Hemp seed germination.

If you have come across this entry, you certainly already have a permit to grow hemp for personal use!

Fiber hemp is hemp that contains only trace amounts of the psychoactive THC. At the moment in Poland, we have the opportunity to use self-grown hemp rich in, among others, in CBD and CBG cannabinoids. Of course, if we have obtained the appropriate permission referred to above.

This post is intended to tell beginner cannabis enthusiasts where to start, i.e. how to germinate cannabis seeds? Everyone who started playing with this unusual plant asked himself, among other things, So, what is the best germination method? What is hemp seeds good for? How to handle hemp seeds?

Hemp seed germination

Hemp seed germination - shedding of the shell.

The main methods of germination of hemp seeds

There are many methods of seed germination, we will focus on the 3 most famous ones. Choose the method that suits you best.

Sprouting hemp seeds in the ground

This method of germination involves placing the seeds in moist soil and covering them with a light layer of it, so that the plant has the strength to push through it. Remember to spray the soil regularly with water (preferably low-sodium spring water). This method of germination has the advantage that, firstly, the seed is protected against unfavorable changes in external conditions (changes in temperature, humidity), and secondly, possible damage to the germinated seeds during their transfer to the soil is eliminated.

Sprouting cannabis seeds in soil seems to be the most obvious method of extracting the plant from its shell. After all, no farmer germinates seeds before putting them in the soil. It would probably take him ages. Home cannabis gardeners see it differently, as they want to use only a few or a dozen or so seeds and want to get a beautiful and strong plant from each one!

Seed germination in moist soil

If you like to have everything under control, bet on this method and you will be able to see if everything goes according to plan! To create a moist substrate for the seeds, use a paper towel or, for example, a cotton swab sprayed with water. Personally, we recommend a paper towel, due to the smoother structure in which the root does not get tangled, as well as the lower content of chemicals (it is difficult to find unscented swabs). Place the hemp seeds on the prepared substrate so that each has a decent place for itself, then cover with another layer of damp paper towel so that they are dark and do not dry out. Here it is important not to forget to moisten the towel, which dries very quickly in dry rooms!
When will the sprout be ready to be placed in the soil? As soon as you see a few millimeter roots, you can put them into the soil, but do it very gently so as not to damage them. Remember that from the moment you put the sprouted seeds in the ground, you must again take care not to let it get too dry. Use the sprayer, it will prevent you from overflowing.

Seed germination by soaking in water

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Sprouting hemp seeds - a jar of water as a method

It's more of a lazy or forgetful method. There is no philosophy here except that the water should be at room temperature. Place the seeds in a glass or bowl of water and wait. The same rules apply as in the previous method.

The seeds have sprouted, what next? See a few millimeter sprout? Move it carefully into moist soil and wait for a little plant!

Remember that in Poland it is possible to grow and sprout only hemp seeds, and only after receiving the appropriate permits! This post is not intended to encourage you to break the law.

You can find certified cannabis seeds for cultivation here
Collector seeds, the cultivation of which is prohibited in Poland, can be found here

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