CannabiGold Ultra Care cosmetics with CBD

 UltraCare are 11 unique cosmetics created for face and body skin care. Producer of CannabiGold together z cosmetology experts has created specialized dermocosmetics full of natural, selected ingredients and CBD photocannabinoid, intended for the care of all skin types, regardless of age, skin requirementsor allergies.

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The Ultra Care series of cosmetics includes face skin care creams and serums, body lotion, washing gels and lotions.icefor purification.

CBD obtained from hemp has antioxidant, anti-seborrhoeic and protective properties. It soothes the skin and nourishes it, contributing to the regeneration and softening of the skin. Products CannabiGold Ultra Care The products from the line for sensitive skin will be perfect for skin prone to atopy, and the line for oily skin will have a positive effect on acne-prone skin. In the series of cosmetics you will also find products that comprehensively take care of and improve the condition of various skin types.