Feminized seeds

​Feminized marijuana seeds they are unique because they are bred to eliminate the male chromosomes. Feminized seeds can be automatic and/ or full-season. Male marijuana does not provide resin buds, or flowers, which are the object of interest for breeders. That's why we sell in our store female – feminized cannabis seeds.

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Feminized marijuana seeds - definition and meaning

Feminized marijuana seeds are specially selected hemp seeds that have been genetically modified or processed to ensure the creation of only female hemp plants. In traditional marijuana breeding, both male and female plants can produce seeds, with only the female plants producing flowers rich in cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. The male plants are usually removed to prevent fertilization of the female plants, which would result in seeds rather than the desired flowers. Feminized seeds eliminate this problem, giving growers the peace of mind that almost all plants produced will be female and produce flowers.

Meaning feminized seeds in marijuana cultivation is significant because they allow growers to optimize growing space and resources by focusing solely on flower-producing plants. Additionally, growing only female plants reduces the risk of unwanted fertilization, which could reduce the quality and quantity of flowers produced. With feminized seeds, even novice growers can achieve abundant and high-quality yields, making these seeds a popular choice among amateur and professional marijuana growers alike.

In the context of a growing legal marijuana market, feminized seeds play a key role in the production of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, ensuring constant access to high-quality plant material. Thanks to advances in genetics and breeding, a variety of feminized seed strains are available, offering a wide range of effects, flavors and aromas, allowing users and patients to tailor the effects of marijuana to their own needs and preferences.

feminized marijuana seeds

What does it mean - Feminized marijuana seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds are a special variety of cannabis seeds that have been feminized. This process involves making changes to the genetics of the plant, resulting in only female plants. Thanks to this procedure, we avoid the risk of obtaining a male plant that will not bring us the expected results.

"Femki" are often chosen by growers who appreciate the ease of cultivation and also want to avoid losses resulting from accidentally obtaining a male plant. Female plants have flowers with a high content of THC, the psychoactive substance responsible for the desired effects of cannabis.

Feminized marijuana seeds

However, it is worth remembering that growing hemp seeds requires appropriate knowledge and experience. These plants require special care, as well as control of climatic parameters and nutrients. Therefore, before starting cultivation, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the subject thoroughly and obtaining knowledge from a specialist. You should also familiarize yourself with the applicable law in the country where you want to grow female cannabis seeds. Growing such seeds, e.g. in Poland, is illegal, in Thailand or some US states - growing marijuana is legal.

Satisfaction is guaranteed with female marijuana seeds

Selected grains provide almost one hundred percent certainty that customers will get what they need for their collection. Your collection of feminized marijuana seeds should be extensive to preserve the genetics and your own satisfaction.

feminized seeds

Why feminized seeds are a popular choice among growers

Feminized seeds have become very popular among marijuana growers for many reasons. First of all, they eliminate the need to identify and remove male plants from cultivation, which is a time-consuming and experienced process. In traditional cultivation, the presence of male plants can lead to the fertilization of female plants, resulting in the production of seeds instead of the desired flowers. Feminized seeds ensure that almost all plants grown will be female, which in turn gives growers greater control over production and harvest quality.

Additionally, feminized seeds save space and resources because each plant planted will produce the desired results, eliminating the need to allocate space for plants that will eventually be removed. This makes them an ideal choice for growers with limited space, as well as those who want to maximize the efficiency of their crops.

Another factor behind the popularity of feminized seeds is their availability in a wide range of varieties. Growers can choose from a variety of genotypes that provide specific effects, flavors and aromas, allowing them to tailor their crop to personal preferences or medical requirements.

Feminized seeds are also valued for their predictability and genetic stability, which is crucial for producing consistent and repeatable yields. All these factors make feminized seeds an attractive option for a wide range of growers, from amateurs to professionals, looking for effective and spectacular solutions in growing marijuana.

History of feminized seeds - A short history of the creation of feminized seeds and their evolution on the market.

The history of feminized seeds goes back years 70s and 80s of the XNUMXth century, when marijuana growers began experimenting with different methods of producing female plants to increase the yield and quality of their crops. The process initially involved applying stress, such as changing the light cycle or damaging the plant, to force female plants to produce male pollen, which was then used to fertilize other female plants. In this way, seeds were obtained that produced only female plants.

With the development of knowledge and technology, methods of producing feminized seeds have become more advanced and reliable. The introduction of chemical techniques, such as the use of colloidal silver and gibberellic acid, has enabled breeders to create feminized seeds more efficiently and in a more controlled manner. These modern methods have increased the effectiveness of the feminization process to almost 100%.

The evolution of feminized seeds has had a huge impact on the cannabis market, enabling breeders to produce high-quality female plants with optimal genetic characteristics. Thanks to this, feminized marijuana seeds have become the standard in commercial marijuana production, as well as a popular choice among amateur growers. Currently, the market offers a wide range of female seeds, representing various varieties and cannabinoid profiles, which proves significant progress and specialization in this field of marijuana cultivation.

female seeds

A biological look at feminized cannabis seeds

Female marijuana seeds - what are they?

Feminized cannabis seeds are female seeds. The trick is to select the chromosomes. A plant can have X and Y chromosomes. When breeders modify it so that there are two female chromosomes (X), there is a 99,99% chance that the plant will become female. A strain with two types of X and Y chromosomes will almost certainly be a male plant.

Producers of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The best, world producers of marijuana seeds in their offers mainly have female marijuana strains. That's what collectors are all about. Why? Because female marijuana produces flowers more plentiful and rich in a much larger amount of CBD, CBN and THC - active ingredients, unlike the male version. Each batch of marijuana seeds is thoroughly checked before the series enters the market. Genetic stability is a key element in this industry. The flowers of feminized strains can turn into beautiful colors, making cannabis a true work of art. It should also be remembered that it is thanks to the female flowers that the use of marijuana has such a wide range, from economy, through medicine, construction to recreation.

Our store Ziarno Życia its offer includes female hemp seeds. Fresh, high-quality female seeds from the best brands in the world. Feminized seeds are the most sought-after cannabis seeds in the world, which is why every self-respecting collector chooses female marijuana seeds. We cordially invite you to shop.

How are feminized cannabis seeds obtained?

The process of obtaining feminized seeds is complicated and requires knowledge and experience in plant breeding. This process can be divided into several key stages, such as plant selection, stress induction and pollen production, and fertilization and seed collection.

Plant selection method: Selecting a healthy and strong female plant is the first and most important step in producing feminized seeds. Growers need to select plants with strong genetics that are known for good flower production. A healthy female plant should have high resistance to disease and environmental stresses, which is crucial for successful stress induction and female pollen production.

Stress induction and pollen production: Once a suitable female plant has been selected, the next step is to induce stress to force the plant to produce male pollen. There are several techniques for stressing plants, including changes in temperature, reducing the availability of light, and mechanical stress, such as gently damaging the plant. The goal is to trigger a defense reaction in the plant that will make it produce pollen. These techniques require precision and caution so as not to harm the plant and at the same time induce it to produce pollen.

Fertilization and seed collection: Once the plant begins to produce male pollen, it can be used to fertilize another female plant. After fertilization, the plant will begin producing seeds, which should successfully develop into female plants. The seeds are ready to be harvested when they are dark and firm, a sign of their ripeness. Collecting seeds requires precision and patience, as they must be ripe enough to ensure high quality and viability.

Each of these steps is crucial to the successful production of feminized seeds and requires both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in plant breeding. Growers who choose to produce feminized seeds must be prepared for the challenges associated with each of these steps, as well as the need to constantly monitor and adjust growing conditions to ensure the success of the entire process.

The use of active ingredients obtained from feminized hemp

Plants derived from feminized hemp seeds are characterized by a unique composition - scientists have isolated over 500 different chemical compounds in them. The most important are cannabinoids, i.e. active substances with medicinal properties. Because they are only obtained from feminized cannabis seeds, most growers choose to grow female cannabis only. This solution is much more advantageous in economic terms.

Feminized seeds

Among the most popular substances that are obtained by planting feminized cannabis seeds, must be replaced THC. This ingredient lowers intraocular pressure, reduces muscle tension, protects the cells of the nervous system, and also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects (1). Active substances extracted from plants and feminized hemp seeds also include CBD. This cannabinoid (cannabidiol) is used in epilepsy patients - the compound affects receptors, enzymes and ion channels. Additionally, CBD helps reduce pain, eliminates nausea and vomiting, and prevents ischemia (1). The impact of these two cannabinoids and hundreds of other hemp cannabinoids on the body is possible thanks to the endocannabinoid system, which occurs, among others, in humans.

Why the popularity of female cannabis seeds?

Marijuana seeds are essential for growing marijuana. Seeds are the basic ingredient of growing every plant - that's obvious. But there are different types of cannabis seeds. The main division is feminized and regular seeds. Feminized monoecious marijuana seeds are the most popular among cannabis enthusiasts due to the fact that they produce cannabinoid-rich flower. Male or dioecious hemp does not have this value, although this does not mean it is worthless. They are simply used for other, more industrial purposes.

What is the phenomenon of feminized seeds?

Feminized marijuana seeds are seeds that have been specially bred to produce 99% female plants. In contrast to ordinary seeds (so-called regular), where the proportion of male and female plants is about 50/50.

It is thanks to the almost 100% certainty of growing a female plant with inflorescences that feminized marijuana seeds are so popular, which also translates into their price. Regular seeds, and already fiber hemp seeds are definitely cheaper than feminised ones.

advantages and disadvantages of feminized marijuana seeds

Benefits of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

There are many advantages to growing marijuana using feminized seeds, including:

More female plants. Feminized marijuana seeds produce mostly female plants, which means less time and effort must be spent distinguishing male from female plants. From the very beginning, we are almost completely sure that a flower will grow. In the case of regular seeds, only somewhere between the end of the vegetative phase and the beginning of flowering are we able to observe whether the plant will be male (you can see the "eggs") or female (the flower).

Better quality and efficiency. Cannabis plants grown from feminized seeds tend to be more productive and produce higher quality flowers. By choosing feminized marijuana seeds, you can be sure that the effort put into the care and maintenance of optimal conditions will pay off in the form of a huge, high-quality crop. Just as much as the experience and conditions itself does a well-chosen variety.

Less risk of contamination. With fewer male plants, less pollen is produced, which means there is less risk of contamination by pollen from female plants, which eliminates the so-called herma (hermaphrodite), which can give seeds in buds.

Easier cultivation. Feminized marijuana seeds are easier to grow because they don't require as much precision in plant selection and breeding. In addition, fewer male plants means less disposal problems, less land used, less space, less fertilizer, less water, less electricity, etc.

Saves time. With more females, you get more flowers per crop, which means less time is needed and time is saved. Easy.

Disadvantages of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Despite the many advantages, there are also some disadvantages of growing cannabis with feminized seeds, including:

Higher prices. Feminized marijuana seeds tend to be more expensive than regular seeds, which can affect the cost of growing. Of course, nowadays the choice is huge, there are many cheaper seeds. However, you have to pay much more for quality, feminized marijuana seeds from the best producers, guaranteeing full satisfaction, than for regular seeds.

No possibility of growing your own seeds. Because the process of obtaining feminized seeds requires specialized knowledge and equipment, growing your own seeds is difficult and expensive.

Reduced genetic diversity. Because feminized seeds mostly produce female plants, genetic diversity is reduced, which can lead to problems with plant immunity and health. This is, of course, not a rule, as current genetics has made enormous progress in this field. Feminized seeds of resistant cannabis varieties are available in our store - so don't worry.

How to choose the right seeds feminized?

There are several factors to consider when choosing feminized marijuana seeds, including:

1. Type and features of the variety. Depending on individual preferences and needs, you can choose between different varieties of marijuana. Features such as taste, aroma, THC and CBD composition, color and appearance of flowers, purpose (indoor, outdoor), action (sativa, indica).

2. Producer and quality of seeds. Choose only reputable producers who offer high-quality marijuana seeds. This saves time, effort and allows you to enjoy the quality.

3. Growing conditions. It is important to choose the seeds that best suit your growing conditions, such as climate, soil, pH and humidity.

How to store feminized cannabis seeds?

It is worth remembering that feminized marijuana seeds do not differ from traditional ones in terms of care. Male and female varieties are stored in exactly the same way. The key issues include ensuring a stable temperature - it is recommended to place the products in the refrigerator. The optimum temperature given by many manufacturers is 4-8 degrees Celsius. The beans should be tightly closed (it is best not to unseale the original packaging at all). In addition, feminized cannabis seeds need to be deprived of light. A good way to get the desired result is to wrap the items in dark foil or put them in an opaque container. Fortunately, most feminized seed companies package them in opaque original packaging.

Appropriate storage conditions are an extremely important element affecting the germination rate. If collectors follow all the recommendations, and additionally have feminized marijuana seeds from proven sources, they can count on over 90% of them to yield a crop. It is worth knowing that the seeds retain their properties for up to 5 years, but provided that you pay attention to temperature changes - frequent changes in seed storage, e.g. taking them out of the fridge for a long time and putting them back in, can cause the seeds to lose their properties.

Our store Ziarno Życia offers only feminized marijuana seeds. When buying from us, you can be sure that the grains have been stored properly!

Here you buy fresh, high-quality female marijuana seeds from the best brands in the world. Feminized cannabis seeds are the most sought after cannabis seeds in the world, which is why every self-respecting collector chooses female seeds. We cordially invite you to shop.

Frequently Asked Questions about Feminized Cannabis Seeds

1. Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds Legal?

Yes, feminized cannabis seeds are legal in most countries. Also in Poland marijuana seeds are legalif purchased from legal producers and not used for cultivation purposes.

2. Are feminized marijuana seeds more expensive than regular seeds?

Yes, feminized marijuana seeds are usually more expensive than regular regular seeds due to the more complicated production process.

3. Is growing cannabis with feminized seeds more difficult?

No, growing cannabis with feminized seeds is easier than regular seeds because it requires less precision in plant selection and breeding.

4. Can Feminized Cannabis Seeds Produce Male Plants?

Yes, there is some risk that feminized cannabis seeds may produce male plants, but this is much less than with regular seeds. The best producers ensure that their seeds are 99% female.

5. Is growing marijuana with feminized seeds more profitable?

Yes, growing cannabis using feminized seeds is more profitable as it produces more female plants and flowers per crop.

The choice remains simple - feminized marijuana seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are an increasingly popular choice for growers who want to get more female plants and save time and effort. There are several factors to consider before choosing the right seeds, such as variety type and characteristics, seed producer and quality, and growing conditions.

Feminized cannabis seeds are perfect for collecting. Their value increases year by year. Therefore, for the preservation of genetics, it is worth collecting them.


Did you know that the term Sensimilla, so often quoted, among others in Reggae songs, is it about feminized marijuana? You can read more about Sensi - milli here!

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