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Producer of Barney Farm marijuana seeds

Barney's farm is one of the best marijuana and hemp seed breeding and production companies in the world. This company was founded in Amsterdam in 1986 and has since become one of the world's leading seed producers EurOpie. This Dutch manufacturer is also extremely popular in Poland. It offers feminized automatic and seasonal seeds. Its offer includes varieties sativa, indica perfect for outdoor i indoor.

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barneys farm

Barney’s Farm - Dutch brand of hemp seeds

Barney’s Farm is a Dutch seed producer that has earned the trust of its numerous customers. It is one of the best marijuana and hemp seed breeding and production companies. Business Barneys Farm this was founded in Amsterdam in 1986 and has since become one of the world's leading seed producers EurOpie.

The company offers many different types of seeds, including feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, and regular seeds. Feminized seeds are widely used by growers because they are easy to grow and produce a higher yield. Autoflowering seeds are perfect for beginner growers because they are easy to grow and don't require much attention. However, male, regular seeds are mainly used by true cannabis fanatics who love experimenting with their plants.

The origin story of Barney's Farm

Derry is the man behind the creation of Barney. He managed to do this thanks to the experience he gained during his numerous travels. Already in the 80s, in the Himalayas, together with a group of breeders, he crossed and selected cannabis strains from the Middle East and Asia. Then he spent 3 years in the snow-covered Himalayas testing marijuana varieties, which he grew with the help of his companions. In 1992, he decided to return to the capital of the Netherlands with the seeds he had obtained. From the very beginning, its varieties were a hit among interested people from all over the world. Derry decided to set up a company in the Netherlands – Barney’s Farm, which further increased the popularity of its varieties.

Company Barneys Farm was founded in 1986 in Amsterdam. Initially, the company was primarily engaged in the production of hemp seeds. In the following years, the company began to develop and expand its operations. In 1992, Barney's Farm opened its first café in Amsterdamie, which quickly became a popular meeting place for cannabis enthusiasts. Within a few years, Barney's Farm opened more cafes and became one of the most important players on the market amsthirdamsthe cannabis scene. In 2003, the company began producing its own cannabis varieties and has since become one of the most respected seed producers in the world. Today, this Dutch brand offers a wide selection of cannabis seeds, including feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds and regular seeds. The company has won numerous awards and recognitions for its cannabis varieties, including the Cannabis Cup.

barneys farm cultivation

How many countries does it operate in? Barneys Farm?

Barney Farm is a company based in Amsterdam, but works all over the world. The company sells its cannabis seeds to many countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, New Zealand and Poland. Barneys also has many distributors around the world who sell cannabis seeds in their local markets. The company enjoys a global reputation and recognition, which allows it to develop its operations in various markets.

Where are his crops Barneys Farm?

Barney's Farm does not have its own hemp crops, but the company cooperates with experienced breeders around the world who grow hemp from seeds produced by this manufacturer. The company selects only the best breeders who have many years of experience in hemp breeding to ensure the best quality of their seeds. Breeders who cooperate with Barneys Farm, are located in various parts of the world, including: Europie, North and South America and Australia. The company also has offices and representative offices in various countries, which allows it to maintain constant contact with breeders and distributors.

The Breeding Process at Barney's Farm: Describes selective breeding and testing techniques. The Importance of Research and Innovation: Explains how the company uses research to improve marijuana genetics.

At Barney's Farm, the breeding process is based on advanced selective breeding and testing techniques that allow for the selection and improvement of the best marijuana genotypes. The company uses the extensive knowledge and experience of its breeders to identify and cross-breed varieties that exhibit desirable characteristics, such as high THC levels, pest resistance, and specific terpene profiles. Selection is carried out through careful observations and analyses, and each new variety undergoes a series of tests in various environmental conditions to ensure its stability and quality.

The importance of research and innovation in Barneys Farm is crucial for the continuous development and improvement of the seed offer. Thanks to investments in genetic research and cooperation with scientists, the company can not only improve existing varieties, but also discover new, innovative solutions in hemp breeding. Research on the genetics of marijuana allows for a better understanding of the mechanisms of inheritance of traits and the development of methods that make it easier to obtain plants with specific properties, such as high CBD content while reducing THC levels for medical purposes. These innovations contribute not only to the development of the hemp market, but also to increasing the availability and diversity of products that respond to the growing demand and expectations of consumers.

barneys farm feminized seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds from Barney's Farm

Discover a world of limitless possibilities with feminized marijuana seeds from Barneys Farm, a leader in innovation and quality in the global cannabis market. With over 30 years of experience, this brand has become synonymous with excellence, providing growers around the world with seeds that not only meet but exceed all expectations.

These extraordinary feminized marijuana seeds are not just a product - they are a promise of unrivaled potency, incredible yields and unforgettable taste sensations. Each variety in this manufacturer's portfolio has been carefully selected and tested in the most demanding conditions to ensure reliability and genetic stability. Thanks to Barney's Farm, you can enjoy the purest, strongest and most aromatic varieties that have ever touched the earth.

The brand's female seeds are the result of intensive research and innovative breeding techniques that allow them to stay ahead of market trends and deliver products that will define the future of marijuana cultivation. From exciting Mimosa Evo with its explosion of flavors and effects, to the classic Critical Kush, offering unprecedented yields and strength - each strain from BF is designed to provide an unforgettable experience.

By choosing Barney's Farm, you are choosing to cooperate with a brand that puts quality, innovation and customer support first. Their global experience allows them to understand and meet the needs of growers in every corner of the world, offering seeds that are not only adapted to a variety of growing conditions, but also to a variety of preferences and goals.

Join the marijuana growing revolution with Barney's Farm feminized seeds and see why we are considered the gold standard in the industry. Regardless of whether someone is an experienced grower or is just starting their adventure with cultivation, our seeds open the door to a world where quality meets efficiency, and passion meets innovation. By choosing Barney's Farm you will start creating your own legendary adventure today.

barneys farm autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering varieties from BF

In the world of autoflowering marijuana seeds from Barney's Farm, where innovation meets nature, creating products that change the rules of the game in cannabis cultivation, you can find real gems.

Barney's Farm autoflowering marijuana seeds are the pinnacle of genetic achievement, providing growers around the world the ability to produce abundant harvests without having to alter the light cycle. These brilliant little wonders of nature are designed to flower automatically after a set period of time, making them the perfect choice for both beginners and experienced growers who value convenience and efficiency.

Autoflowering strains such as legendary Gorilla Glue Auto or amazing Lemon Haze Auto, provide not only quick and easy cultivation, but also impressive THC levels, amazing terpene profiles and phenomenal effects that will satisfy even the most demanding marijuana connoisseurs.

Barney's Farm's commitment to research and development means that this team of cannabis enthusiasts continually strives to push the boundaries of the possible to deliver seeds that are not only efficient and easy to grow, but also offer unparalleled flavor and aroma profiles. With autoflowering seeds from Barneys Farm, you can enjoy extravagant quality and powerful effects without having to spend time on complicated growing techniques.

When you choose these seeds, you are investing in decades of experience, passion and dedication. This Dutch manufacturer prides itself on offering products that not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations, ensuring reliable, abundant yields from any crop.

Complicated light patterns and uncertainty about flowering times do not have to stand in the way of breeding success. By choosing autoflowering marijuana seeds from Barney's Farm, you are joining the revolution that is changing the face of cannabis cultivation. From seed, it's all the best that marijuana has to offer, with minimal effort. It's not just seeds: it's the key to breeding freedom.

barneys farm regular seeds

Regular seeds from Barneys Farm

We are proud to announce that Barney's Farm regular cannabis seeds are now available in our store, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the history of one of the world's leading cannabis breeders. The unrivaled experience and passion of Dutch marijuana lovers have resulted in the creation of a unique genetic collection, collected from the farthest corners of the globe for decades. In response to customer demand, we have selected a specially exclusive range of regular cannabis seeds that are now available to true enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the plant.

Regular BF hemp seeds are the essence of genetic purity - bred with the utmost care, without the use of any chemical or genetic modifications. They come from the natural crossing of male and female plants, ensuring the production of both male and female offspring. This traditional method allows for the full expression of the richness of cannabis genetics, offering growers not only a unique growing experience, but also unparalleled genetic diversity and potential.

Experience the unlimited possibilities offered by regular cannabis seeds from Barney's Farm - choose the true essence of nature and join the elite of breeders who value purity, diversity and the highest quality of genetics.

The newest and award-winning varieties

Barney's Farm regularly introduces new, innovative marijuana varieties to the market, which are quickly gaining recognition among growers and consumers around the world. The company is known for the fact that its varieties often win prestigious awards in industry competitions, which is a testament to their quality and uniqueness.

One of the newest varieties to gain popularity is Mimosa Evo. This is a variety with an exceptionally high THC level, reaching 24-26%, which translates into a strong euphoric and invigorating effect. Mimosa Evo it also stands out for its impressive yield, which can reach up to 700g-2kg per plant in optimal conditions. Its unique taste and aroma, combining fruit and citrus notes, make it a choice for connoisseurs looking for new experiences.

Another variety that has gained recognition is Runtz Muffin – connection result Zkittlezz Gelato #33 and Orange Punch. This strain has a balanced relaxing and stimulating effect, making it ideal for those seeking a balance between relaxation and mental activity. Runtz Muffin attracts attention with its unique flavor profile that combines sweet and fruity notes, making it not only strong, but also extremely tasty.

Critical Kush, another award-winning strain from Barney's Farm, is known for its potency and exceptional relaxing effect. It was created from a merger Critical Mass i O.G. Kush, offers high yield and powerful THC levels. Her fruity flavor with notes of lemon, exotic fruits and Kush make this strain highly valued for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

These varieties are just an example of the innovation and excellence that Barney's Farm represents. The company constantly strives to introduce new, exciting genotypes that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding marijuana growers and users.

What are the greatest successes Barneys Farm?

Barney's Farm has achieved many successes and accolades over its more than 30-year history. Here are some of the company's greatest successes:

  1. Cannabis Cup: Barney's Farm has won numerous awards at the prestigious Cannabis Cup competition, including for its cannabis strainsPineapple Chunk"i"Cookies Kush".
  2. High Times Magazine: Barney's Farm has repeatedly won accolades and awards from the prestigious High Times Magazine for its cannabis seeds.
  3. World Cannabis Cup: Barney's Farm won numerous awards at the World Cannabis Cup, including but not limited to its strainsLiberty Haze"i"Tangerine Dream".
  4. Plant of the Year: In 2019, Barney's Farm won Plant of the Year for its cannabis varietyDos Si Dos 33".
  5. Organic Seeds: Barney's Farm has introduced organic hemp seeds that are free from chemicals and harmful substances.

These successes demonstrate the high quality of the cannabis seeds produced by Barney's Farm and the company's position as one of the best cannabis seed producers in the world.

What are the most popular varieties of the manufacturer Barneys Farm?

Barney's Farm produces many popular cannabis varieties that have gained recognition among growers around the world. Here are some of the most famous varieties:

  1. Glookies - this strain is a cross between two popular cannabis strains, "Girl Scout Cookies" and "Barney's Farm Gorilla Glue". It has an intense taste and aroma, and its effect is relaxing and stimulating.
  2. Pineapple Chunk - this variety is very popular due to its sweet taste and aroma, which is reminiscent of pineapples. It has powerful effects that can help relieve stress and pain.
  3. LSD - this strain is known for its strong effects that can lead to intense visions and hallucinations. It also has an intense flavor and aroma that resembles lemon.
  4. Blue Gelato 41 - this variety is a cross between two popular cannabis varieties, "Blueberry" and "Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies". It has an intense taste and aroma, and its effect is relaxing and stimulating.
  5. Critical Kush - this variety has an intense flavor and aroma that resembles orange skin. It has powerful effects that can help relieve stress and pain.

These cannabis varieties are just a few examples of the many that Barney's Farm produces. The company constantly introduces new varieties to the market to meet the needs of breeders and ensure the highest quality of its products.

What is the company's philosophy Barneys Farm from your competitors?

Barney's Farm's philosophy is different from that of other cannabis producers. The company focuses on producing the highest quality cannabis seeds for growers around the world. Barney's Farm believes that hemp has great potential as a medicinal plant and is committed to scientific research to better understand the medicinal properties of hemp. The company also strives to educate people about the benefits of using hemp, as well as care for the natural environment by using ecological farming methods.

Unlike other producers, Barney's Farm strives to maintain the authenticity of the cannabis varieties it produces and avoids genetic modification. The company uses natural selection to obtain the best varieties that will meet the expectations of breeders.

Barney's Farm is also involved in the farming and charitable community, organizing various promotional events and providing financial support to charities. The company also strives to establish close relationships with growers and customers to better understand and adapt to their needs.

In this way, Barney's Farm's philosophy differs from other hemp producers who often focus more on profits than on product quality and concern for the environment.

Marijuana varieties Barneys Farm

Varieties of this manufacturer have received many awards, including cannabis Cup, and Indica/Sativa Cups with its most popular varieties of marijuana, i.e. Liberty Haze, G13 Haze, Amnesia Haze, Cookies KushWillie Nelson Pineapple Chunk, Tangerine Dream and others. It became a bestseller in a very short time after its release Critical Kushwhich you will also find in our store Ziarno Życia.

Barney Seed Collections

  • Cali Collection, i.e. the Californian Collection

The California Barney's Farm collection is the result of a continuous search for the best marijuana genetics. This producer from the Netherlands decided to create a series of cannabis varieties based on genetics from the west coast of the United States. It is there that new, unique strains of cannabis are developed and selectively crossed in the laboratory. The following varieties were used to create this distinctive collection: Girl Scout Cookies, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, Purple Urkle, Cherry Pie, Strawberry, Gelato, Zkittlez, Sherbert, Orange Cream, Lemon OG, Blueberry and OG Kush`a.

In this series you will find, among others:

and many others!

  • Classics from Amsterdam

In this series of marijuana seeds you will find the best strains that have kept their old school character! Classics that are hosted in Dutch coffee shops and that you can safely trust. Classic cannabis seeds straight from Amsterdam:

and other!

  • A collection of award-winning marijuana varieties - Cannabis Cup

Barney's Farm offers elite and award-winning hemp varieties! You can be sure that you will find the best genetics available in the world from this producer! It is worth mentioning that the Barney team has already won over 40 awards at the High Times Cannabid Cup for their champion strains. They have won awards for the best indica, best sativa, and the Grand Prix, among others! Check out the marijuana genes appreciated by real professionals.

and many other award-winning varieties!

That's not all it has to offer Barneys Farm! In our seed bank you will find marijuana seeds with high THC, hemp seeds with high CBD, medical varieties, chillout varieties, hemp genes with unique flavors and aromas, as well as marijuana strains with an XXL yield!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the entire offer of cannabis seeds from Barney’s Farm. This manufacturer has not settled on its laurels, so check back from time to time for new products.

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