Green House Seed

Green House Seed – producer of Dutch marijuana and hemp seeds

Green House Seed is a producer of marijuana seeds from the Netherlands. It is one of the most famous seedbanks in the world! The founder of the brand is Arjan Roskam, who has always been involved in creating marijuana strains with the best genetics in the world.

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Together with his partner Shantibaba, they have created a lot of amazing cannabis strains. Unfortunately, the paths of both gentlemen diverged, because one of them - Arjan wanted to focus mainly on feminized varieties, while the other - Shantibaba, decided to start selling regular seeds on his own.

Arjan has always been working to normalize the situation related to recreational and medicinal marijuana. Since he created GHS has already opened 4 coffee shops in... Amsterdamie, a cannabis community club in Barcelona, ​​as well as many other cannabis companies such as a cannabis film company.

If you are planning a visit to Amswe recommend you to visit Green House Seed!

Awards Green House Seed

GHS is the winner of many international awards, including at festivals such as: Cannabis Cups or Highlife Cups.

The legendary varieties of this brand with which it debuted are White Rhino, El Nino, White Widow and Great White Shark.

The best marijuana varieties from this producer include: Super Lemon Haze, Big Bang Autoflowering and Exodus Cheese.

Green House Seed best marijuana seeds

In its offer GHS has many appreciated varieties of hemp, each of them unique. Team Green House Seeds knows his stuff and you can call them masters both in creating genetics indoor and Outdoor.

Recommended seeds Outdoor Green House Seed

One of the most recommended varieties from GHS na Outdoor jest Himalaya Gold.  This marijuana strain is resistant to frosty nights as well as various types of pests and diseases. The genetics themselves come from the Himalayas, making them very flexible. Variety Himalaya Gold is especially loved by growers in the mountainous regions of Italy and Spain.

Another great choice for Outdoor there is a variation from this manufacturer Arjan's Haze #1, with very good yield and the desired sativa effect. It is in outdoor cultivation that these genetics reach the peak of their potential, including: production. Thanks to its relatively short flowering period (approx. 11 weeks), it can be grown in most places in the south EurOpie. Importantly, this and other sun-ripening varieties contain a broader cannabinoid profile in the flowers, which translates into a more intense effect.

The best marijuana seeds Indoor - Green House Seed

The offer of this Dutch producer also includes the best varieties for indoor cultivation. The following will work under the roof:

These three unique white varieties were created based on similar genes. They are characterized by a lower height and a greater tendency to grow sideways, which causes them to create a bushy structure. The production of buds with a huge amount of resin is another feature that connects these strains. Producer GHS suggests that the variety White Rhino is a great option for those who want to try their hand at the SOG technique.

marijuana seeds Indica - Green House Seed Company

Highly recommended indica from GHSthat appealed to the greatest indica fans from all over the world, again - Great White Shark and cannabis strain The Doctor. Tough, mold-resistant buds and large yields are a definite showcase of these varieties.

Seeds Sativa GHS

If you are looking for marijuana seeds sativa with an uplifting and joyful effect, you should definitely get to know the varieties strawberry haze or e.g. Hawaiian Snow.  These varieties are suitable for both indoor and outdoorbut indoors it's much easier to give them what they need for a slightly longer flowering time. Of course, you can shorten their flowering time and get a much shorter plant as a result, but you need to provide them with about 12 hours of light a day from the beginning.

Universal seeds Indoor/Outdoor - GHS

Most of the genetics being created today are suitable for growing both indoor and outdoor. Of course, this does not mean that we will get the same effects in the case of a plant growing under a roof and one growing in the sun. However, the effect will still be satisfactory. For varieties of this type from the collection Green House Seed you should e.g. Super Silver Haze. This genetic won't disappoint, but she can grow bigger on the outside with thicker branches that can hold heavier buds.