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A legendary company Dutch Passion, which started its activity by selling female hemp seeds in the 1987s, specifically in XNUMX. The founder of the company is Henk Han Dalen, he was a biologist. High-quality DP marijuana seeds genetically originate from Thailand and Nigeria. Currently, the Dutch company with its range of seeds is one of the largest and most famous in the world, so it is worth taking a closer look at the seeds they offer.

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dutch passion cannabis seeds

History Dutch Passion. An overview of the company's mission and values. The introduction of feminized marijuana seeds and their impact on the market.

Dutch Passion, one of the market leaders in marijuana seed producers, started its operations in 1987. By design, the company aimed to provide cannabis farmers with the highest quality seeds, focusing on innovation, reliability and, above all, customer satisfaction. Mission Dutch Passion focuses on enabling growers to achieve maximum qualitative and quantitative results from their crops, regardless of their level of experience. The company's values ​​reflect a commitment to excellence, the continuous advancement of cannabis genetics and the promotion of sustainability in the cannabis industry.

A turning point in the history of the company and in the marijuana seed market took place when this Dutch producer introduced feminized marijuana seeds to the market. This innovative development changed the industry by allowing growers to produce female plants without the risk of male plants that could contaminate the crop. Feminized seed technology has revolutionized marijuana breeding, making the process simpler and more predictable, and thus accessible to a wider group of growers.

DP, thanks to his pioneering work on feminized seeds, has significantly influenced the market, raising the standards of quality and efficiency in cannabis breeding. Over the years, the company has accumulated numerous industry accolades and awards, confirming its status as a leader in innovation and quality in marijuana seed production.

This producer's legacy continues through a constant pursuit of excellence and innovation, bringing to market new varieties and technologies that serve growers around the world. Their contribution to the development of marijuana breeding and the genetic stability of plants is invaluable, making DP not only a business, but also an important participant in the global cannabis community.

Feminized marijuana seeds Dutch Passion

Female cannabis strains from Dutch Passion 

This brand's feminized marijuana seeds are a breakthrough in cannabis cultivation, offering significant advantages to growers. First of all, they eliminate the need to separate male plants from female plants, which is crucial to avoid unwanted pollination. This allows growers to focus on resin and flower production, without the risk of reducing the quality and quantity of the crop. Feminized seeds are also more predictable in terms of growing results, making them an ideal choice for beginners and experienced gardeners alike.

Dutch Passion is known for its wide range of popular feminized strains that have gained recognition around the world. Among them you can find varieties such as 'Auto White Widow', 'Brainstorm', and 'California Orange', which are prized for their unique terpene profiles and THC potential. 'Car White Widow' is particularly appreciated for its balanced power and ease of cultivation, 'Brainstorm' for its strong effect and abundant yields, and 'California Orange' for its unique citrus aroma and high yields.

It's safe to say that each of the brand's strains has been carefully selected and developed to provide growers with the best possible growing and consumption experience. It is worth trying different varieties from DP to join the group of fans of this brand almost immediately.

dutch passion autoflowering seeds

Automatic varieties Dutch Passion: short life cycle and ease of cultivation.

Automatic marijuana seed varieties offered by Dutch Passion They have a short life cycle and are easy to grow, making them particularly attractive to growers of all experience levels. Automatics, also known as autoflowering, progress from germination to flowering regardless of changes in the light cycle, significantly reducing the time needed to achieve harvest - usually 10 to 12 weeks from the time of planting.

With DP's autoflowering strains, growers can enjoy several harvests throughout the year, even in less than optimal climatic conditions, making these seeds an ideal choice for growing both indoors and outdoors. In addition, these varieties are often more resistant to extreme conditions, pests and diseases, which makes them even easier to grow.

This seed producer's offer includes numerous automatic varieties that have gained recognition among breeders around the world. Strains like 'Auto Cinderella Jack' and 'Auto Colorado Cookies' offer not only high THC levels and excellent effects, but also unique flavor and aroma profiles. These automatic varieties are an ideal solution for those who are looking for an effective and less labor-intensive growing method that guarantees high-quality crops in a short time.

dutch passion medical seeds

Medical marijuana: contribution Dutch Passion in the development of medicinal varieties.

Dutch Passion, being one of the leading producers of marijuana seeds, has made a significant contribution to the development of medicinal marijuana varieties. The company has been involved in research on plant genetics for years to offer varieties with high CBD content and other cannabinoids that can provide relief from various diseases and ailments.

DP's development of medical marijuana varieties is based on close collaboration with patients, doctors and scientists. This allows the company to provide marijuana seeds that not only meet high quality standards, but also meet the specific needs of medical users. Strains such as 'CBD Compassion' and 'CBD Charlotte's Angel' have been specifically formulated to offer high concentrations of CBD with minimal to no THC content, allowing users to enjoy therapeutic benefits without the psychoactive effects.

This brand consistently strives to expand knowledge about the therapeutic potential of marijuana, and their medical varieties are appreciated by both patients and specialists in the field of cannabis medicine. This company contributes not only to the development of hemp genetics, but also to education and changing the social perception of marijuana as a tool supporting treatment.

dutch passion best sellers and new product

Bestsellers and news

This manufacturer's portfolio includes many best-selling varieties that have gained recognition among breeders and consumers around the world.

Cars White Widow is one of the most famous varieties, valued for its powerful potency and abundant resin yields. This is an automatic version of the classic White Widow, offering all the advantages of the original with a significantly reduced time from seed to harvest. It is characterized by a balance between a relaxing and stimulating effect, which makes it perfect for both day and evening.

Brainstorm is a strain that offers powerful mental effects, stimulating creativity and concentration. It is a feminized strain that can be grown both indoors and outdoors, providing users with abundant harvests. It is known for its ease of cultivation and resistance to external factors.

california orange is a classic strain that first gained popularity in the 80s. It is a variety with a balanced ratio Indica do Sativa, which produces large crops of fragrant, resinous flowers. Its sweet, citrus aroma and happiness-inducing effects are especially appreciated by users.

As for new things and innovations, Dutch Passion constantly experiments and introduces new varieties to the market to meet the growing expectations of breeders and consumers. One such innovation is Auto Cinderella Jack, which is the result of DP's cooperation with other well-known seed banks. This auto strain is known for its very high THC levels and was created by crossing Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer, which makes it offer strong psychoactive effects and an intense, pleasant aroma.

The brand regularly introduces new varieties to the market, which are often the result of complex breeding and selection processes aimed at obtaining specific characteristics, such as high CBD content for medical users or unique terpene profiles for taste and aroma connoisseurs. Each of these varieties reflects the Dutch manufacturer's commitment to innovation and excellence, striving to meet the expectations of even the most demanding growers and consumers.

dutch passion

Technology and quality

The seed selection and breeding process at DP is complicated and focused on the highest quality and innovation. A pioneer in the production of feminized marijuana seeds, this company uses advanced genetics and breeding techniques to ensure that their seeds are not only genetically stable, but also offer optimal characteristics for growers and users.

Selection process

Selection process in Dutch Passion begins with a thorough genetic and phenotypic analysis of potential mother plants. Specialists from this company examine plants for many features, such as resistance to pests and diseases, resin production efficiency, THC and CBD content, as well as terpene profiles. Only the best plants that meet the company's strict criteria are selected for further propagation.

Breeding and reproduction

Then, selected mother plants are crossed under controlled conditions to breed new genetic lines. DP uses a variety of breeding methods, including backward selection and phenotypic stabilization, to ensure that new varieties are both robust and consistent in their characteristics. Each new variety is tested in various environmental conditions to assess its adaptability and stability.

Quality control

Before being placed on the market, the seeds are subjected to rigorous quality tests, including tests for germination and genetic purity. The brand maintains a high standard of genetic purity for its seeds, which means growers can expect consistent and predictable results from their crops. Quality control also includes ensuring that the seeds are free from pathogens and pests.


Dutch Passion is constantly looking for new ways to improve its breeding and selection processes, implementing the latest achievements in the field of biotechnology and plant genetics. This company is committed to researching rare and unusual cannabinoids to offer even more diverse therapeutic and sensory benefits from their seeds.

This Dutch producer stands out on the market thanks to its commitment to a scientific approach to cannabis breeding. Their selection and breeding process is based on thorough genetic analysis, controlled crosses and strict quality control, resulting in the production of the highest quality seeds, offering exceptional cultivation and consumer characteristics.

dutch passion cup winner seeds

Market recognition and industry awards for varieties Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion, thanks to its long history of innovation and commitment to quality, has gained recognition in the international cannabis market, which has been repeatedly confirmed by numerous industry awards. The company is recognized as one of the pioneers in breeding feminized marijuana seeds and for its contribution to the development of high-CBD strains.

Awards and Recognition

DP has achieved success at many prestigious cannabis competitions and festivals, winning awards for the best cannabis strains. Their strains such as Auto Mazar, Blueberry or Strawberry Cough, have been awarded many times for their unique properties, including taste, effect and overall product quality.

One of the most prestigious awards received by this brand is High Times Cannabis Cup, considered the most important competition in the cannabis industry. Success at this event and others like Spannabis or Highlife Cup, prove international recognition and position Dutch Passion as a leader in innovation and quality of marijuana seeds.

Innovation and Development

This producer is also valued for its contribution to the development of medical marijuana varieties. Their work to create high CBD strains such as CBD Skunk Haze or Charlotte's Angel CBD, is having a significant impact on the medical marijuana market by offering patients alternative treatments.

The Importance of Rewards for Breeders

The awards and recognition that DP has received over the years not only confirm the high standard of the seeds they offer, but also serve as a guide for growers looking for the best varieties to grow. Confirmation of quality by independent institutions and competitions gives breeders the confidence that they are choosing top-shelf products.

Dutch Passion, thanks to its commitment to excellence and innovation, has built a strong brand that is appreciated by breeders and patients around the world. Their numerous awards and accolades are a testament to the company's continued commitment to being at the forefront of the cannabis industry, offering products that not only meet, but often exceed customer expectations.

What are the most popular varieties Dutch Passion?

The most popular varieties of DP include Cars White Widow, Blueberry, Critical Orange Punch, Strawberry Cough, the Auto Mazar. These strains are prized for their unique terpene profiles, powerful effects, and ease of cultivation. Car White Widow is known for its quick flowering time and powerful effects, while Blueberry delights with its sweet taste and relaxing effect.

How to choose the best seeds for indoor/outdoor cultivation?

Choosing the best seeds to grow indoors or outdoors depends on several factors, such as climate, available space, and personal preference for results and flavor. Varieties with compact growth and short flowering times are suitable for indoor cultivation, such as: Northern Lights. In turn, varieties resistant to changing weather conditions and pests are recommended for outdoor cultivation, e.g. Frisian Dew. It is important to adapt the choice of variety to your growing capabilities and expected results.

What are the benefits of feminized marijuana seeds?

Feminized marijuana seeds produce only female plants, eliminating the need to identify and remove male plants, which is necessary when using regular seeds. This simplifies the growing process, increases efficiency and guarantees higher yields of flowers that are desirable for recreational and medicinal purposes. Growing from feminized seeds also provides more predictable results and helps avoid unwanted pollination.

Jak Dutch Passion supports the cultivation of medical marijuana?

Dutch Passion has a wide selection of medical strains that have been developed to offer high concentrations of CBD with low or no THC levels. The company supports the cultivation of medical marijuana through research and development of varieties such as CBD Compassion i Charlotte's Angel CBD, which offer therapeutic benefits without psychoactive effects. Dutch Passion also provides detailed information and growing guides to enable patients and growers to achieve the best possible results when growing medical marijuana.


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