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In this category you will find fast slots the fastest marijuana strains available on the market. All fast slots available below are feminized, so there is certainty of getting a female plant that will bloom and give a ready crop in a very short time. These plants are compact and mostly easy to grow.

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Cannabis Seeds Auto Fast: What You Should Know Before Buying?

Have you ever wondered how quickly and easily you can access a high-quality crop? Have you heard of automatic marijuana seeds? These innovative seeds are easy to grow and grow quickly, making them an ideal choice for beginner gardeners and less patient but experienced growers. Find out what they are here marijuana seeds vending machines fast and what you should know before purchasing.

What are marijuana seeds fast?

Marijuana seeds fast machines are special seeds that have been developed in laboratories to instantly grow and bloom automatically. They usually reach maturity in just 8-10 weeks from planting, which makes them faster than traditional marijuana seeds. Modern genetics allows you to cross varieties to produce strains with the desired characteristics. And marijuana is a plant that loves crosswords.

The best producers devote a lot of time to stabilize the isolated features. It is thanks to their dedication, titanic and persistent work that we can enjoy the best genetics and in quick automatic variation. AND fast slots this is the quintessence of the latest genetics and something for impatient collectors.

Is it hard to grow fast autos?

Growing automatic marijuana seeds is much easier than growing traditional, seasonal seeds. Automatic seeds do not require special changes in lighting, as is the case with full-season, photoperiod varieties whose flowering phase depends on the sun phase. Additionally, plants from auto seeds tend to be smaller and more compact, which means they are easier to grow when space is limited.

Many producers adjust their genes to their fast slots they were also resistant to mold and pests and would simply forgive the mistakes of beginner hemp planters. This does not mean, of course, that the seeds of fast machines thrown on their own will magically produce a harvest in the blink of an eye and all that remains is to cut the bush - this is not the case. Growing hemp is an amazing adventure and you feel the urge to look at the plant almost every day - this should be enough with basic knowledge.

What are the advantages of growing fast autos?

Fast slots have many advantages. First, they are easy to grow, which means that even novice gardeners can get good results. Secondly, auto cannabis seeds are faster to grow and usually reach maturity in just 8-10 weeks from planting. Thirdly, autoseed plants tend to be smaller and more compact, allowing for easier cultivation in confined spaces. Before growing, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the letter of the law in the country where you intend to grow cannabis. Remember that in many countries, such as Poland, the cultivation of cannabis is prohibited and is punishable by imprisonment.

How to choose the best auto cannabis seeds?

Choosing the best marijuana seeds vending machines fast it is worth paying attention to several factors. First, pay attention to the manufacturer. Try to choose only reputable manufacturers who offer their products in original packaging. There are people on the market who sell marijuana seeds in bags, etc. We advise you to avoid such sellers if you want a guarantee and full satisfaction. Secondly, pay attention to the variety - choose the variety that suits your needs and preferences. You can choose from seeds sativa, indicathose who do better outside (outdoor) or indoors (indoor).

What are the best autoflower strains?

There are many different varieties of automatic marijuana seeds on the market. The best varieties are those that have a fast flowering time, good yields and high quality. It is worth choosing something from the popular varieties to start with Amnesia Haze Auto, Northern Lights Auto or Auto Speed Bud. There are so many genes, flavors and aromas.

The adventure of collecting marijuana seeds is a wonderful journey. Each variety is unique and unique. For some, this is the best variety Jack Herer others prefer Euforia or Afghana. It all depends on your preferences. In the shop Ziarno Życia all varieties, too fast machines, have a detailed description. This will help you choose the perfect variety for your needs.

How to store marijuana seeds fast?

Marijuana seeds fast machines, like all hemp seeds, should be stored in a dry and cool place, in a tightly closed container. Avoid exposing the seeds to moisture and light as this may destroy their quality and germination.

What are the costs of automatic marijuana seeds?

The costs of automatic marijuana seeds can vary depending on the manufacturer and variety. However, compared to traditional cannabis seeds, autoflowering seeds tend to be more expensive because special technology was required to create them. The very process of gene stabilization requires a lot of work, time and materials (soil, water, electricity), etc. Hence the higher costs of obtaining such seeds.

What are the legal aspects of growing autoflower seeds?

Many countries around the world have legalized the cultivation and use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. However, before purchasing and growing marijuana seeds, it is worth checking the laws and regulations in force in your country regarding this matter. Polish law allows the possession and trade of marijuana seeds. This law is regulated by the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction. It is not possible to grow hemp seeds in Poland, as this may result in legal sanctions. However, if you live in Thailand or the USA (some states allow its cultivation), you can successfully buy and plant it fast slots without risking fines or imprisonment.

What are the most common problems gardeners face when growing auto cannabis seeds?

The most common problems that gardeners may encounter when cultivating marijuana seeds vending machines fast, there are problems with soil fertility, diseases and pests, as well as problems with plant germination and growth. Remember that it's just nature. Despite great efforts, ensuring ideal conditions and detailed quality control by seed producers, errors may occur. Both human and natural ones. Seeds are a natural product of the plant and it is impossible to test 100% whether a given seed will definitely germinate or whether it is definitely female. To eliminate these phenomena, we recommend buying more than one seed. This reduces the risk of failure of the entire project.

Fast autos - yield in 60 days

Why and when is it best to choose 60 day auto seeds? About 2 months is a really short flowering time. Varieties that bloom quickly and automatically are chosen quite often, among others by those more impatient, but also by people who are late for the so-called. season.
As you know, feminized seeds, otherwise known as full-season seeds, in the vegetative phase need at least 12 hours of light and 8 hours of full sunlight per day. In the case of autos, we don't have to worry about this, flowering occurs after a certain time after sowing, regardless of the photoperiod.

Fast machines for something

Nothing is ever free. This rule also applies to cannabis, which flowers quickly and automatically. In exchange for the extra time we gain, we usually lose some of the plant's potency and yield. Yes, there are autos that can be real monsters and produce greasy buds, but a fast-flowering auto seed will never be as good as a sun-ripened feminized seed. However, you always have to measure your strength for intentions! Therefore, choosing the right seeds for your own abilities and prevailing conditions is crucial.

Fast flowering auto seeds they can catch up with a few harvests a year. This is why if you live in a country where cultivation is legal and you have limited growing space, consider purchasing autoflowering seeds for up to 3 harvests per year.

What Cannabis Seeds Grow Fast?

If we care about the rapid development of the plant, first of all, choose the right seeds. There are currently hundreds of genetics on the market that differ in flowering time, type and amount of harvest, or, for example, the target height of the plant. If the seeds are well matched to the growing conditions, i.e. they will have everything they need for proper development, they will grow "planned". All that remains is to choose fast-flowering genes and that's the whole recipe for fast-yielding marijuana.

If you still don't understand the difference between auto seeds and feminized seeds, and you don't know which marijuana seeds to choose, read our post about it!

The fastest slots

For many collectors and growers, the polarity of cannabis matters in addition to speed. Some prefer calming and relaxing indicas, others prefer uplifting sativas. Or maybe you will decide on a sustainable hybrid? Check out the fastest marijuana seeds from different worlds!




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ATTENTION! In Poland, the law prohibits the cultivation of hemp other than fibrous. This post is not intended to encourage you to break the law. All content related to the cultivation and processing of marijuana is for educational and curiosity purposes only. Currently, more and more countries in the world allow their citizens to grow a marijuana bush for their own use, but Poland is not one of these countries yet.