Hemp cosmetics


Hemp cosmetics - What can we expect from a product flagged with a hemp leaf? What are the properties of compounds obtained from hemp and why are they so beneficial for our skin?

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Properties of hemp products in cosmetics.


Cosmetics with hemp oil perfectly nourish and moisturize the skin without leaving a greasy film on its surface.


Contains hemp oil ideal ratio of unsaturated fatty acids (EFA). First of all, the following acids: oleic, linoleic, linolenic and gamma-linolenic. The ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 acids contained in hemp oil is 3:1, which has a very positive effect on the activity of biological membranes, and which directly translates into a better condition of the skin. All this makes This oil has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin of our body.


What is the role of EFAs in our body?

The main function of EFAs in the human body is the constant reconstruction of the lipid membrane of cells. Cell membranes retain the correct structure, fluidity and composition, thanks to which the so-called the hydrolipid coat fully retains its properties and thus shows selective permeability. As a consequence, ours the skin does not lose water in excess i is properly protected against harmful external factors, including before sharmful UV radiation.

Thanks to the control of water loss from the epidermis, cosmetics based on hemp products are recommended for dry and dehydrated skin. The skin will remain moisturized, without the feeling of so-called. downloads.

Regeneration and protection of mature skin

Hemp oil is rich in vitamins A, E, K and B vitaminsthat regenerate epidermal cells and prevent cell oxidation, i.e. protect against their premature disintegration.

Increased skin care

Presence zinc, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in hemp oil makes the action of other beneficial ingredients (contained in the cosmetic) on the skin easier, and thus the skin will absorb more beneficial compounds, which will increase its care.


The skin becomes more supple and elastic

Hemp oil is also a number proteins, phytosterols and dyes (e.g. carotenes). Phytosterols, i.e. sterols of plant origin, stimulate the synthesis of collagen, a protein contained in the skin, which is responsible for its elasticity. They also inhibit to some extent the action of the enzyme - elastase, which is involved in the breakdown of elastin.

Hemp cosmetics - an ideal solution for problematic, irritated and allergic skin.

Phytosterols contained in hemp oil:

  • have an anti-inflammatory effect,
  • have a soothing effect, e.g. burns, erythema, skin irritations,
  • accelerate healing and reconstruction of the epidermis,
  • have antibacterial, anticancer and antifungal properties.

Cosmetics based on hemp products successfully deal with allergic skin, prone to irritation, by providing it with additional protection, relief, regeneration and thanks to the properties that even out the skin tone.

 CBD - cannabidiol in cosmetics

CBD extract contains the same package of beneficial ingredients as oil obtained from seeds, i.e. contains omega-3 and 6 acids, vitamins (A, E, B, K) as well as calcium, magnesium and zinc.
CBD has a number of therapeutic properties. When using this cannabinoid in cosmetics, it is important that it regulates the production of sebum, which is why creams with its participation are great for acne, oily and combination skin.

Cosmetics with CDB regulate the production of sebum, which is why they are perfect for acne, oily and combination skin.

CBD oil can also delay the aging process of the skin. The skin is more elastic, moisturized and smoothed, which means that fewer wrinkles appear on it. Cosmetics based on hemp oil with CBD improve skin tone by reducing the formation of irritation or discoloration.

Cannabidiol contained in cosmetics makes allergic reactions become less troublesomethe same applies to itching of the skin in the case of e.g. dermatitis. In addition to alleviating the symptoms, there are beneficial ones regenerating, bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol.

Hemp cosmetics are also recommended for contaminated skin, due to the fact that CBD has comedogenic properties, i.e. it prevents the formation of blackheads on the skin by leaving the pores unclogged. 

Our store offers proven cosmetics based on CBD, hemp oil or hemp hydrolate. Enjoy your shopping.