Golden Fox producer of CBD+CBG full spectrum oils.

The people behind the Golden Fox brand created it out of the need…

Needs to find all-natural Full Spectrum hemp oil. As they say, after a long time of searching and testing the CBD oils available on the market, they have not found what would fully satisfy them. Most of the oils available on the market turned out to be regular MCT oils with the addition of a small amount of hemp oil and a negligible content of CBG cannabinoids. Their interest in the health-promoting and therapeutic properties of the compounds contained in hemp pushed them further, i.e. pushed them to search for the best raw materials, and then to create their own, reliable product - CBD + CBG full spectrum oil.

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The hemp from which the oils are extracted comes from organic Polish hemp cultivation. Extraction is done by an old, artisanal method - with alcohol. Alcoholic extraction preserves more than just one cannabinoid. Thanks to this method GoldenFox oils contain CBD, CBG and CBDA and CBGA acid formswhich, in addition to being a precursor to the formation of CBD and CBG cannabinoids, also have health properties in themselves. In addition, alcohol extraction allows you to preserve the naturally occurring hemp flavonoids and antioxidants. As a result, the resulting oils are full of many beneficial ingredients that produce the best health effects precisely because they work together!

If you are wondering which oil to choose, or if you are still not satisfied with the oil you use, try full spectrum oil from Golden Fox!