What determines how long a marijuana bush grows? How many factors influence how long cannabis takes to grow?

Did you know that marijuana bushes can grow to incredible sizes? Some of them can grow to a height of over 5 meters! This is impressive considering this plant is illegal in most countries and often grows in secret.

That's why today you will learn the secretice growth of a marijuana bush. We will find out how long it takes to develop and what factors may influence its growth rate. Are you ready for surprising information and useful tips on growing this plant? It's time to find out how much does a marijuana bush grow?!

The life cycle of marijuana

How long does a marijuana bush grow?

How long does a marijuana bush grow? – the exact answer to this question depends on many factors, such as the choice of variety, growing conditions and techniques, and the experience of the breeder.

To answer the question: How long does a marijuana bush grow?, it is necessary to take into account the fact that in the life of this plant there are several important stages that make up its entire life cycle. Understanding these stages is crucial for growers to properly organize their grow for optimal results and to be able to begin to estimate how long a marijuana plant will grow. From the very beginning, through growth and flowering, to the end of the plant's life - each stage has its own meaning and characteristics.

Initial stage of growth

The first stage in the marijuana life cycle is initial growth. During this period, after the seeds have germinated, the young marijuana seedlings they develop roots and shoots. They are particularly sensitive and require appropriate light conditions, temperature and irrigation. During this time, growers must provide an optimal environment for the plants to grow strong and healthy.

Growth period

After the initial growth stage, comes the actual growth period of the marijuana bushes. During this time, the plants increase in size and develop a dense arrangement of leaves. Nutrient conditions and access to light are crucial for plants to maintain adequate vegetation and the ability to photosynthesize. Fertilization and pruning are often necessary at this stage to ensure optimal growing conditions.

Flowering stages

The next important stage in the life cycle of marijuana is flowering phase. During this time, the plants prepare to produce flowers that contain psychoactive substances. The flowering period can last a varying amount of time, depending on the marijuana strain. During this stage, growers must monitor the plants for health, optimal light conditions and humidity to obtain the expected yields.

The final stage of life

At the end of the marijuana life cycle comes the stage of maturity and harvesting. During this time, the plants reach their full production potential and the flowers become ready for harvest. Growers must watch plants to choose the right time to harvest when most of the trichomes - the small, sticky glands on the surface of the flowers - are clear or cloudy, an indicator that they are ready for harvest.

As you can see, marijuana life cycle It consists of several important steps that growers must properly understand and manage to obtain high-quality crops. Starting from initial growth, through the growth and flowering period, to the final stage of maturity and harvest - each stage has its challenges and requires appropriate breeding activities. Many factors will influence how long a marijuana plant grows. Regardless of them, however, the above stages must be completed to talk about the full life cycle of marijuana. And if you are curious about what factors influence the length of cannabis growth, read on.

how much does a cannabis bush grow?

How many grow automatic, fast flovering and how many full-season cannabis varieties?

Now that we know what the stages in the life of cannabis are, let's see what exactly influences how long a marijuana bush grows. Let's start with the fact that the length of marijuana growth varies depending on the strain being grown. The choice of autoflowering, fast version or full-season variety directly determines the time in which the plant will develop.

Automatic (autoflowering), fast flowering and photoperiod (full-season) varieties differ significantly in breeding time, which affects the decision of breeders to choose the best option for their needs. Diffice how much a marijuana bush grows results mainly from the genetics of each group of varieties.

  1. Automatic varieties (autoflowering): These plants automatically transition from the vegetative phase to flowering regardless of the amount of light they receive. Their life cycle is short - from seed to harvest usually takes 8 to 10 weeks. Automatic varieties are often chosen by growers who want to produce crops quickly or have limited space and cannot control lighting conditions. They are also perfect for new growers due to how easy they are to grow.
  2. Fast flowering varieties: These are photoperiod varieties that have been genetically modified or crossed to shorten the time needed for flowering. Their life cycle is slightly longer than autoflowering varieties, but shorter than traditional photoperiod varieties. Typically from seed to harvest it takes about 6 to 9 weeks of the flowering phase, which means the total time from seed to harvest can be about 10 to 15 weeks. These are ideal plants for those who are looking for a compromise between speed and control over plant development.
  3. Photoperiod varieties: The life cycle of these plants depends on changes in light exposure, which means that the grower must manually change the amount of light (from long days to short days) to initiate and support the flowering phase. From seed to harvest, photoperiod varieties usually take 3 to 5 months, of which the flowering phase itself can last from 7 to 11 weeks. These strains typically offer greater potency and yield than autoflowering strains, but require more knowledge and experience from the grower.

The choice between these three types of varieties depends on many factors, including individual preferences, available space, climate, and whether growing indoors or outdoors. Growers looking for a quick and easy harvest may prefer automatic varieties, while those who want more control over the growth process and potentially higher yields may choose photoperiod or fast flowering varieties. We already know that to accurately determine how long a marijuana bush grows, one of the factors will be choosing the right variety. What else influences this time?

Indoor vs Outdoor: Where is the best place to grow marijuana? How does the choice of cultivation site affect how long a marijuana bush grows?

indoor vs outdoor

Deciding between growing marijuana indoor (indoors) a outdoor (outdoor) has a significant impact on plant growth time, as well as many other aspects of growing, such as environmental control, costs, safety and discretion, plant size, light cycle, seasonality, and yields.

Indoor allows full control over environmental conditions such as light, temperature and humidity, which allows you to achieve excellent results and several harvests per year. However, this requires greater financial outlays on lighting, ventilation and irrigation systems. This cultivation is also more discreet and can be carried out all year round, regardless of external conditions.

Outdoor allows the use of natural sunlight and rainwater, which can reduce production costs. Plants usually grow larger and can produce higher yields, but are exposed to changing weather conditions, diseases and pests. This crop is seasonal, dependent on the natural light cycle, which affects the growth and flowering time of the plants.

Choosing between crops indoor a outdoor also affects plant growth time. In the case of cultivation outdoor, the length of the plant's vegetative phase depends on the moment of planting the seeds and may last until the end of summer or the beginning of autumn. The flowering phase can last from 6 to 14 weeks, depending on the genetics of the plant. Plants indoor they tend to have a shorter growing season which can be controlled by the grower by adjusting the light cycle. Breeders indoor can initiate plant flowering by adjusting the light exposure time to a 12/12 cycle (12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness), which usually occurs after 2-4 weeks of the vegetative phase​​.

As you can see, both cultivation indoorAnd outdoor they have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice of method depends on the grower's individual preferences, available resources, as well as the expected results in terms of plant size, yield and quality of the final product. As you can see, the time it takes for a marijuana bush grown indoors and outdoors to grow is different.

sativa vs indica vs hybrid

Sativa vs Indica vs Hybrid – does the type of marijuana affect how long a marijuana bush grows?

Plants Sativa they usually grow the longest compared to Indicas and hybrids. Varieties Sativa, originating from regions close to the equator, require more time to flower, which can range from 10 to 12 weeks, and even up to 16 weeks in some cases. Average growing time for pure varieties sativa that's about six months. These plants prefer warm climates and can reach considerable heights, sometimes up to 20 feet, due to their natural habitat characterized by long days of sunshine throughout the year.

Indica, in turn, has a shorter growth cycle and faster flowering time, making them more practical for growers indoor and people who want to harvest faster. Varieties Indica they typically finish flowering in about 8 weeks, allowing growers to have more growing cycles throughout the year​​. Plants Indica they are also known to be more resistant to cold and changing weather conditions.

Hybrids, which are crosses of varieties Sativa i Indica, have growth and flowering periods depending on the dominant genetics. Depending on the proportion of genes Sativa i Indica in a given hybrid, they may exhibit a variety of growth and flowering periods. Generally, hybrids allow growers to tailor the strain's characteristics to their needs, combining the best of Sativa and Indica, which can influence growth and flowering times​​.

So it turns out that's it Sativa has the longest growth and flowering period, making it a suitable choice for growers looking for plants with a long life cycle and high production. Indica offers a shorter growing cycle, which is beneficial for those who prefer to harvest faster. Hybrids, on the other hand, allow for flexible adaptation of the plant's characteristics to the specific needs of the breeder, with growth and flowering periods depending on the dominant genetics.

Can a grower's experience affect how long a cannabis bush grows?

Yes, a grower's experience can significantly impact how long a marijuana plant takes to grow. Experienced growers have the knowledge and skills to better manage factors that influence plant growth, such as:

  1. Choosing the right variety: Experienced breeders are able to make a better selection of the variety that will best perform in a given growing condition, taking into account aspects such as pest and disease resistance, climate preferences, and expected flowering time​​​​.
  2. Optimization of growing conditions: Knowing the ideal conditions for each phase of a plant's growth, including proper lighting, irrigation, soil pH levels, and using appropriate pruning and plant training techniques, can shorten growing times and increase yield and crop quality​​​​​​​.
  3. Light cycle management: In cultivation indoor, manipulating the light cycle allows you to control the vegetative and flowering phase of the plant. Experienced growers can shorten or lengthen these phases as needed to optimize the growth process​​​​.
  4. Troubleshooting: Experience in growing marijuana allows growers to quickly identify and solve problems such as nutrient deficiencies, pest attacks, plant diseases, which can prevent growth delays or even plant death​​​​.

Therefore, while a plant's genetics are crucial in determining the timing of its growth and flowering, the skill and knowledge of the grower can significantly speed up these processes or improve the quality of the final crop. Therefore, investing in learning and gaining experience in growing marijuana can bring significant benefits to growers.

How do growing techniques affect how long a marijuana plant takes to grow?

Growing techniques have a significant impact on the growth time of marijuana bushes. By using various methods, growers can accelerate the development of plants, improve their health and even increase yields. Here are some key growing techniques and how they affect how long marijuana plants take to grow:

  1. Light cycle manipulation: In crops indoor, controlling the light cycle allows you to accelerate or extend individual phases of the plant's life. Marijuana plants enter the flowering phase when they are exposed to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness each day. By manipulating this cycle, growers can control when a plant begins to flower, which directly affects the overall time it takes to grow.
  2. Pruning techniques: Pruning is a technique that involves removing certain parts of the plant to improve light access to the lower branches and increase airflow around the plant. Techniques such as "topping" (removing the top of the plant to force it to branch) and "fimming" (removing only part of the top of the plant) can result in bushier growth and better light distribution, which can contribute to faster growth and higher yields​ ​.
  3. Low Stress Training (LST): This method involves gently tying and arranging the branches so that the plant takes the desired shape and size. LST can increase a plant's exposure to light and improve its overall performance, which can shorten growing time and contribute to faster flowering​​​​.
  4. Sea of ​​Green (SOG) and Screen of Green (ScrOG): These methods involve growing larger numbers of smaller plants (SOG) or using netting to control the growth of single, larger plants (ScrOG). Both techniques aim to maximize the use of available light, which can shorten the plant's life cycle by entering the flowering phase more quickly.
  5. Optimization of environmental conditions: Providing ideal growing conditions, such as appropriate temperature, humidity, irrigation and CO2 levels, is crucial for the health and growth rate of plants. Experienced growers are able to precisely control these conditions in crops indoor, which can significantly accelerate plant development.

Appropriate use of growing techniques can significantly impact the growth rate of marijuana plants, their health and yields. The breeder's experience and knowledge play a key role here, enabling the adaptation of cultivation methods to specific needs and conditions, which directly translates into the efficiency and speed of the plant growth process.


This application will summarize information regarding the growth of the marijuana plant and the life cycle of the plant.

After reading the previous sections of the article, we learned how long a marijuana plant needs to grow fully and what its life cycle is like. The growth rate of a marijuana plant can vary depending on the variety, growing conditions and growing techniques and experience of the grower. In the first 2-3 weeks after planting the seed, the marijuana bush develops quickly, gaining in height and leaf development. Then, depending on the variety, the bush enters the flowering phase, which can last from several to several weeks.

During the life cycle of marijuana, the plant goes through various stages such as germination, growth, flowering and maturation. Each stage has its own characteristic features and lasts a certain time. Once the growing cycle is complete, the marijuana plant is ready for harvesting, and its end of life occurs when the full cycle is completed and the plant has completed the growth and flowering process.

It is impossible to clearly indicate how long a marijuana bush grows. Many factors influence the final result. Gaining experience, knowledge and skills can significantly shorten or extend this time, which of course is not always bad, and sometimes even desirable.

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