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Sensi Seeds is a Dutch seed bank with 30 years of experience and a huge variety and variety of cannabis seeds. At the moment, this Dutch producer already offers over 500 varieties of seeds of this extraordinary plant. In 1985, the company Sensi Seeds created the first cannabis museum. Currently, the Cannabis Museum, to be exact Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum, is located in Barcelona and in the capital of the Netherlands - Amsterdam.

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History and beginnings Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds, recognized as one of the pioneers in the cannabis industry, has its roots deeply rooted in the history and culture of marijuana. The company was founded in the 80s and quickly gained recognition for its commitment to quality and innovation in marijuana seed breeding. Thanks to the founder's passion and knowledge, Sensi Seeds has evolved from a small family operation into one of the most renowned marijuana seed producers in the world.

A pioneering role in the cannabis industry

From the beginning, the activities of this seed producer focused on creating and preserving genetically pure varieties of hemp, which enabled the preservation and dissemination of rare and valuable genotypes. This company played a key role in preserving the genetic diversity of hemp by being one of the first seed banks, who began professionally collecting, storing and sharing marijuana seeds for medical and recreational purposes.

Development of the gene bank and impact on the market

Over the years, Sensi Seeds has built one of the most extensive genetic collections in the world, consisting of hundreds of unique varieties. This impressive genetic library has enabled the company to create a wide range of seeds, from classic varieties Indica i Sativa, to modern hybrids and specialized feminized and autoflowering seeds. The brand has not only influenced the growth of the marijuana seed market, but also the entire cannabis culture and community by promoting education and awareness about the benefits of the plant.

Thanks to its commitment to research and development, this Dutch manufacturer continues to innovate and set standards in the industry. The company not only provides high-quality seeds to growers around the world, but also actively participates in the debate on the legalization of marijuana, striving to improve the availability and acceptance of cannabis in society.

philosophy sensi seedsPhilosophical Sensi Seeds

Involvement Sensi Seeds in quality and innovation is the foundation on which this company has built its reputation as a leader in the cannabis industry. This philosophy translates not only into the way the company approaches seed breeding and selection, but also into the way it engages with the community and supports the development of the cannabis sector.

Sensi Seeds from the beginning of its existence, it has focused on excellence in breeding, which is visible in the constant pursuit of improving existing varieties and introducing new, innovative products to the market. The company uses its extensive knowledge and experience to create marijuana seeds that are not only high-quality and genetically stable, but also offer unique features, such as greater resistance to pests and better adaptation to various climatic conditions.

At the same time, this brand is not limited to just seeds. The company actively works for social education and normalization of cannabis, promoting conscious and responsible use of marijuana. Sensi Seeds engages in research on the medical use of hemp, supporting the development of CBD-rich varieties that can provide relief from many ailments.

The pursuit of excellence in breeding and commitment to innovation is not only about working on new varieties. It is also about ensuring that the customer receives a product that meets the highest standards, from the moment of purchasing seeds, through breeding, to harvesting. Sensi Seeds sees its seeds as the beginning of a journey in which the company accompanies growers, offering knowledge, support and products of the highest quality.

In short, the Sensi Seed philosophy is based on a deep commitment to quality, innovation and education. This approach not only provides the company with a market leadership position, but also contributes to positive changes in the perception and use of cannabis around the world.

sensi seeds autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering seeds from Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds has long been recognized for its innovations in the field of marijuana breeding, and autoflowering varieties are an important part of their offer. Automatic varieties, thanks to Ruderalis genetics, do not require changes in light cycles to go from vegetative to flowering. This makes them exceptionally easy to grow, making them an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced growers looking for high-yielding and hassle-free plants.

As an innovation leader, this Dutch producer uses its extensive breeding experience to create autoflowering versions of its most popular strains. This gives growers access to fast-flowering, hardy and easy-to-maintain plants that retain the unique characteristics and potency of their photoperiod counterparts. These automatic strains are perfect for growing in a variety of environments, from small tents indoor to balconies and outdoor gardens, providing users with high-quality flowers in a shorter time.

Automatic marijuana varieties from this manufacturer are a combination of convenience and quality, which responds to the growing market demand for easy-to-grow, but at the same time powerful plants. Their growing popularity demonstrates the brand's success in adapting to the needs and expectations of growers around the world, confirming their philosophy of commitment to quality and innovation.

sensi seeds photoperiod seeds

Photoperiod (full-season) seeds from Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds offers a wide range of photoperiod (full season) seeds that are ideal for growers looking for seeds that require traditional light cycles to start and end the flowering phase. These seeds are suited to a variety of growing conditions and grower preferences, from beginners to experts.

This company is known for over 30 years of experience in the industry. We continually collect and refine cannabis varieties to provide the best possible seeds for every cannabis fan. Thanks to its commitment to quality and consistency, Sensi Seeds provides marijuana seeds to suit all tastes, budgets, growing conditions and medical uses. The company's offer includes both award-winning international varieties and those used for medical purposes in the Netherlands, which is proof of the high quality of the products offered.

Photoperiod seeds of this brand are perfect for those who value traditional cultivation methods and want to have full control over the plant's life cycle. A variety of seed options are available, including regular, feminized, and seeds specifically designed for beginners that are resistant to common growing mistakes. This makes products from this manufacturer available to a wide range of breeders, regardless of their experience.

More information about the full range of seeds available, including photoperiod seeds, can be found directly on the website Sensi Seeds​​​​​.

sensi seeds medical marijuana strains

Medical marijuana varieties 

Sensi Seeds also offers medical marijuana strains that cater to a variety of medicinal needs. The most common uses of dominant varieties Indica include relieving chronic pain, treating insomnia and reducing muscle tension. In turn, varieties Sativa they are used to treat depression, migraines and to stimulate appetite. The company also has hybrid varieties that combine features of both types, which allows for a wide range of medical applications, including the treatment of chronic pain. This producer also focuses on CBD-rich strains that offer therapeutic benefits without the strong psychoactive effects of THC​​.

Education and awareness

From the very beginning, the Dutch producer has been involved in raising public awareness about the beneficial properties of hemp. Over the years, this Dutch producer of marijuana seeds has worked with the most famous activists in this field, i.e. Jack Herer and Howard Marks. One of the proofs of their commitment to work, and at the same time a distinction, is the fact that it was their genetics that were selected by the government in the Netherlands to create medical strains that are available in local pharmacies.

Sensi Seeds loudly declares that he wants to legalize hemp worldwide.

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The best seeds Indica Sensi Seeds

The best seeds Sativa Sensi Seeds

CBD Seeds / Medical Seeds Sensi Seeds

Automatic marijuana seeds Sensi Seeds

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the assortment of marijuana seeds of this brand.

New series of marijuana seeds from Sensi Seeds!

Sensi Seeds Research

Sensi Seeds created 13 new varieties of feminized marijuana seeds. The best genes from the gene bank were selected and combined with new cannabis strains. This is how a series of cannabis seeds was born Sensi Seeds research. Seed producer Sensi Seeds focuses on development, and we will be happy to assess how they are doing together with you :)

In the new series of marijuana seeds Sensi Seeds you will find such varieties as:

  • Papi Chulo OG
  • Aloha OG
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Lockdown Kush
  • Sensi Amnesia XXL
  • Honey Melon Kush
  • Carramelow Kush
  • Malibu OG Gold
  • 420 punch

and other!

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