Cannabis in cosmetics

Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L) are plants that, due to the low content of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, are legal*. Every year, the interest in the beneficial compounds contained in hemp grows, and thus their use, e.g. in medicinal and care products. marijuana hands

There are many favorable opinions on the Internet about the extraordinary properties of products made on the basis of compounds obtained from hemp. These are both user opinions and a huge number of marketing entries of hemp preparations manufacturers. While the compounds contained in hemp are undoubtedly beneficial for our body (which has been confirmed by numerous studies), not everyone will be able to fully extract them from this extraordinary plant. If we are going to try out the effect of hemp cannabinoids on our body, make sure that the product (e.g. CBD oil, hemp cosmetics) that we want to buy is wholesome and comes from a trustworthy manufacturer.

Recently, CBD oils have been very popular among consumers, as well as cosmetics, both those containing hemp seed oil, CBD oil, cannabidiol (CBD) itself, or e.g. hemp hydrolate. In this post, we will focus on cosmetics based on hemp products.

In stores, we can find a lot of cosmetics with a meaningful illustration of a hemp leaf on the packaging, but what does it really mean? What can we expect from a product flagged with hemp leaf and what should we pay attention to?

scaled hemp oil

Cannabis in cosmetics.

Firstly, the product may contain: CBD, CBD oil or hemp seed oil. Secondly, let's pay attention to the amount of these ingredients contained in the product? And finally, most importantly, what does the rest of the cosmetic look like? The most important thing is how many % of natural ingredients a given cosmetic contains. It will not be a secret for anyone that the more the better for the body ;)

Many people buy cannabis-based cosmetics because there are more and more of them on the market. What are the properties of compounds obtained from hemp and why are they so beneficial for our skin?

Properties of hemp products in cosmetics.

Hemp in cosmetics, i.e. in what form is hemp in cosmetics?

Hemp oil

Hemp oil is obtained from hemp seeds during cold pressing at a temperature of approx. 40 degrees Celsius. Used in cosmetics, but also in the food industry. In the first case, it perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin. This is because it contains an ideal ratio of unsaturated fatty acids (EFA). First of all, the following acids: oleic, linoleic, linolenic and gamma-linolenic. The ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 acids contained in hemp oil is 3:1, which has a very positive effect on the activity of biological membranes, and which directly translates into a better condition of the skin. All this makes this oil soothing and anti-inflammatory on the skin of our body.

What is the role of EFAs in our body?

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The main function of EFAs in the human body is the constant reconstruction of the lipid membrane of cells. It is thanks to EFAs that cell membranes maintain their proper structure, fluidity and composition. Thanks to them, the so-called the hydrolipid coat fully retains its properties and thus shows selective permeability. As a consequence, our skin does not lose water in excess, and harmful external factors have limited access to its interior (including harmful UV radiation).

Thanks to the control of water loss from the epidermis, cosmetics based on hemp products are recommended for dry and dehydrated skin. The skin will remain moisturized, without the feeling of so-called. downloads.

In addition to fatty acids, hemp seed oil contains vitamins such as vit. A, E, K and B vitamins, which enable the regeneration of epidermal cells, and also prevent cell oxidation, and thus protect them from premature disintegration. Thanks to the presence of zinc, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, the effect of other beneficial ingredients (contained in the cosmetic) on the skin is facilitated, and thus the skin will absorb more beneficial compounds, which will increase its care.

Hemp oil also contains a number of proteins, phytosterols and dyes - carotenes. Phytosterols, i.e. sterols of plant origin, stimulate the synthesis of collagen, a protein contained in the skin, which is responsible for its elasticity. They also inhibit to some extent the action of the enzyme - elastase, which is involved in the breakdown of elastin.

The skin remains supple and elastic

In addition, phytosterols have anti-inflammatory, soothing effects, e.g. burns, erythema, skin irritations; accelerate the healing and reconstruction of the epidermis. They have antibacterial, anticancer and antifungal properties. Thanks to this, cosmetics based on hemp products successfully deal with allergic skin, prone to irritation, by providing it with additional protection, relief, regeneration and thanks to the properties that even out skin tone.

Cannabidiol (CBD) or CBD oil extracted from hemp flowers.

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CBD - one of the cannabinoids contained in hemp, which does not show psychoactive properties, and whose wide therapeutic effects are used in various types of drugs and medicinal preparations. Cannabidiol (CBD) can be used in cosmetics as an independent active ingredient, and can also be found as a component of hemp oil. There are several methods of extracting CBD from hemp, including extraction using carbon dioxide, vegetable oil, dry ice or, for example, ethanol extraction. At the moment, the most common extraction method is CO2, which does not mean that it is the best method. CBD is obtained from hemp flowers, not seeds or leaves. In order for the obtained cannabinoid extract to be legally used and processed, the amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinoid) must comply with the provisions of the Act of 25 July 2005 on counteracting drug addiction and must not exceed 0,2% THC (psychoactive substance).


CBD extract contains the same package of beneficial ingredients as oil obtained from seeds, i.e. it contains omega-3 and 6 acids, vitamins (A, E, B, K) as well as calcium, magnesium and zinc. CBD has a number of therapeutic properties. When using this cannabinoid in cosmetics, it is important that it regulates the production of sebum, which is why creams with its participation are great for acne, oily and combination skin.

CBD oil can also delay the aging process of the skin. The skin is more elastic, moisturized and smoothed, which means that fewer wrinkles appear on it. Cosmetics based on CBD hemp oil improve skin tone by reducing the formation of irritation or discoloration. Cannabidiol contained in cosmetics makes allergic reactions less burdensome, the same applies to itching of the skin in the case of e.g. dermatitis. In addition to alleviating symptoms, there are beneficial regenerating, bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol.

Hemp cosmetics are also recommended for contaminated skin, due to the fact that CBD has comedogenic properties, i.e. it prevents the formation of, among others, blackheads on the skin by leaving the pores unclogged.

*in Poland, hemp is considered legal if the THC content in dry matter is less than 0,2%.

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