Semi-automatic seeds 

Discover our carefully selected offer semi-automatic marijuana seeds, ideal for breeders looking for reliable and efficient varieties. Our semi-automatic seeds are specially selected to ensure ease of cultivation, rapid growth and abundant yields, making them an excellent choice for both experienced and novice gardeners. With a diverse range of genetics, our seeds offer a wide range of effects and flavors to suit all preferences. Choose our semi-automatic marijuana seeds and experience top quality yields with minimal effort.

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semi-automatic seeds

Semi-automatic marijuana seeds

There are plenty of supporters autoflowering seeds, due to their speed of cultivation. However, the end result is not always satisfactory for breeders. Of course, we are talking about the quality and quantity of the harvest. Additionally, automatic machines do not give growers as much freedom and the ability to interfere in the cultivation process, vegetation and flowering stages as photoperiod varieties. For those who value speed and influence on ongoing processes, we offer it semi-automatic seeds to collection!

Definition and characteristics of semi-automatic marijuana varieties, their unique features combining aspects of autoflowering and photoperiod varieties.

semi-automatic marijuana seeds

Semi-automatic marijuana strains, also known as Fast Version, are innovative hybrids combining the best features of autoflowering and photoperiod varieties. Their main advantage is that, on the one hand, they depend on the light cycle, and on the other, the speed of their flowering is almost as fast as that of autoflowering varieties. Additionally, semi-automatics also retain some features of photoperiodic varieties, such as higher yield potential and the ability to adapt to changes in environmental conditions.

They are characterized by a faster life cycle than traditional photoperiod varieties, but longer than autoflowering, which allows for more abundant harvests. Essentially, semi-automatic marijuana strains combine the flowering speed of autoflowering strains with the greater growth and yield potential of photoperiod strains, thus offering new opportunities for growers.

Such varieties are particularly appreciated for their flexibility in cultivation - they can be grown both indoors and outdoors, without the need for strictly controlled lighting. This is a significant advantage for beginner growers and for those who are looking for ways to optimize production cycles. Thanks to their resistance to stress and changing light conditions, semi-automatic varieties are an excellent choice for those who want to obtain high yields with less work and resources.

A brief overview of the history and development of semi-automatic varieties

The history and development of semi-automatic marijuana strains is a fascinating journey through innovation and genetic experimentation aimed at creating plants that combine the best features of autoflowering and photoperiod strains. The origins of this process date back to the early 2000s, when breeders began experimenting with the genes of autoflowering plants, mainly Ruderalis, to obtain varieties that flower automatically regardless of changes in the light cycle.

Over the years, thanks to careful crossbreeding and selection, breeders managed to introduce autoflowering genes into photoperiod varieties, thus creating semi-automatics. The goal was to combine the flowering speed of autoflowering plants with the greater growth and yield potential of photoperiod varieties. The result is varieties that flower faster than their photoperiod counterparts, but offer higher yields than typical autoflowering varieties.

Modern semi-automatic strains are the culmination of years of experience and progress in the field of cannabis genetics. Thanks to them, growers can enjoy plants that offer a compromise between speed and efficiency, being an ideal solution for those looking for effective ways to grow marijuana. The development of these varieties continues to progress, each year introducing new, improved versions to the collection of cannabis lovers that are increasingly resistant to stress and disease and offer even better yields and psychoactive properties.

When to choose such seeds for your collection?

Semi-automatic seeds, or fast flowering seeds, are seeds whose cycle depends on the light cycle, and the speed of cultivation can compete with the speed of automatic machines. This is because these genetics, also called fast version, Quick or Fast flower, were created by crossing an automatic variety with a photoperiod variety.

ATTENTION! Remember that in Poland the cultivation of hemp other than fibrous is prohibited, the seeds in this store are sold only for collection purposes.

How long do semi-autos bloom?

The question of how long a semi-automatic takes to grow cannot be unequivocally answered, because it depends on whether these are the conditions indoor, outdoor and what genetics we take into account. The length of the flowering of semi-autos is given in the manufacturer's description as an average. New FF varieties from Fast Buds they even bloom in just 6-7 weeks!

fast semi-automatics

Fast semi-automatics 

Fast semi-automatics are extremely desirable among marijuana enthusiasts for a few key reasons. First of all, they offer a much faster growth cycle compared to traditional photoperiod varieties, which allows growers to obtain crops in a shorter time. Thanks to this, you can harvest several harvests a year, even in less favorable climatic regions. Additionally, fast semi-autos are known for their resistance to changing environmental conditions and pests, making them more durable and easier to grow for people of all experience levels. Their compact size makes them ideal for growing in smaller spaces, which is an added advantage for growers with limited space. Finally, high-speed semi-automatics maintain the high quality and potency of their photoperiod counterparts, offering users intense effects and rich terpene profiles. All these features make them highly desirable among marijuana enthusiasts looking for quick, effective and satisfying cultivation solutions.


Why semi-automatic seeds are a great choice for growing outdoorthat one

Semi-automatic seeds outdoor combine the best features of automatic and photoperiod varieties, offering growers exceptional flexibility and adaptability.

Firstly, semi-automatic seeds are extremely resistant to changing weather conditions, which is a key aspect when growing outdoors. Their genetics allow them to survive in less than ideal conditions, making them an ideal choice for climates where conditions can be unpredictable.

Secondly, these varieties are characterized by a quick flowering time, which is important in outdoorthat crop where the harvest window is limited by the seasons. The ability to harvest quickly allows you to avoid problems related to long-term moisture or cold, which may threaten the quality and quantity of the crop.

Third, semi-automatic seeds allow for greater control over the flowering process. Unlike fully automatic varieties, which bloom regardless of the amount of light, semi-automatic varieties allow for better adaptation to the light cycle, which can significantly affect the final size and quality of the crop.

The last, but equally important aspect is a higher tolerance to cultivation errors. Thanks to their flexibility, semi-automatic seeds are an excellent choice for beginner growers who may not yet be fully familiar with the subtle nuances of growing. outdoorthat.

Semi-auto seeds offer a unique combination of hardiness, flowering speed and flexibility, making them an excellent choice for anyone planning to grow marijuana outdoors. Their adaptability to various conditions, the ability to harvest faster and a higher tolerance for errors make them an ideal choice for both experienced and novice growers.


Semi-automatic Indoor

Semi-automatic seeds are also an excellent choice for growing indoor. Their unique characteristics mean they can provide growers with unique benefits while adapting to specific indoor growing conditions.

First, semi-automatic seeds combine the speed of flowering of automatic varieties with the greater control over plant development that is characteristic of photoperiod varieties. This allows growers to plan their growing cycle more precisely, which is crucial in limited space indoor.

Secondly, thanks to their genetics, semi-auto seeds are very flexible in terms of lighting requirements. They can thrive in a variety of lighting patterns, giving growers the opportunity to experiment and optimize growing conditions to produce the best possible yields.

The third advantage is their resistance to stress and cultivation errors. Cultivation indoorThis can be a challenge, especially for beginner growers, but semi-automatic seeds are more tolerant of changing conditions, which minimizes the risk of loss in the event of unexpected problems.

In addition, growing semi-automatic seeds in conditions indoor allows for full control of the environment, which can help increase THC potency and other desirable plant characteristics. Appropriate adjustment of temperature, humidity and light cycle can significantly affect the quality and quantity of the harvest.

So, semi-automatic seeds are exceptionally well suited to cultivation indoor, offering growers both the flexibility and control that are key to maximizing yield and crop quality. Their versatility, hardiness and production potential make them an attractive choice for a wide range of growers, from beginners to experienced growers.

In the case of semi-automatic machines on indoor, growers have full influence on the length of the vegetative phase and the moment of flowering of the semi-auto. When do semi-autos bloom? If more than 12 hours of light per day is maintained, the plants remain in the vegetative phase. Growers can therefore initiate flowering themselves. Thanks to such genetics, growers from countries with a liberal approach to marijuana cultivation can save their time and money!

Top semi-automatic

The top varieties of marijuana undoubtedly include items from Royal Queen Seeds tj. Candy Kush Express (Fast Flowering), Honey Cream (Fast Flowering)as well as news from Fast BUDS: Wedding Cheesecake FF, Czy GG4 Sherbet FF / Fast Buds.

NEW semi-automatic machines

Interested in what's new in feminized semi-automatic seeds? We have something extra for you! New 2023 from Fast Buds, an expert in the production of autoflowering seeds. Fast Buds previously only offered slot machines, and now it comes to us with fast flower varieties. You will find e.g. such genetics as: Orange Sherbet FF, Gorilla Cookies FF, Purple Lemonade FF, Tropicana Cookies FF and other! We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer in our store.

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