How to start treatment with medical marijuana in Poland?

Although medical marijuana is legal in Poland since 2017, for many Poles this information seems to be unbelievable. Why are so few people aware of the beneficial properties of medical marijuana? The same is true with the awareness of the legality of this drug on prescription.

how to start treatment with medical marijuana in Poland

How to start treatment with medical marijuana in Poland?

Thanks to its growing popularity hemp seed oils, i.e. CBD oils, hemp oils, more and more people are aware of the existence of legal hemp, which can help with many ailments, e.g. in case of sleep problems, stress, depression or migraine headaches. We managed to present such a product and information about it to people looking for natural solutions in the fight against health problems, mainly thanks to the large development of the hemp market. The number of companies and enterprises entering the hemp industry in Poland is constantly growing, thus the amount of information and scientific research on the beneficial properties of hemp extracts is also increasing.

Medical marijuana in Poland

Much less is said about medical marijuana, which is unlike hemp contains significant amounts of psychoactive THC. As a result of many years of propaganda related to cannabis and the belief rooted in people that it is a very dangerous drug, many people are closed to this kind of knowledge and new, available drugs.

Fortunately, we are seeing changes in this topic, among other things because More and more doctors are speaking out about medical marijuana and its health properties. Many of them specialize in the so-called cannabis treatment. Doctors gain knowledge, make their own observations, select therapies and train in medical marijuana treatment. Thanks to them, special ones are created cannabis clinicse. Thanks to the doctors who create cannabis clinics, patients treated with medical marijuana can count on a professional approach, specialist knowledge and (which may seem strange to some) serious treatment. Yes, many patients met refusing to prescribe on MM by primary care physicians. There are cases where doctors had no idea how to write a prescription! Patients in need often look for answers to questions themselves, What should the correct prescription for medical marijuana look like?when they can get it, what exactly it can help them with, and how to use it. It does not make things easier, it even complicates it so much that we start to doubt whether MM is legal in Poland?? Fortunately, there are more and more cannabis clinics.

Treatment with medical marijuana in Poland.

What is a cannabis clinic?
What do cannabis clinics offer their patients?
What is the visit like?

Cannabis clinics, as mentioned earlier, specialize in medical marijuana treatment. This is where you will find doctors who have devoted themselves to gaining knowledge and experience in cannabis treatment. Doctors have access to current knowledge, scientific research on medical marijuana therapies for many conditions, diseases and ailments. In such a place, we will also receive an answer whether MM therapy is for us, and Are you eligible for medical marijuana treatment?.

visit online cannabis clinic

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How to make an appointment at a hemp clinicice?

If you are wondering what the process of making an appointment with a hemp clinic looks likeice, we will tell you on the example of the hemp clinic we recommend, which we have for you discountbut more on that later!

Cannabis clinic offers online visits with a specialist doctor. Just choose a convenient date and fill out the online form. In the form, you should complete the accompanying ailments. Based on the submitted data, the doctor will make a decision about qualification for MM treatment. At the online meeting, to which the patient will receive a link by e-mail, a more extensive interview will be collected, then the doctor will present individual therapy and dosage.

Thanks to the fact that cannabis clinics have been established, MM patients no longer have to explain to GPs why they need treatment. This makes it much easier to get a prescription for medical marijuana.

What medical conditions can I get a prescription for medical marijuana?

If Marijuana is absolutely foreign to you and you have no idea what it could really help you with, we already suggest!

Thanks to the research carried out so far, special ones have been created medical cannabis strains, sold in pharmacies as raw materials in the form of dried material. These include:

  • Cannabis sativa L., Red No. 2 -THC 19%, CBD >1%
  • Cannabis Flos AURORA DEUTSCHLAND GmbH:
    • THC 1%, CBD 12%
    • THC 20%, CBD 1%
    • THC 22%, CBD 1%
    • THC 8%, CBD 8%

There are also ready-made medicines, which include, for example, "Sativex" in the form of an aerosol, used to relieve the symptoms of spasticity in adults with multiple sclerosis. (THC:CBD ~ 1:1).

Medical marijuana can help with:

  • Diseases neurbiological:

    • migraine
    • autism
    • insomnia, sleep disorders
    • neurosis
    • multiple sclerosis
    • epilepsy
    • Parkinson's disease
    • Alzheimer's disease
  • Psychiatric diseases:
    • depression
    • anxiety and restlessness disorders
    • panic attacks
    • post-traumatic stress disorders
    • ADHD
    • alcohol and drug addictions
  • Eating disorders
    • obesity
    • anorexia
    • bulimia nervosa
    • overweight
    • malnutrition
  • It hurts
    • chronic pains
    • headaches
    • inflammatory pains
    • postoperative pains
    • post-traumatic pain
    • neuralgia
medical marijuana treatment


  • nausea, vomiting
  • diabetes
  • asthma
  • high blood pressure
  • rashes

Now medical marijuana treatment is not cheap. This is certainly due to the law in force in Poland, which does not allow the production of medical marijuana in Poland. The raw material available in pharmacies is imported from abroad, e.g. from Canada or Germany. This also affects limited access to the drug. Patients often look forward to new deliveries due to ubiquitous shortages. A drug approved for sale must meet certain standards, e.g. percentage of data cannabinoids. It is not easy, because even the most stable variety of marijuana, there are deviations in this regard, related, among others, to with growing conditions or length of ripening. Nature cannot be permanently crammed into strictly defined norms. Attempts of this kind often require a lot of work and money. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, related to the act recently voted in the Sejm. In early February this year the parliament passed the law, according to which cultivation and harvesting of medical marijuanafrom which drugs will then be prepared, can be carried out by research institutes in Poland, after obtaining the permission of the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector. The production of medical marijuana is expected to affect lower prices preparations and raw materials available in Polish pharmacies.

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Another issue is the cost of visits to cannabis clinics. However, you can find clinics that offer the cheapest prices available. One such clinic is the cannabis clinic. In addition, we have mentioned for you RABAT to be used for the first visit to this clinicice.
With code GRAIN25 you will receive PLN 25 discount! The code should be entered in the discount codes field on the hemp clinic website! In case of additional questions or doubts, this is where we refer you, i.e. to doctors who specialize in the treatment of medical marijuana!

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