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Welcome to the fascinating world of F1 hybrid marijuana seeds, a key element of our offer that combines innovation, genetic uniqueness and unrivaled cultivation possibilities. Marijuana seeds F1 hybrids is the result of the hard work of modern growers. Selected genes allow you to obtain amazing plants, which are usually characterized by high THC content, high yields, etc.

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Hybrid f1 cannabis seeds RQS

F1 Hybrids New to the cannabis seed market since Royal Queen Seeds

f1 hybrid marijuana seeds royal queen seeds

All growers who can legally grow cannabis in their country have probably encountered different plants that were sown from the same batch of seeds - from one strain. We are talking about clear morphological differences in plants, but also differences in their action and smell. For some, this is not a problem, but there are many growers who want their crops to be uniform and their yields to be stable and uniform. It is with such growers in mind, both home and commercial Royal Queen Seeds created the world's first true hybrid F1 cannabis seeds.

F1 hybrid cannabis seeds - what is it?

If you have had the opportunity to check out the news from RQS on our website, you have certainly noticed that these are definitely more expensive marijuana seeds. If you are wondering why seeds F1 hybrids RQS are worth the price, this post should answer the most important questions.

Hybrid marijuana seeds and F1 hybrid seeds

In our seed bank you can choose which genetics you are interested in, e.g. in terms of genotype Sativa, Indica, Hybrid. The latter - hybrids - are not the same as new seeds F1 hybrids of RQS. Hybrids can be created by crossing any two cannabis plants, from any parents. These are not typical 100% sativas or 100% indicas, but a combination of these genetic types in different proportions. There are, for example, 50/50 hybrids, but also 70/30; or 60/40. We are talking about the percentage of the genotype indica i sativa. F1 hybrids the way he writes RQS, the future of cannabis genetics offering unrivaled stability, vigor and yields. F1 hybrids were created by crossing two pure (also known as "inbred") genetic lines. Plants from such seeds are larger, stronger, but also retain stable growth characteristics, thus giving uniform yields. In the case of vegetables, as well as in ornamental gardening, such F1 lines have been known for a long time! However, it is completely new among cannabis seeds. Royal Queen Seeds is a global seed producer that was the first to create F1 seeds. The producer from the Netherlands himself writes that these seeds will revolutionize the cultivation of hemp, regardless of the scale of cultivation.

how F1 hybrids are created rqs

F1 hybrid cannabis strains Traditional cannabis strains
  • Gen.ice they are homozygous.
  • Gen.ice they are heterozygous.
  • The result of 3-4 years of professional breeding.
  • The result of a short cultivation time.
  • Uniform varieties with stable characteristics.
  • High genetic variability and segregation of traits.
  • Suitable for the professional market.
  • Not suitable for the professional market.
  • Heterosis Effect*

*"Heterosis, also known as the so-called hybrid vigor or hybrid exuberance - is a phenomenon involving an increase in the phenotypic value of quantitative traits of the first generation of hybrids (F1) in relation to homozygous parents. Heterosis is the phenotypic result of gene interaction in heterozygotes. Heterosis mainly concerns traits related to reproduction and the speed of individual development (height and body weight), as well as greater resistance to diseases and adaptability to unfavorable environmental factors."

Properties of plants from Hybrid F1 seeds

  • Even plants with stable growth characteristics.
  • Greater vigor, faster growth and greater resistance to adverse conditions and stress.
  • Higher yields.
  • Higher and more stable production of cannabinoids and terpenes, resulting in a stronger and more stable end product.
  • Higher THC content.

regular marijuana seeds and f1 hybrid seeds RQS

F1 hybrids in BREEDING

Benefits of choosing F1 hybrid seeds RQS in cultivation, are indisputable for both commercial and home growers. Crop stability improves land use as well as the quantity and quality of crops.


F1 cannabis hybrids, as we have already mentioned, are characterized by excellent yield. These characteristics of F1 hybrids result from crossing two pure lines. F1 hybrid marijuana strains provide higher THC levels, larger yields, and increased resistance to pests and environmental stress. These are the characteristics that every grower and collector of marijuana seeds is looking for.

F1 cannabis seeds

F1 Fast Version® Seeds from Sweet Seeds

As the Spanish producer himself informs us, these strains are a real revolution in cannabis cultivation, providing growers with the tools necessary to achieve quick and effective harvests, even in the most demanding climatic conditions.

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the unique feature of these strains, which is theirs 100% light dependence combined with ultra-fast flowering. Thanks to this characteristic, F1 Fast Version® strains enable a significant reduction in the time needed for the cultivation cycle, which is particularly beneficial in conditions indoorwhere control of the light cycle is crucial. These plants are ready for harvest within 6-7 weeks of switching the photoperiod to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, which is a significant advantage over traditional strains that require a longer flowering time.

Another argument in favor of F1 Fast Version® strains is their adaptability to various climatic conditions, including humid and rainy zones, high mountains, and regions with frosty winters. The speed of flowering of these strains makes them ideal for growing in places where weather conditions may adversely affect plants with a longer flowering cycle. Harvesting can be carried out approximately 1-2 weeks faster than in the case of classic versions, which minimizes the risk of plant damage by gray mold or other fungal diseases that are particularly active later in the season.

Moreover, the selection of F1 Fast Version® strains is not only a matter of speed and adaptation to difficult climatic conditions, but also a matter of quality. F1 hybrids provide exceptional vigor and performance, combining the best genetic characteristics of their parents. Thanks to this, growers can enjoy not only quick harvests, but also the exceptional quality and potency of the obtained plants.

As you can see, F1 Fast Version® strains are an excellent choice for growers looking for fast, effective and reliable cultivation solutions. Their unique genetics, flowering speed and resistance to difficult climatic conditions make them irreplaceable in modern marijuana breeding, offering growers not only a shortened cultivation cycle, but also a guarantee of high quality and harvest efficiency.

Jak Sweet Seeds discovered F1 marijuana strains?

Sweet Seeds® is a leading force in hemp genetic innovation. This producer is not only a pioneer in the development of feminized cannabis seeds, but also a leading seed bank that introduced F1 Fast Version® genetics to the market, changing the face of cannabis cultivation around the world.

In 2007, the growers' commitment to innovation led them to begin breeding programs to incorporate autoflowering genes into their elite clones. The ultimate goal of this endeavor was to achieve high quality genetics but with autoflowering properties. This approach has opened up new horizons in marijuana breeding, allowing for faster cultivation cycles without compromising the quality of the crop.

The first crosses between automatic lines and elite light-dependent clones revealed the dominant nature of light-dependence over automaticity, which was in line with expectations. However, what surprised these cannabis fanatics the most was the extraordinary flowering speed of the F1 hybrids, prompting them to re-check their calendars. This observation was not accidental - it was confirmed in each subsequent experiment, demonstrating that a cross with an autoflowering strain can significantly reduce flowering time.

Such discoveries not only confirmed the value of their research, but also paved the way for the creation of strains that can flower much faster than their light-dependent species.ice. This innovation is of great importance to growers, offering the opportunity to harvest faster and optimize production in various growing conditions.

Sweet Seeds® is proudly at the forefront of this revolution, offering growers around the world access to our exclusive F1 Fast Version® genetics. This initiative not only demonstrates their constant pursuit of excellence and innovation, but also confirms the commitment of the people working at Sweet Seeds in providing products that really respond to the needs and challenges of modern cannabis breeding.


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