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American marijuana varieties

America is one of the most fascinating places on the map of cannabis culture. Thanks to the legalization of marijuana in many states and regulations allowing you to grow your own plants, the American market has become a mecca for cannabis lovers. This category includes the best American marijuana varieties available on the market that every enthusiast should know. If you are interested in purchasing original cannabis seeds from overseas, you have come to the right place.


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American Marijuana Strains: Top 10 

  1. Apricot Auto
  2. Gorilla Cookies FF 
  3. Strawberry Pie Auto
  4. Orange Sherbet Auto
  5. Amnesia Zkittlez Auto
  6. Cherry Cola Auto
  7. Six Shooter Auto
  8. Dos Si Dos Auto
  9. OG Kush Auto
  10. Californian Snow Auto

American Marijuana Strains: History and Popularity Around the World

In the world of cannabis, there is no doubt that American marijuana varieties hold a special place. Their fascinating history, unrivaled taste and breeding potential attract hundreds of thousands of cannabis lovers around the world. Why are American marijuana strains so popular?

The History of Marijuana Seeds: Roots In Central America

The history of marijuana seeds dates back thousands of years, but Central America was one of the original sources of wild cannabis varieties. The first records of the use of cannabis come from the Indian culture, who used it for both medical and religious purposes. Over the centuries, hemp has found its way to Europy and other parts of the world, becoming one of the most important plants in human history.

American Marijuana Strains: Exploding in Popularity

However, it was in the United States that hemp underwent a real revolution. The legalization of medical marijuana in California in 1996 and subsequent changes to the law in other states turned hemp into a billion-dollar industry. It is also in America that some of the most valued varieties in the world were born.

Company Fast Buds: Pioneer in Breeding American Autoflowering Varieties

Many marijuana growers around the world recognize this Fast Buds as one of the most important players on the marijuana seeds market. This company, with its roots in the United States, was a pioneer in breeding autoflowering marijuana varieties. Their commitment to developing American varieties such as OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies and Green Crack, contributed to the popularization of these varieties around the world.

Popularity of American Marijuana Varieties in the World

American marijuana strains have gained recognition around the world for several reasons. Firstly, they have an extremely rich palette of flavors and aromas, which attracts even the most demanding connoisseurs. Secondly, their strong effects and balance between indica and sativa allow for a variety of user experiences. Third, American varieties often have high breeding performance, which attracts both beginners and experienced growers.

At a cannabis seed shop Fast Buds you will find a wide selection of American marijuana varieties that are available to enthusiasts in Poland and around the world. Thanks to their hard work and innovative approach to breeding, you can enjoy authentic American varieties without having to travel overseas.

At the pinnacle of cannabis culture, American marijuana strains continue to delight and inspire cannabis lovers around the world. Their history, taste and popularity prove that cannabis is a plant of extraordinary cultural and economic importance. Thanks to companies like Fast Buds we can enjoy the best varieties America has to offer.