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Automatic marijuana seeds are characterized by the fact that they flower on their own in as little as 5-6 weeks! So-called "Machines” deliver crops faster than full-season marijuana strains. Choose the best autoflower seeds:

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Autoflowering marijuana seeds, also known as autoflowering, are a revolution in cannabis cultivation, allowing growers to achieve quick and efficient harvests without having to interfere with the light cycle. The main characteristic of these seeds is their genetically programmed ability to automatically switch from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase after a certain period of time, regardless of changes in light exposure. This unique property distinguishes them from traditional photoperiod varieties, the so-called full-season plants that require specific lighting conditions for flowering, usually 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.

Autoflowering comes from the cross of Cannabis Ruderalis with other cannabis varieties such as Sativa and/ or Indica. Cannabis Ruderalis is a strain that grows wild in regions with short summers and long, cool nights, where it has evolved to flower based on age rather than changes in light. This allows growers to enjoy several harvests in one season because these plants do not require changes in lighting to initiate flowering.

Additionally, autoflowering seeds are often more resistant to extreme environmental conditions, which makes them an ideal choice for beginner growers and those who grow crops in more difficult climatic conditions. Their small size and quick life cycle make them perfect for growing in limited spaces, both indoorAnd outdoor.

Marijuana genetics are moving forward so quickly that current auto strains often retain the potency of their "bigger" twin brothers. This type of seeds is very often used for indoor cultivation (indoor). Thanks to their small size (automatic varieties reach a maximum of just over 130 centimeters in height), they are very popular among connoisseurs. Automatic marijuana seeds are much more popular because they can be grown all year round, regardless of the sunlight outside. We definitely recommend it to impatient collectors.

What are autoflowering seeds?

Automatic cannabis seeds are cannabis strains that do not require a light cycle change to start the flowering process. You can say that they are programmed to start the flowering process on their own.

Traditional cannabis plants begin to flower when the days are shorter and the nights are longer. Reducing the amount of light means that plants must start producing flowers to ensure their survival. Flowering cannabis is, so to speak, a defensive reaction of the plant.

Autoflowering marijuana seeds are created by crossing various cannabis strains, mainly ruderalis, to produce a plant that flowers regardless of day length. The result is a plant that usually has a lower yield than traditional varieties, but the harvest can be obtained much faster and the whole plant is easier to grow.

The yield in automatic varieties is lower (on average, up to several dozen grams from one bush). and often weaker (less THC) than in the case of varieties without Ruderalis. However, power is not the principle, because modern genetics can work wonders. Auto marijuana seed producers can produce strains with THC levels of up to 30%!

How are auto seeds made?

In most cases, to obtain an autoflowering marijuana strain, you need to cross a plant, either Indica or Sativa, with a Cannabis Ruderalis strain. This is a type of cannabis that is found in zones where summers are very short but there is a lot of sunlight. Such a connection gives the so-called autoflowering varieties. There are also automatic crosses whose flowering speed has been extracted from the genes of varieties with a genetically short growth time.

Automatic seeds thanks to Ruderalis genes

Cannabis Ruderalis occurs in the Siberian areas, where, as we know, the conditions are not the best for growth. Very little insolation, low temperature and unfavorable ubiquitous humidity do not help with growth, especially for Indian cannabis, which after all loves to bask in the sun. However, Cannabis Ruderalis coped in such conditions, but it is a small plant, very quickly passing from the growth phase to the flowering phase and is characterized by high resistance to unfavorable conditions. Thanks to these features, growers were able to cross and create the best auto marijuana strains that we have such easy access to today.

Short life cycle and quick harvest. A detailed description of the benefits of the short life cycle of autoflowering plants, including the possibility of obtaining several harvests per year.

One of the biggest advantages of autoflowering marijuana plants is their short life cycle, which usually ranges from 8 to 10 weeks from germination to harvest. This feature is a fundamental difference compared to traditional photoperiod varieties, which can take much longer to mature, often requiring additional weeks or even months to mature. The short life cycle of autoflowering strains has a direct impact on breeding practices and offers a number of benefits that meet the needs and expectations of modern growers.

First of all, the speed of ripening of these plants allows several cultivation cycles to be carried out in one season, even in climates with a shorter growing season. For growers living in regions with less favorable weather conditions, the ability to carry out two or more harvests per year is an invaluable advantage. Thanks to this, you can not only maximize the efficiency of using the available space, but also increase the total amount of crop obtained.

Additionally, the short life cycle of autoflowering plants translates into a lower risk of problems related to plant diseases and pest attacks that can spread and harm plants in the long run. Limiting the time that plants are exposed to potential threats naturally reduces the likelihood of infection and pest infestation, which in turn affects the quality and quantity of the final crop.

Finally, the short life cycle and quick harvest offer growers greater flexibility in crop planning and the ability to respond quickly to changing market conditions or personal preferences. Growers can experiment with different autoflowering strains throughout the year, adapting the crop to their current needs and interests, which further increases the attractiveness of these plants to both beginners and experienced marijuana growers.

Resistance to light pollution and environmental changes. Analysis of the resistance of autoflowering plants to various environmental conditions and their lower susceptibility to stress

Autoflowering marijuana varieties are exceptionally resistant to light pollution and environmental changes, which is a significant advantage in the context of growing plants. These plants, thanks to their genetic origins from Cannabis Ruderalis, adapt to flower regardless of the amount of light available. This ability means they are not as sensitive to light pollution, which can disrupt the flowering cycle of photoperiod plants through unexpected light exposures during periods of darkness.

Light pollution poses a serious challenge in cultivation indoor, where artificial lighting may inadvertently affect plants' light cycles, delaying flowering or causing other undesirable reactions. Autoflowering eliminates this problem by allowing plants to flower according to their internal clock, regardless of changes in light exposure. This makes them an ideal choice for growers in environments where it is difficult to maintain a constant light cycle, such as balconies or urban gardens, where artificial ambient lighting can affect plants.

In addition, autoflowering plants show increased tolerance to changing environmental conditions, which is crucial for growers in regions with a less stable climate. Their genetic adaptation to harsh conditions, resulting from their Ruderalis heritage, allows them to better cope with low temperatures, changes in humidity and even less access to light. Such resistance translates into less susceptibility to stress, which, combined with a short life cycle, minimizes the risk of diseases and pest attacks, often caused by long-term environmental stress.

As a result, growing autoflowering varieties becomes less risky and more predictable, which is especially beneficial for beginner growers and for those who are looking for plants that are resistant to unforeseen environmental changes.

What are the advantages of automatic cannabis seeds?

Many collectors wonder about the choice between auto and seasonal seeds. Here we will list some of the characteristics that autoflower seeds exhibit.

Cultivation all year round - Autoflowering marijuana seeds do not need light cycle changes, which means they can be grown all year round, no matter the season.

Faster time from planting to harvesting - Because the plants flower automatically, the time between planting the seeds and harvesting is usually shorter. Auto seeds have a short vegetative phase.

Disease resistance - Automatic marijuana seeds are usually more resistant to diseases than traditional varieties, although much depends on the variety we choose.

Less nutritional requirements - Because the plants are usually smaller, they require less nutrients than traditional varieties.

Easier care - a smaller plant theoretically means less fun.

Possibility of cultivation in various conditions. An overview of the flexibility of autoflowering strains, including their ability to bloom in a variety of light conditions.

The flexibility of autoflowering varieties in cultivation is one of their most attractive features, which allows them to be grown in a wide range of conditions, both indoors (indoor) and external (outdoor). Thanks to genetic adaptation from Cannabis Ruderalis, these plants flower regardless of changes in the light cycle, which is a significant difference compared to photoperiod varieties that require a specific light to dark ratio to initiate flowering.

The ability to flower regardless of day length means that autoflowering plants can be grown in a variety of environments and at different times of the year, regardless of the natural sunlight cycle. This makes them particularly useful for growers in regions with a short growing season, where conventional varieties would not have time to mature before the onset of cold weather.

Additionally, their small size makes them ideal for growing in limited spaces, such as small gardens, balconies or even windowsills. Growers can enjoy growing marijuana all year round by carrying out their cultivation indoor in winter, a outdoor during the summer months.

In practice, growing autoflowering strains provides greater flexibility and accessibility to marijuana growing, allowing you to produce high-quality crops even in less than ideal conditions. This versatility is particularly valuable in the context of growing interest in both personal and commercial breeding, where the effectiveness and adaptability of the variety are crucial.

How to grow automatic seeds?

Remember to strictly abide by the law. Many countries prohibit the cultivation of cannabis, e.g. Poland. In such countries, the cultivation of marijuana seeds may result in legal sanctions, including imprisonment.

All information found on the website www.ziarnozycia.pl is provided for curiosity and purely informational purposes and is not an incitement to break the law.

But if you live in Thailand, or in a US state where cultivation is allowed, we have some tips for you on how to grow auto seeds. Here they are:

  1. Choose the right seeds - Choose seeds that are suited to your level of experience in growing cannabis.
  2. Prepare a suitable substrate - Prepare a substrate that is well-ventilated, moist and contains the nutrients needed by the plant.
  3. Choose the right lighting - If you are growing indoors, choose the right LED or HPS lighting.
  4. Use proper watering techniques - Keep the soil moist but not wet.
  5. Maintain proper temperature and humidity - Maintain temperature between 21-28 degrees Celsius and humidity between 40-60%.
  6. Pruning - Pruning can help increase yields and control plant development.
  7. Use organic fertilizers - Use organic fertilizers to provide your plants with essential nutrients.
  8. Keep an eye on your plants - Check your plants regularly to make sure they are free from any pests or diseases.
  9. Harvest your crops - Harvest your crops when the plants are ripe for harvesting.

Is it worth growing auto marijuana seeds?

The answer to this question depends on your needs and preferences. Automatic cannabis seeds are ideal for those who want to grow cannabis all year round, no matter the season. They are easier to grow and often have a shorter time between seeding and harvesting. However, their yields are usually lower than those of traditional varieties, and their price may be slightly higher.

Automatic marijuana seeds

We distinguish the main characteristics of automatic marijuana seeds: low height, fast flowering time, less intensity of smells. These attributes make this type of cannabis seed highly sought after by cannabis seed collectors.

Auto seeds are very popular. The world's producers of marijuana seeds offer this type of seeds. The best auto marijuana seeds, of course feminized, are available in our shop grain.pl. You can buy safely!

Why are autoflower seeds so valued?

Many cannabis strains have automatic counterparts. Automatic cannabis seeds are also known as "automatic", "automatic" and "autoflowering". Autoflowering seeds are unique in that they flower on their own within two to four weeks of germination. In the case of standard varieties (non-automatic, so-called full-season), a certain amount of light is needed for their flowering.

Automatic marijuana seeds are a good solution for growing in areas where access to sunlight is limited. Plants will use the sun's rays that they have at their disposal. In most autoflowering seeds, cannabis grows to a compact size, which is often an advantage for growers as it allows for more discreet cultivation.

The history of slot machines

The history of automatic marijuana seeds dates back to the XNUMXs, when a Russian researcher discovered the seeds of this plant in Siberia. Genetic analysis of the autoflower seeds later revealed that they were a cross of a variety Sativa and Indica. Naturally, this strain contains less THC than pure hemp Sativa or Indica. Thanks to the work on improving seeds, it was possible to introduce new automatic varieties with the most desirable features. For example, crossing Ruderalis with a Sativa or an Indica results in fast-flowering strains with a high THC content.

automatic marijuana seeds

Autoflowering Seed Production Process. From crossbreeding to stabilization. Description of the process of creating autoflowering seeds, from crossing plants through selecting the desired characteristics to stabilizing the genotype.

The process of producing autoflowering marijuana seeds is complex and requires specialist knowledge and experience in plant genetics. It starts with crossing selected plants, which creates a genetic basis for new, autoflowering varieties. The first step is to combine the naturally autoflowering Cannabis Ruderalis genotype with other cannabis strains such as Sativa and/ or Indica, which bring desirable features such as high THC levels, specific terpene profiles or higher yields.

Crossbreeding plants is a key stage in which the breeder must carefully select the parents of the future hybrid. Cannabis Ruderalis brings the ability to flower automatically to the cross, while the other parent is the source of the characteristics to be emphasized in the new variety, such as high cannabinoid content and special sensory properties.

After obtaining the first generation of hybrid seeds (F1), start selection process. In this phase, breeders observe the plants, looking for those that best represent the desired characteristics of both parents. These plants are then re-crossed to enhance and stabilize the autoflowering traits and other desirable properties in subsequent generations.

Genotype stabilization this is a stage that can last for many generations (F2, F3, up to F4 or even beyond), depending on how quickly the desired traits become dominant and consistent among the offspring. During this time, breeders focus on consolidating autoflowering ability and ensuring that each plant from the new seed batch exhibits consistent characteristics such as size, flowering time, yield, and cannabinoid and terpene profile.

The last step is testing and verification new autoflowering variety. This includes test growing under various conditions to ensure that the variety is truly stable and predictable in its growth and production. Only after confirming the stability of the genotype and the desired characteristics, the new autoflowering variety is introduced to the market as ready-to-grow seeds.

This process takes time, patience and a deep knowledge of plant genetics, but it allows breeders to offer innovative marijuana varieties that meet the specific needs and growing preferences of growers around the world.

Automatic cannabis seeds in our shop

Among the seeds we offer you will find automatic cannabis seeds, available in interesting varieties. We offer seeds from proven producers, which guarantees their best quality. Depending on the species, automatic marijuana seeds are intended for both breeding indoorAnd outdoor.

Beginner growers should start by growing seeds from varieties that are as trouble-free as possible, e.g. Sensi Skunk Automotive, Auto Speed Bud, Auto Calamity Jane or Purple Punch Auto. If you want plants with a high THC content, we recommend autoflowering cannabis seeds such as Auto Magnum, Six Shooter AutoAuto Colorado Cookies, Auto Cinderella Jack. We also offer hemp seeds that give above-average yields. These include marijuana seeds automatic Pinapple Express Auto, Auto CBD Compassion Lime, Auto Blackberry Kush, Auto CBD Charlotte's Angel.

Feminized auto seeds

Feminized automatic seeds are very popular due to the many benefits that they bring to planting. This type of seeds is an excellent choice for both less experienced people and those who are already familiar with the subject. Autoflowering seeds allow for efficient cultivation of plants, giving satisfactory yields, which is their undoubted advantage.

Remember that growing marijuana in Poland is prohibited by law, it can only be done in countries that allow it. In Poland, it is legal to possess and trade marijuana seeds. Putting cannabis seeds into the ground is strictly prohibited. The information contained on our website is not intended to encourage you to break the law, it is provided for informational purposes only.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Are automatic marijuana seeds legal in Poland? Yes, but only for collecting. The sale and distribution of marijuana seeds is legal. It is impossible to grow or even germinate such seeds. You can read more in the article: legal marijuana seeds.
  2. How long does the process of growing automatic marijuana seeds take? Growing time depends on the variety and conditions, but is usually 8 to 10 weeks.
  3. Are automatic marijuana seeds easier to grow than traditional varieties? Yes, automatic marijuana seeds are easier to grow because they do not require changing the light cycle.
  4. Are automatic marijuana seeds more expensive than traditional varieties? Yes and no. The price of automatic marijuana seeds may be slightly higher due to special breeding techniques, but this is not the rule.
  5. Do automatic marijuana seeds produce less yield than traditional varieties? Yes, autoflower seeds typically yield less than traditional strains, but they are more reliable and easier to grow.
  6. What are the best autoflowering strains for beginners? Autoflowering varieties are ideal for beginner growers as they combine ease of cultivation with tolerance to mistakes. The recommended ones include: Royal Dwarf, QuickOne and Northern Lights Automatic, which are known for their low cultivation requirements, fast life cycle and good resistance to unfavorable environmental conditions.
  7. What are the health benefits of growing autoflowering? Growing autoflowering plants can help improve mental health by offering a relaxing hobby that connects you to nature and reduces stress. Additionally, by growing their own plants, users have control over the chemicals they use, which can translate into a safer final product without the need to worry about pesticides or herbicides. Before growing it, you should familiarize yourself with the law in force in the country where you want to start growing it, because in most countries in the world the cultivation of cannabis is illegal. We do not encourage breaking the law.
  8. Does growing autoflowering require special conditions? Autoflowering varieties are less demanding than traditional photoperiod varieties, which means they can be grown in a variety of conditions without the need to adjust the light cycle. However, like any plant, they grow best in optimal conditions, which include adequate irrigation, nutrient supply and access to light.
  9. What are the most common diseases and pests that attack autoflowering plants and how to fight them? The most common health problems for autoflowering plants are fungal infections, such as mold, and pest attacks, including aphids and mites. Fighting them requires regular plant inspections, the use of natural defenses such as neem oil, and maintaining appropriate environmental conditions to minimize the risk of occurrence. In case of severe infestations, intervention with specialized biocidal products may be necessary, always taking precautions not to harm the plants.

auto marijuana seeds

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