XXL yield

Cannabis Seeds Yield XXL

We have included in this category all varieties that yield more than 500g/m2 or 500g per plant. If the amount of harvest you care about the most, choose a cannabis strain for yourself from this group.

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Cannabis varieties yield xxl

This category includes marijuana seeds of varieties that, under the right conditions, can give the grower a huge, even monstrous crop. Of course In addition to XXL yields, other characteristics of marijuana (polarity (sativa, indica, destiny (indoor, outdoor), THC level, etc.). Thanks to our filters, you can narrow down your choice and find your ideal - e.g. variety indica with an xxl yield.

Recommended cannabis seeds offering XXL yields

Below you will find recommended by the store Ziarno Życia cannabis strains with huge yields (Yield XXL).

All you have to do is click on one of the varieties we propose, characterized by an XXL yield, and you will learn much more about its other features, i.e. the amount of THC, flowering period, taste, smell, growth, light and climatic preferences.


Automatic marijuana strains can also offer a large yield. Of course, the construction of auto xxl varieties alone will not have comparable yields to their full-season varieties. Auto XXL varieties produce a large yield in a short period of time. Since many collectors choose auto seeds, the xxl yield parameter is very often taken into account by them, or even very often crucial. In the case of auto xxl, we will rather talk about the yield obtained per square meter, because auto varieties are compact, hence the value given by xxl seed producers.

Fast Buds car xxl Bruce Banner Auto

An example of an auto xxl marijuana seed proposal is from Fast Buds - Bruce Banner Auto. This variety can give you really huge harvests. American producer Fast Buds gives an XXL yield in the range of 450 to 600 g/m2).

What kind of marijuana indoor yields the most?

It is not easy to point out a clear favorite, because a lot depends on the grower's experience and/or the training used, which variety was chosen, etc. One of the marijuana varieties that gives the highest yield indoor jest Moby Dick od Barney’s Farm – over 700 grams per m2!

Big Yield Slots

Continuing the issue of auto xxl seeds, it is worth mentioning about Dos Si Dos Auto. This is a proposal from a well-known seed producer Barneys Farm. Cannabis seeds yield xxl Dos Si Dos Auto they can, with proper care and experience, generate yields of at least 20% THC, reaching 600 and even 800 g/m².

The above varieties, both seasonal and automatic, are just examples of strains offering an xxl yield. It is worth getting acquainted with all the available varieties in this category, thanks to which you will find exactly what you are looking for.
Descriptions regarding the yield and other characteristics of the adult plant are for informational purposes only and affect the collector's value of marijuana seeds. In Poland, cultivation is illegal.