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Royal Queen Seeds quite a young, Dutch brand of hemp seeds. After a short time on the market, the manufacturer RQS can already boast of numerous successes. It all started at the Spannabis 2019 event, where RQS has been hailed as the best seed bank. They know the needs of customers, and thanks to their experience and a wide range of feminized marijuana seeds, they can also meet them.


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Introduction to Royal Queen Seeds, i.e. a short history and evolution of the brand.

Royal Queen Seeds new logo 2024

Royal Queen Seeds is a recognized producer of marijuana seeds, which over the years has gained recognition on the global market thanks to high-quality products and innovative approaches to breeding. The origins of the brand date back to Netherlands, a country famous for its liberal approach to marijuana, where a group of enthusiasts decided to share their passion and knowledge about growing hemp. Focused on providing experienced growers and amateurs alike with the highest quality feminized, autoflowering, hybrid, regular and CBD seeds, RQS quickly established itself as a premium supplier.

Thanks to the constant pursuit of perfection, the company developed its breeding techniques, which resulted in numerous awards in industry competitions. On offer Royal Queen Seeds there are varieties that have gained recognition all over the world, such as Northern Light, White Widow, or newer genetics like Runtz i Gelato, thus demonstrating its ability to innovate and adapt to changing market trends.

Over time, this brand expanded its activities beyond the bordersice the Netherlands, offering its products around the world, which allowed it to reach a wide audience and strengthen its position as a leader in the marijuana seeds industry. Continued investment in research and development, as well as a commitment to educating the community about the benefits of cannabis, make this brand appreciated not only for the quality of its products, but also for its contribution to the development and demystification of marijuana culture.

Established position RQS on the global market

Established position Royal Queen Seeds on the global market is the result of years of work, innovation and focus on quality and customer satisfaction. The company has gained international recognition, becoming one of the leading suppliers of marijuana seeds in the world. Thanks to an extensive distribution network, products Royal Queen Seeds are available in many countries, which proves the global reach of the brand and the trust that customers place in it.

Development of technologies and breeding methods that are implemented by Royal Queen Seeds, contributed to the production of seeds with high viability and genetic stability. This commitment to quality is why growers around the world choose this brand of seeds to expect the best results from their crops. The company not only provides products, but also shares knowledge and experience, offering detailed growing guides and support for growers of all levels.

Additionally, the Dutch seed producer actively participates in the cannabis community by participating in trade fairs, festivals and competitions, further cementing their reputation as experts in the field. The awards and distinctions the company has received over the years prove that it is a brand valued by both professionals and amateurs. All this together creates a solid base thanks to which Royal Queen Seeds maintains its position as one of the most influential and respected marijuana seed producers in the world.

royal queen seeds feminized seeds

Feminized seeds from Royal Queen Seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds from Royal Queen Seeds are high-quality products that are specially selected to ensure the cultivation of only female cannabis plants. These seeds have been developed using advanced genetic and breeding techniques, almost completely eliminating the risk of male plants germinating, which is crucial for growers focused on flower (bud) production.

Thanks to feminized seeds from RQS, growers can enjoy greater efficiency and productivity in their crops because they do not have to identify and remove male plants that could pollinate female plants, thereby reducing the quality and quantity of the final crop. Offering a wide range of varieties, including award-winning classics like White Widow or Northern Light and new, exciting genetics, Royal Queen Seeds meets the needs of a diverse group of breeders, from amateurs to professionals.

Every feminized variety available Royal Queen Seeds is thoroughly tested for genetic stability, high THC levels, exceptional aromatic and flavor effects, as well as resistance to diseases and pests. This makes feminized marijuana seeds from this manufacturer the choice of many growers looking for reliable and effective solutions for their crops.

autoflower seeds royal queen seeds

Automatic marijuana seeds from Royal Queen Seeds

Automatic marijuana seeds from Royal Queen Seeds is a highly valued product category that allows growers to easily and quickly grow cannabis plants. These seeds are genetically programmed to automatically transition from vegetative to flowering after a specified period of time, regardless of changes in the light cycle. This means that growers don't have to worry about regulating the length of day and night, making these seeds an ideal choice for beginners as well as those who grow plants in regions with less predictable climates.

RQS offers a variety of automatic strains, including both high-THC and CBD-rich ones, to suit each grower's individual needs and preferences. This company's automatic seeds are famous for their fast life cycle, often allowing harvesting just 8-10 weeks after germination. Varieties such as Northern Light Automatic, Royal Dwarf or Amnesia Haze Automatic are highly respected by growers around the world for their ease of cultivation, heavy yields and unique terpene profiles.

Using experience and expert knowledge Royal Queen Seeds, growers can count on healthy, strong plants that deliver satisfactory results even in less optimal conditions. Automatic marijuana seeds from RQS is an excellent option for those who value convenience and efficiency, as well as for those who want to make the most of the growing season.

cbd seeds royal queen seeds

CBD seeds from RQS

CBD seeds from Royal Queen Seeds is a specially selected offer for those who are looking for the health benefits of hemp, but without the intense psychoactive effects of THC. These seeds have been developed to produce plants rich in CBD, a cannabinoid known for its potential anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving properties, as well as supporting the fight against anxiety and many other ailments.

CBD offer from RQS includes a variety of varieties such as Dance World CBD that is suitable for both medical use and personal use for people looking for relaxation without the "high" effect. These plants feature a balanced CBD to THC ratio, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of CBD without the intense psychoactive effects.

CBD seeds from Royal Queen Seeds is an excellent choice for growers of all experience levels, offering ease of cultivation and genetic stability. With these seeds, growers can expect healthy plants that produce CBD-rich flowers, perfect for CBD oil extraction or direct consumption. Without a doubt, these are seeds for those who appreciate the therapeutic properties of marijuana, striving for natural methods of alleviating the symptoms of various health conditions.

regular marijuana seeds royal queen seeds

Regular seeds Royal Queen Seeds

Regular marijuana seeds from Royal Queen Seeds is a classic offer for growers who prefer a natural approach to cultivation, allowing plants to develop in accordance with their genetic destiny. These seeds provide an equal opportunity to grow male and female plants, which is crucial for growers interested in producing their own seeds or experimenting with crosses to create new varieties.

Growing from regular seeds requires more knowledge and experience because the grower must be able to identify and separate the male plants to avoid pollinating the female plants if the goal is to obtain seedless flowers. However, for those who want to explore the world of cannabis breeding and genetics, regular seeds offer endless possibilities.

RQS supplies a wide range of regular seeds, giving growers access to the highest quality genetics that have been carefully selected over the years. Thanks to this, breeders have the opportunity to work with plants that exhibit strong hereditary characteristics, adaptability to various growing conditions, and potentially new, unique terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

For those who value traditional breeding methods and want to actively participate in creating and preserving cannabis genetics, regular marijuana seeds from Royal Queen Seeds are an excellent choice.

f1 hybrid royal queen seeds

F1 Hybrids Royal Queen Seeds

In the world of modern hemp cultivation, the Dutch manufacturer presents a breakthrough in genetics - F1 hybrid hemp seeds, which are the pinnacle of innovation and excellence in breeding. Our F1 hybrids are the first on the market to provide revolutionary stability and uniformity of yields, setting new standards in marijuana cultivation. F1 hybrids from RQS it's more than just seeds; it is a guarantee of the future in hemp breeding.

F1 hybrid seeds from Royal Queen Seeds it's not just seeds; is the result of a precise selection process where two pure genetic lines are crossed to obtain plants with unrivaled growth strength, genetic stability and uniform appearance. Thanks to this, growers can expect plants that not only grow stronger and faster, but also show higher resistance to stress and unfavorable environmental conditions, ensuring impressive yields with high cannabinoid and terpene content.

What's more, all our F1 hybrids are feminized, which means they only produce female plants. This is crucial for growers who want to maximize the efficiency of their crops by eliminating the need to identify and remove male plants. By introducing these innovative seeds to your offer, RQS not only raises the bar in the industry, but also provides growers with the tools necessary to achieve unprecedented results.

Advantages of F1 hybrid seeds from RQS are invaluable:

  • Uniformity of plants with stable growth characteristics, eliminating differencesice phenotypic.
  • Increased vigor, accelerating growth and increasing resistance to adverse conditions.
  • Impressive yields with higher and more stable cannabinoid and terpene content.
  • Seed feminization, ensuring only female plants to optimize the cultivation process.

Royal Queen Seeds, with a decade of experience selling cannabis seeds, continues its tradition of innovation, offering growers not just seeds, but a future in marijuana cultivation. F1 hybrids are not only a step forward in cannabis genetics; is to ensure that every grower, regardless of the scale of cultivation, can achieve the best possible results using our seeds.

tyson 2 0 seeds royal queen seeds

Tyson 2.0 Seeds RQS - NEW 2024!

When two legends join forces, the result is inevitably something special. This is the case with Tyson 2.0 marijuana seeds, which are the result of a collaboration between boxing icon Mike Tyson and the renowned seed producer, RQS. This exclusive line of marijuana seeds is a direct reflection of Tyson's love for the plant, offering growers not only high yields and hardiness, but also intense effects that will please both hardcore enthusiasts and those seeking marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Tyson 2.0 Seeds is not just a product; it is a symbol of the deep connection with the nature of marijuana, cultivated by Mike Tyson himself. Revealing his commitment and passion for cannabis, Tyson along with Royal Queen Seeds have created a range of seeds that aims to raise the standards of home marijuana cultivation. Each variety in this series was designed for growers seeking to maximize the potential of their crops.

Invest in Tyson 2.0 seeds, offered exclusively by Royal Queen Seeds, and let your crop be filled with champion genetics. Discover the wealth of varieties in the Tyson 2.0 collection, providing plants characterized not only by extraordinary resistance and vigor, but also by the stability of genetic characteristics. Place your order today and become part of history, combining a legendary ring champion, a top seed producer and an immortal marijuana plant into one unforgettable story.

RQS - the most popular producer of cannabis seeds

On offer RQS There are hemp seeds suitable for breeding in various conditions, both indoor and outdoor. The breeder can find a variety for which he has ideal growing conditions. Packages are available from this manufacturer 100 feminized cannabis seeds at favorable prices. And all seeds are of the highest quality. Another must-have in the class, so don't delay and buy royal and cheap cannabis seeds now RQS.

Royal Queen Seeds ManufacturerFeatured cannabis varieties from RQS

Some of the best and most popular varieties offered by this producer include: Flower Power, Amnesia Haze Auto or Northern Light Auto. Generally speaking, there are plenty of varieties from this manufacturer, everyone will certainly find something for themselves. Of course, the offer includes feminized marijuana seeds that are suitable for cultivation indoor and outdoor. In our opinion Royal Queen Seeds has some of the coolest designed packaging on the cannabis seed market.

Original packaging of marijuana seeds RQS

Manufacturer Royal Queen Seeds has on offer female marijuana seeds with different genetics. RQS assigned different packaging colors to full-season, auto and CBD genomes. Seeds dependent on the light cycle are marked in pink, Automata marijuana seeds in green, and the so-called CBD seeds in blue. Certainly, this solution allows the customer to find his/her way faster and easier while shopping. Recently, a Dutch seed producer launched its CBD hemp oil. It is also worth checking out the manufacturer's latest product RQS - F1 hybrids.

Quality and experience

As they write about themselves, they started their adventure in the Netherlands with hemp breeding, so their knowledge was gained through experience, which they now use in production. They know how to ensure the best quality of marijuana seeds and how to check it later. Marijuana seeds from the catalog RQS are selected even in terms of size, and germination is also checked by calculating the so-called germination coefficient. All crops from which seeds are obtained are grown using ecological methods.

Sativa i Indica od RQS

They have a lot of valuable genetics to their credit, from cheerful and stimulating sativas, to relaxing and helping to sleep strong indicas. This manufacturer's offer also includes medical marijuana varieties, as well as varieties with high CBD content and very low THC content.

Royal Queen Seeds stationary stores

Royal Queen Seeds has its stationary stores in Barcelona and in Amsterdam. The company is constantly developing and now supplies seeds to many countries EurOpie.

Or are you looking for regular cannabis seeds? This manufacturer also has such in its offer! If you do not find them in our store, write or call us.

The best seed varieties from Royal Queen Seeds

Pay attention to the following varieties of marijuana seeds from Royal Queen Seeds!

Recommended auto seeds RQS:

  1. Amnesia Haze Auto
  2. Royal Kush
  3. QuickOne

Recommended medical seeds RQS:

  1. Medical Mass
  2. Royal Highness
  3. Painkiller XL

Recommended CBD seeds RQS:

  1. Purplematic CBD
  2. Tatanka Pure CBD
  3. Stress Killer Automatic CBD

Recommended full-season seeds RQS:

  1. Shining Silver Haze
  2. White Widow
  3. Special Queen 1

Recommended fast flowering seeds RQS:

  1. Candy Kush Express (Fast Flowering)
  2. Speedy Chile (Fast Flowering)
  3. Royal Cheese (Fast Flowering)

Flagship varieties 

Flagship marijuana strains from Royal Queen Seeds represent the pinnacle of genetic achievement in the cannabis world, offering exceptional diversity and the highest quality. Each of these varieties is the result of careful research and selection aimed at providing marijuana growers and users with the best possible properties.

  • Northern Light, Shining Silver Haze, OG Kush, White Widow, Gelato, Gorilla, and Runtz are not only the strains that define today's cannabis market. They are also symbols of innovation and evolution in marijuana breeding, which Royal Queen Seeds continues, ensuring that their genetics are synonymous with the highest quality.

Each variety offers something unique, not only in terms of effects and flavor, but also in terms of cultivation, resistance to diseases and pests, and adaptation to different environments. Thanks to this, breeders, regardless of their experience and capabilities, can find in this manufacturer's offer a variety that perfectly suits their needs and expectations.

Dutch cannabis lovers under the Lion logo constantly strive for perfection, which is visible not only in the stability and quality of the varieties offered, but also in the extensive support for breeders, providing them with access to detailed growing guides, advice and technical support. All this makes the choice of seeds from RQS it is not only an investment in top-class genetics, but also in the success and satisfaction of cultivation.

Their commitment to the development and innovation of cannabis genetics makes their flagship varieties not only unique, but also contributes to the evolution of the entire cannabis sector, raising standards of cultivation, efficiency and quality of the final product.

award-winning marijuana strains rqs

Innovative and award-winning varieties 

An invitation to the world of innovative genetics and award-winning marijuana varieties offered by RQS opens the door to extraordinary growing and sensory experiences. Over recent years, thanks to constant research and experiments, it has been possible to select varieties that not only set new standards in terms of strength and taste, but also demonstrate extraordinary resistance to unfavorable growing conditions. These strains, the result of a cross between carefully selected parents, provide growers with both record yields and unique cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Awards and distinctions won by varieties Royal Queen Seeds at international cannabis festivals and competitions are proof of their uniqueness and innovation. These prestigious trophies not only confirm the high quality of genetics, but also demonstrate the appreciation of the marijuana community for the work and passion that this seed producer from the Netherlands puts into the development of its products. Thanks to its commitment to continuous improvement of cannabis genetics, the brand has gained a reputation among breeders around the world, offering strains that are bringing a revolution to home and commercial marijuana cultivation.

Seed breeding tips Royal Queen Seeds. Adapting crops to different environments: indoor vs outdoor.

Seed breeding RQS requires an appropriate approach to maximize the genetic potential of each variety. The key to success is to adapt cultivation techniques to the specific genetic requirements and environmental conditions in which we plan to grow our plants. Here are some tips to help you grow both indoors (indoor) and outside (outdoor).

Indoor (Inside):

Lighting: Provide plants with adequate light. The use of LED or HPS lamps can significantly affect growth and flowering. Adjust the height of the lamps to the plant growth phase. Temperature and humidity: Maintain optimal temperature (20-25°C during the day, slightly lower at night) and humidity (40-60% in the growth phase, 40-50% in the flowering phase). Substrate and fertilization: Choose high-quality soil or opt for hydroponics for better nutrient control. Fertilize your plants regularly, adjusting the nutrients to the growth phase.

Outdoor (Outside):

Location: Choose a location with sufficient sunlight, preferably with southern exposure. Protection against strong wind and excessive sunlight is also important. gleba: Test soil pH and structure. The optimal pH for hemp is between 6.0 and 7.0. Enrich the soil with compost or other organic materials to increase its fertility. Pest prevention: Check your plants regularly for pests and diseases. Use natural control methods such as predators or organic pesticides to keep plants healthy without harming the environment.

Regardless of whether you choose to grow indoor or outdoor, it is crucial to adapt the cultivation strategy to the specific needs of the selected seed variety Royal Queen Seeds. Regular monitoring of the condition of plants, adjustment of growing conditions and quick response to possible problems are the foundation of successful breeding. Remember that patience and commitment to the cultivation process will bring satisfactory yields, fully exploiting the genetic potential offered by high-quality seeds.


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