  6. Professional harvesting of plants requires the right equipment. In the case of seeds, the experience of the collector is an important factor - the seeds must be collected at the right moment.

Please note that each variety has its own individual requirements. By specializing in the cultivation of a given variety of cannabis, you have a chance to obtain the highest quality seeds. Knowing the needs of the plant is the key to success.

The production process in a pill

Pollination of plants is necessary to obtain hemp seeds. Pollination is understood as the process of transferring pollen (produced by male plants) to the stigma (product of flowers of female plants). As a result of this process, fertilization occurs. Later in the cannabis life cycle, we see the formation of seeds that can grow into the next generation of plants. One of the methods of pollination of plants is called by breeders "open pollination". Plants of opposite sexes are planted together, then waiting for flowering time, when the pollen produced in the male flowers is released.

How do you know that female flowers have been pollinated?

Using the sense of touch, check whether the inflorescences have hardened. Inside them there are green, immature seeds. Ripe seeds can be expected about 4-6 weeks after pollination. The readiness of the seeds to be harvested can be checked by again using the sense of touch. Remove one seed and check its color and firmness. Seed cracking indicates immaturity. Just the wrong color. When the seed acquires the right color and does not crack under pressure, we know that it is time to harvest. The presented method is simple, but it has its drawbacks, which is why experienced breeders decide on the so-called controlled pollination. The method is as follows:

marijuana seed production

Marijuana cultivation indoor

  • we choose the strongest, most impressive male specimen in the vegetative phase,
  • version outdoor requires us to trim the plant in the early flowering phase,
  • in version indoor it is recommended to clone an individual,
  • we collect pollen in a special room (e.g. breeding tent),
  • pollen dried for 2-3 days (temp. 17-20 degrees C) is placed in a small vessel (e.g. in a vial) with a moisture-absorbing agent (rice grains),
  • after this treatment, the pollen is vacuum packed and stored at low temperature (e.g. in the fridge),
  • when the time of flowering of female plants comes, we pollinate them with the collected pollen.

The process may seem simple, but in order for everything to go according to plan and the seeds obtained to be of high quality, you should pay attention to the smallest nuances. Hemp pollination can be used to create the next generation of a given variety or to create new, hybridized varieties with different properties than the mother plants. Our producers use the most modern genetic and technological methods to meet the requirements of the hemp market. The secrets are known only to the most knowledgeable breeders and are carefully guarded against the competition lurking around the corner. You can often encounter the phenomenon of creating interdisciplinary teams supervising the seed production process. Such teams include botanists, geneticists and engineers. What they have in common is a passion for creating more and more perfect varieties.

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