Kombinat Konopny

Kombinat Konopny – hemp products available to everyone!

Kombinat Konopny needs no introduction, their approach is very close to our heart, which is why you will find their products in our offer. Both cosmetics, CBD oils, hemp pollen and CBD and decarboxylated herbs - all at very good prices and the highest quality!

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Kombinat konopny – CBD oils

In the offer of Kombinat Konopny you will find the so-called “cheap and good” hemp oils, but writing good is a bit too little. The combine has over 40 hectares of fields for the cultivation of hemp. It effectively introduces CBD products that every Pole can afford. Kombinat helps to disseminate knowledge about the beneficial properties of hemp, and also helps Poles to start their own hemp cultivation at home or in the garden, e.g. thanks to the fact that they sell certified hemp seeds in small packages.

Kombinat Konopny – dried CBD

In our store Ziarno Życia you can buy CBD hemp drought and decarboxylated drought from the Hemp Combine. The first can certainly be used by users of medical marijuana from the pharmacy as the so-called. addition to MM with THC. Many MM patients who add dried CBD to medical marijuana feel better after taking the medicine than without it. In addition to CBD, the drought from the combine also contains other cannabinoids and beneficial phytochemicals found in hemp.

Decarboxylated dried CBD 

Decarboxylated dried hemp will work in the kitchen! On our blog you will find some cool hemp recipes, e.g hemp butter, hemp pudding for donuts, pizza sauce with CBD! Decarboxylated drought will make it easier and shorten the time of preparing hemp dishes.
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