marijuana seeds outdoor - for outdoor cultivation

marijuana seeds outdoor they are mainly intended for growing outdoors, outdoors. The best producers of marijuana seeds, working in laboratories, refine their varieties (usually through crosses) to isolate and then stabilize genetically desirable traits. In this way, new varieties of marijuana with specific, desired parameters and attributes are obtained. In this category you will find varieties ideal for growing outdoors, although of course in most cases they can also be grown indoors (indoor) be in greenhouses.

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marijuana seeds outdoor

Marijuana seeds outdoor – more resilient

type seeds outdoor naturally occur and occur on our planet. Cannabis strains vary from region to region. This is due to the adaptation of different varieties to the conditions prevailing in given climatic zones. Highly desirable outdoor cannabis traits include: resistance and endurance plants to moisture, mold, various types of pests, as well as rapid weather changes. There are so many different strains of marijuana out there at the moment, each unique and unique, that it is easy to find the right strain for growing in the climate that a given grower can offer this plant.

Resistant strains perfect for outdoor use - marijuana seeds outdoor

Marijuana and hemp seeds outdoor

Marijuana seeds for growing outdoors are among the most desired by lovers of outdoor cultivation because they are characterized by high resistance to pests, diseases and molds and a huge potential to produce a large crop, sometimes even counted in kilograms.

hemp seeds outdoor have a long history. When the regulations regarding the production of marijuana were changed in Dutch law in the 1970s, the improvement of its varieties began on a larger scale to obtain strains with the best possible characteristics. This work resulted in the emergence of marijuana seeds outdoor with genetically modified properties, including: less sensitive to colder climates.

Nowadays marijuana seeds outdoor they come in many variants and varieties, so you can choose the most appropriate ones depending on the height of the plants, THC level or the abundance of crops. They are suitable for growing both directly in the field and in pots in home greenhouses. Where the plants grow will affect their height as well as the final yield.

marijuana seeds outdoor

What seeds outdoor? Choose the best marijuana seeds outdoor. Types of marijuana to grow outdoors

There are many different types of marijuana outdoor, which differ in appearance, aroma and effects. Before growers choose their marijuana seeds outdoor it is important that they know at the selection stage what type of marijuana will be best for their needs. Remember to choose only proven manufacturers, as this choice is the basis for obtaining satisfactory results. Also remember to before germinating your marijuana seeds outdoor familiarize yourself with the applicable law in the country where you want to grow outdoors.

Genetics - marijuana seeds outdoor

The genetics of the plant have a big influence on how the plant will grow, what it will look like and how the flower will perform. It is assumed that there are two main types of marijuana plants - indica i sativa. The latest genetics also distinguishes mixtures of these two species, i.e. the so-called hybrids. Each of these species has different characteristics and may be better for different needs. That's why it's worth learning more about the genetics of each variety before you decide to plant your marijuana seeds outdoor.

Discuss the differences between strains Sativa, Indica and hybrids in the context of outdoor cultivation. Tips on selecting varieties for climate and environmental conditions.

Choosing the right marijuana strains to grow outdoor is crucial to the success of breeding. Marijuana strains can be divided into three main categories: Sativa, Indica and hybrids, each with unique adaptive features and effects.


Strains Sativa They have a long flowering period, which can be a challenge in some climates outdoorthose, especially in those where autumn is short and rainy. Plants Sativa they usually grow tall, reaching up to 3 meters in height, which makes them easily noticeable. They prefer warmer climates with long, sunny summers. Their high heat tolerance makes them an excellent choice for southern growers.


Plants Indica, on the other hand, are more compact and bushy, which makes them less noticeable and better suited to discreet cultivation. They have a shorter flowering period compared to Sativa, making them more suitable for climates with shorter summers. Strains Indica They perform better in colder conditions, making them ideal for growers in northern regions where weather conditions can be more variable.


Hybrids are the result of crossing strains Indica i Sativa, offering growers the best of both types. Depending on the dominant genes, hybrids can be adapted to a wide range of climatic conditions and can offer a variety of flowering times and plant heights. They are a good choice for growers looking for specific characteristics of both types in one plant.

Tips for selecting a variety

When choosing a marijuana strain to grow outdoor, there are several key factors to consider:

  • Climate: Varieties Sativa are best for warmer climates, while Indica performs better in colder conditions. Hybrids can be a good compromise, adapted to specific climatic needs.
  • Length of the growing season: Choose strains with flowering times adapted to the length of the growing season in your region. In areas with short summers, plants with a quick flowering cycle are preferred.
  • Space: Tall plants Sativa may not be suitable for confined spaces while lower Indica may be better suited to small gardens or hidden locations.
  • Resistance to pests and diseases: Some varieties are more resistant to pests and diseases. When choosing a variety, it is worth considering those that are known for good resistance to conditions outdoorthose.

Knowing these differences and factors is essential to choosing the best marijuana strain to grow outdoor, which can significantly impact the success and quality of crops. Remember to always adapt your choice to your own conditions and possibilities, bearing in mind that breeding complies with regulations and social norms.

Plant growth outdoor

Other aspects that are worth considering when choosing a marijuana seed outdoor are: the height of the plant, its shape and the size of the leaves. All these features of the plant affect its final growth. Consider the height you want your plants to reach as well as where you grow them to choose your cannabis seeds outdoorthat will be best for you. There is no room for hasty decisions here.

Resistance of marijuana varieties outdoor

The plant's resistance to diseases and pests is also important when selecting marijuana seeds outdoor. As you know, many marijuana plants outdoor is more resistant to diseases and pests than those grown indoors, but it is still worth choosing beans that are known for their resistance. Once you know the above aspects, you can choose the right marijuana seeds outdoor will be pure pleasure. There are so many varieties that choosing the one that meets the buyer's requirements will be rather a formality.

For beginner garden lovers - cannabis seeds outdoor

As you already know, marijuana outdoor is a plant that grows outdoors, in the open air, without artificial lighting. Phenomenal seeds outdoor are marijuana seeds in the form of small, brown balls, hiding the genetics of a plant that will grow up to several meters outdoors. Seeds outdoor they are like a magic bean, because in one season this plant can easily exceed even 4 meters. Of course, everything depends on the variety - the average height of varieties outdoor it's about 2 meters high.

If you are a beginner grower, you will easily find suitable, undemanding seeds in this category outdoor. Each variety has a detailed description containing information such as ease of cultivation, flowering time, approximate height, polarity (indica/sativa/hybrid), possible yield or power given in THC. Thanks to this, you will easily find the seed variety closest to your needs outdoor. And below you will find a short guide for beginners, from which you will learn how to choose the best marijuana seeds outdoorhow to plant them and how to care for your plants.

cannabis seeds outdoor growing conditions

Preparing the place for cultivation. Key factors determining location selection, including sunlight, soil quality and water availability​​. Recommendations for preparing the soil and ensuring optimal conditions for seeds.

Preparing a place for growing marijuana outdoor is a key step that determines the subsequent success of breeding. There are several fundamental factors to consider when choosing a location: sunlight, soil quality and water availability. Appropriate preparation of the site and soil will not only provide plants with the best conditions for growth, but can also minimize the risk of diseases and pests.

Insolation. Marijuana is a sun-loving plant, so choosing a location with enough sunlight is essential. Plants should receive at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day. More light means faster growth and more abundant harvests. Finding a place that gives your plants access to light for most of the day is key.

Soil quality. The soil in which the plants will grow must be fertile and well-drained. Marijuana grows best in slightly acidic to neutral soil (pH 6.0-7.0). It is important to perform a pH test and, if necessary, apply amendments such as lime to raise the pH or sulfur to lower it. The soil should also be rich in organic materials such as compost or manure, which will provide the plants with the necessary nutrients to grow.

Water availability. Although marijuana needs regular watering, excessive moisture can lead to the development of fungal diseases and root rot. Therefore, the place of cultivation should provide easy access to water, but at the same time ensure good drainage of excess water. Placing the plants on a slight slope or using drainage systems can help avoid problems with excessive moisture.

Soil preparation. Soil preparation should begin by removing all stones, weeds and other unwanted elements. Then the soil should be dug up and enriched by adding compost or manure. This will not only improve the structure of the soil, but also increase its ability to retain water and nutrients. You may also want to consider adding perlite or sand to improve drainage.

Providing optimal conditions for seeds. Before planting the seeds, it is worth acclimatizing them by exposing them outside for a short period to adapt to the conditions outdoorthose. Seeds should be planted about 0.5-1 cm deep into the soil, depending on their size. After planting the seeds, keep the soil around them slightly moist, but not wet, to prevent the seeds from rotting before germination.

By keeping these key aspects in mind, we can create optimal conditions for our marijuana plants outdoor, which will significantly increase the chance of successful breeding and abundant harvests.

cannabis outdoor plant care

Plant sowing and care. The process of sowing marijuana seeds outdoor and key stages of plant development. Practical advice on irrigation, fertilization and protection against pests.

Sowing and caring for marijuana plants outdoor it is a process that requires patience and attention at every stage of plant development. Appropriate actions in this area will ensure healthy growth and abundant harvests.

The process of sowing seeds. marijuana seeds outdoor it is best to sow in spring, when the risk of frost has passed and the soil temperature remains stable at the appropriate level. Seeds should be planted at a depth of about 0.5-1 cm, which allows them to receive sufficient sunlight for germination. The distance between plants should be adapted to the size of adult plants, which will provide them with adequate space to grow and develop roots. In the case of strains Sativathat grow high, the recommended distance is about 1-2 meters between plants.

Key stages of plant development. Marijuana plants go through several stages of development, starting from germination, through the vegetative stage, to flowering:

  • Germination: Marijuana seeds outdoor they should germinate within 1-2 weeks. During this time it is important to keep the soil slightly moist.
  • Vegetative stage: The plant begins to grow intensively, which requires providing the appropriate amount of light, water and nutrients. This stage lasts from several weeks to several months, depending on the conditions and genetics of the plant.
  • flowering: Signs of flowering appear as the days become shorter. During this time, the plant requires a change in diet to include more potassium and phosphorus, which support bud development.

Irrigation. Marijuana plants require regular watering, but excess water can lead to root problems and disease. It is best to water your plants in the morning or evening to minimize evaporation and allow the soil to absorb the water. The frequency of irrigation depends on weather conditions and the stage of plant development.

Fertilization. Fertilization is crucial for the healthy growth of marijuana plants. During the vegetative stage, plants require fertilizers rich in nitrogen, while in the flowering stage, fertilizers rich in potassium and phosphorus are more important. It is important not to overdo the amount of fertilizer, as it may harm the plants.

Pest protection. Plants outdoor are exposed to various pests and diseases. Regularly inspecting your plants allows you to detect problems early and prevent the spread of pests. Natural control methods, such as the use of biological plant protection products, can be effective in controlling pests while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Keeping these practical tips in mind and adapting them to your individual needs and environmental conditions will allow you to grow marijuana successfully outdoor, providing plants with the best conditions for growth and development.

cutting and curing outdoor stains

Harvesting and processing crops. Description of the process of harvesting, drying and curing marijuana to maximize its quality and potency. Tips for identifying the optimal harvest time.

Harvesting and processing marijuana crops are just as important as the earlier stages of cultivation, because the final quality and potency of the herb depends on them. This process requires patience and precision to obtain the best results.

Identification of the optimal harvest moment

The optimal moment of harvest is the key to maximizing the potency and taste of marijuana. Harvesting too early may result in less potency, while harvesting too late may lead to excessive drowsiness of effects. The best indicator of a plant's readiness for harvesting is the color and condition of the trichomes - small, resin glands on the flowers. The ideal moment is when most of the trichomes turn from clear to milky or amber. Using a magnifying glass or a microscope will allow you to accurately assess this condition.

Drying process

After harvesting, the plants should be properly dried. The drying process aims to remove excess water from the plant, which prevents mold and increases shelf life. You should hang the plants upside down in a well-ventilated, dark room with controlled humidity (about 50-60%) and temperature (about 18-22 degrees Celsius). The drying process usually takes 7 to 14 days, depending on conditions. It is important that the plants dry slowly, as drying too quickly may negatively affect the taste and aroma.


After drying, processed marijuana flowers should undergo a curing process, which involves controlled ripening. This process improves the taste, aroma and overall quality of the roast because it allows the breakdown of chlorophyll and other substances. The flowers are placed in tight glass jars, opening them once a day for about 10-15 minutes to exchange air and control the humidity inside the jar. The curing process usually takes 2 to 4 weeks, but longer treatment can further improve the quality.


  • Make sure the plants are completely dry before treating to avoid mold.
  • Regularly check the condition of the plants during drying and treatment to react in time to any problems with humidity or mold.
  • Record observations of changes in taste and aroma during treatment, which will help you improve the process in future crops.

Properly carrying out the harvesting, drying and treatment process is decisive for the final quality of marijuana, affecting its strength, taste and aroma. By carefully performing these stages, you can maximize the potential of your crop.

What are the most common mistakes in growing marijuana outdoor?

The most common mistakes when growing marijuana seeds outdoor are overdrying or overwatering of plants, using the wrong fertilizers, lack of regular care and pest and disease control.

Do I need specialized equipment to grow marijuana outdoor?

No, growing marijuana outdoors (outdoor) is possible without specialized equipment. All you need is good marijuana seeds outdoor, suitable place and regular care.

Can I buy marijuana seeds outdoor in Poland?

Yes, and if you are reading this, you are on the website of the best marijuana seeds store outdoor available in the world.

Is marijuana legal?

Marijuana is still illegal in Poland, so we warn you that breaking the law may result in legal consequences and sanctions. All information contained on the website www.ziarnozycia.pl is provided only as a curiosity for information purposes and is in no way an invitation to break the law. You can legally buy marijuana seeds in Poland outdoor but you can't even sprout them.

Is hemp cultivation outdoor is it easy?

Theoretically growing hemp outdoor nowadays it is very simple. Firstly, because their needs are not particularly excessive, and secondly, because genetics have developed a lot. The market abounds in a variety of potent strains outdoor. You have to dig deep and choose the right one. The first guideline should be the climatic predisposition of the variety, including the degree of resistance and length of flowering, and the second place is the individual needs of the grower. Welcome to the store Ziarno Życiawhere you can buy collectible marijuana seeds outdoor The highest quality. You can read about proper storage of such seeds here.

Our propositions seeds outdoor for beginners:

Early Skunk Ziarno Życia Hindu Kush Sensi Seeds The Church Green House Seeds Super Skunk Sensi Seeds Northern Lights Royal Queen Seeds Shaman Dutch Passion

The choice of genetics and a well-sunlit spot, the preparation of a nutrient-rich substrate, the application of fertilizers are the tasks of the grower who cares about the results. The flow of air and water is guaranteed by nature, although even in this matter you have to be vigilant and sometimes react. When there is a risk of disease infection or pest attack, you also need to take care of the appropriate protective measures. Additional treatments that increase yields are another element that requires commitment and time from the grower.

Seeds outdoor in the backyard garden vs wild spot

When hemp is grown in the home garden, then each of these activities brings joy to caring for plants and is not so time-consuming. It's different when a large number of plants are grown discreetly in a wild, hard-to-reach area, far from home, preparing everything can be hard physical work. We are talking, for example, about carrying bags with soil along narrow paths through dense, often prickly vegetation, cutting out neighboring plants, digging the ground or digging holes. A construction crew would be useful, but discretion matters. You need to have a head on your shoulders, a plan in your head and a bit of strength in your body. If there is a large cluster of nettles near the spot, you can use the soil in which they grow. This will reduce the effort of carrying hemp soil. Nettle belongs to the same family of weeds and grows in a similar pH range. You can read about how to create a good substrate for hemp yourself in another article. We invite you.

Good seeds outdoor that's the basis

Original, expensive seeds outdoor with very good genetics, they are just a tiny seed before they become a cannabis plant. Leaving them alone in the spot misses the point like blind faith in winning the lottery. To germinate, they need constant, practically 100% humidity, which requires several rainy days. Even if they sprout on their own and the first leaves greet the sun, the stem is thin, flexible, susceptible to destruction by the smallest, unfavorable conditions. To increase the chances of success, germination and planting of seeds into the ground takes place in home conditions, and creates ideal growth conditions for the plant, in which it will spend about two weeks. This is enough time for the plants to take root and harden well. Only then are they transplanted to their destination. A propagator and growbox are the best solution, but with a bit of creativity you can create something similar. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Rooted plants with good genetics should already withstand unfavorable spring weather conditions, such as gusty winds or temperature drops. Wildlife protection includes: wire netting around the plants (for smaller animals), scattered crushed egg shells to repel slugs, strategically placed bait (e.g. fruit jam) to deflect larger animals in the other direction, and other preventive measures that can be purchased. Marking the area with human urine may also be helpful. When animals smell this scent, they stay away for peace of mind. The application of preventive measures is preferable to an invasive response and it is worth considering when planning the cultivation.

The hemp left in this way should cooperate with nature enough to produce its crop. Subsequent plant health checks are advisable, as there is always a risk of attack, e.g. by insects or fungi. The faster the reaction to infection, the greater the chance of saving the plant. Heavily infected phenotypes should be removed quickly so that they do not spread diseases to other individuals. On the occasion of your trip to the spot, treatments such as irrigation, fertilization and possible training of plants should be helpful, and ultimately positively affect the quantity and quality of the crop. If for some reason you cannot visit the place of cultivation too often, you have to trust the Forces of Nature and let them do their job as best as possible.

If any person has made the effort of guerrilla farming at least once outdoor it knows what we're talking about. The first such adventure is remembered for the rest of your life, and the thrill of it is somewhat addictive. When nature rewards the effort, it is the most beautiful feeling.

Finally, some good news. If you are sure of your growing location, the next seeding may cost you less effort. We invite you to read the article about Can you grow hemp a second time in the same soil?.

Seeds outdoor vs indoor - general diffice

Choosing between marijuana seeds outdoor a indoor is important depending on the planned cultivation method, the grower's preferences and the climatic and environmental conditions in which the plants will grow.

Cultivation Outdoor offers many benefits such as more work space, access to natural sunlight, free rainwater, better ventilation and the joy of being outdoors. Plants grown outdoors can reach their full growth and flowering potential, which often translates into larger and healthier yields. Seeds outdoor they are usually more resistant to low temperatures, changing weather conditions and have increased resistance to mold and pests compared to varieties indoor. However, it is worth remembering that plants are more exposed to changing weather conditions and a greater risk of fungal diseases.

Cultivation Indoor, on the other hand, provides better control over the environment in which the plants grow. Growers can regulate temperature, humidity, light cycle and other conditions, which can contribute to high-quality crops. Varieties indoor are bred in controlled conditions, which allows for precise adjustment of the conditions to the needs of a specific variety. However, this requires more labor and equipment and may lead to higher costs on energy bills​​​​.

The most popular marijuana seeds for growing outdoors

If you are looking for cannabis seeds outdooroh, you've come to the right place. In our store you will find a wide selection of seeds from proven producers from around the world. Choosing the right strain should be based on your location, climate, soil fertility, and the experience and results you want to get when buying cannabis seeds to grow outdoors. We recommend marijuana seeds for beginners outdoor in varieties that do not require much skill in breeding, including: Amnesia Haze, Shaman, A.M.S., Mazar, Moby Dick. If you want shorter plants, it is worth buying marijuana seeds for growing outdoors that grow up to 1,5 meters, e.g. Kali Mist Auto, Top Dawg, Kalashnikova, Power Flower. Hemp seeds yield very rich crops outdoor among others such varieties as: Critical Orange Punch, Kerosene Krash, Royal Gorilla, California Hash Plant.

Remember that the cultivation of marijuana in Poland is against the law. marijuana seeds outdoor we sell for collection purposes and possible planting only where it is legal. A number of countries allow the cultivation of this plant for personal use. Among these countries, unfortunately, you will not find Poland, at least for now ;)

The best cannabis seeds outdoor

If you're looking for the best outdoor genetics, we've got you covered with a few different traits. Remember that the varieties presented below are only our suggestions. In our hemp seed shop – Ziarno Życia you will find many more unique marijuana strains outdoor. Using the filters on the online store's website, you can easily find, for example, vending machines Outdoor, Full season varieties Outdoor, Short varieties of marijuana for growing outdoors, Marijuana varieties for beginners outdoorhemp seeds outdoor short flowering time, outdoor seeds, high yield, and many other genetic combinations that interest you!

Feminized marijuana seeds outdoor

Feminized (female) seeds only outdoor they have potential and great collector value. Feminized seeds outdoor are available in our store www.ziarnozycia.pl in the following variants:

marijuana seeds Outdoor EA Robots

Auto Mazar Dutch Passion Skunk Auto Fast Buds White Widow Auto Fast Buds

marijuana seeds outdoor for a colder climate

Frisian Dew Dutch Passion SnowBud Dutch Passion Pamir Gold Dutch Passion Frisian Duck Dutch Passion Passion #1 Dutch Passion

Cannabis seeds that are quick to grow outdoors

QuickOne Royal Queen Seeds Easy Bud Royal Queen Seeds Afghani #1 Automatic Sensi Seeds

Marijuana seeds for the Polish climate

You cannot grow marijuana in Poland. However, there are varieties that are suitable for conditions analogous to those found in Poland. These types of strains include fast-flowering and resistant genes.

Honey Cream (Fast Flowering) Royal Cheese (Fast Flowering) Speedy Chile (Fast Flowering) Candy Kush Express (Fast Flowering)

Resistant marijuana seeds Outdoor

Hollands Hope Dutch Passion Auto Critical Orange Punch Dutch Passion Purple Punch Barney’s Farm Shaman Dutch Passion

Cannabis seeds for beginners outdoor

Amnesia Auto Seed Stockers Early Skunk Sensi Seeds Auto Ultimate Dutch Passion

Marijuana seeds outdoor

Proven feminized marijuana seeds outdoor are appreciated by our customers who come back every season to expand their collection.

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A brief overview on growing marijuana outdoor, with an emphasis on legality and educational purpose.

Marijuana cultivation outdoor This is a topic that raises numerous controversies, mainly due to various differencesice in the laws regarding possession and cultivation of marijuana in various countries. Despite these controversies, cultivation outdoor has its supporters who appreciate its naturalness and potential to obtain abundant harvests. It is crucial that anyone considering growing marijuana outdoors thoroughly familiarizes themselves with local laws to avoid legal problems. In Poland, as in many other countries, growing marijuana is illegal and carries legal consequences.

The educational purpose of all information contained on our website is not to encourage breaking the law, but to provide information about the technical and biological aspects of growing marijuana outdoors. Understanding how different environmental conditions affect plants, which strains work best in cultivation outdoor and how to provide plants with optimal conditions for growth is knowledge useful not only for potential breeders, but also for people interested in botany or agrotechnics.

Bearing in mind that in some regions of the world the cultivation of marijuana for personal use is allowed, this knowledge can also be used by people who want to grow marijuana legally for medical or recreational purposes, always in accordance with the regulations in force in their place of residence. Therefore, while this article focuses on the technical aspects of cultivation outdoor, it is extremely important to emphasize the importance of observing the law and respecting the principles of social coexistence.


The website you have visited and most of the products offered on it are intended only for adults. Customer purchasing marijuana seeds on the store's website Ziarno Życia is obliged to familiarize himself with local regulations and to comply with them. Website owner Ziarno Życia is not responsible for any illegal use of seeds by customers.

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Marijuana seeds are sold as collectibles and souvenirs. In Poland, cannabis seeds are not classified as a precursor for creating drugs because they do not contain psychoactive compounds, including THC. The mere possession, purchase and storage of seeds in our country remains permitted.

However, it should be remembered that in Poland, in accordance with applicable regulations, the cultivation of cannabis plants, including the sowing of seeds of such plants, is illegal.

All content presented on this website is for informational, educational and interesting purposes only. All product descriptions of hemp seeds are necessary to represent the collector's value, they were written based on the information available on the producers' official websites.

If you have any doubts about the legality of possessing marijuana seeds or using other cannabis products, we recommend consulting with an attorney.

Information for customers from outside Poland:

Laws regarding the possession, purchase and use of marijuana seeds vary from country to country. Customers outside Poland ordering products on this website (including CBD products, hemp seeds, hemp oils, etc.) are responsible for familiarizing themselves with and complying with the laws in force in their own countries. Service Ziarno Życia is not responsible for non-compliance with the law by customers from other countries. If you are unsure about the legality of our products in a particular country, we recommend that you consult your local attorney.