Medical varieties

Marijuana seeds and medical hemp varieties

They are in this category medical marijuana strains - Of course seeds these plants. This means that these plants are characterized by medical properties that help to cope with various types of illnesses or diseases. You may have noticed that there is also a category "Seeds-CBD“And yet it is hemp with CBD are considered medicinal. This is true, but many producers have unique genes in their collections in the form of marijuana seeds, which, when manifested in the form of a plant, have amazing therapeutic properties. It is not uncommon for these strains to be rich in both CBD and THC, or mostly THC. In addition, in addition to these two cannabinoids, the plant contains many more health-promoting compounds - hence the separate category "medical seeds“. In this category you will also find medical varietieswhich have been awarded many times in this category!

We invite you to complete your collection of medical marijuana seeds!