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Marijuana in business

In this category you will find entries about the entire hemp business.

hemp business

hemp business

We follow information from the world regarding subsequent laws legalizing medical and recreational marijuana and we try to provide you with this information as soon as possible in the form of blog entries.

We will discuss the use of hemp in business not only in the form of dried CBD, CBD oils, CBD concentrates and cosmetics, but also the use of hemp in the textile, industrial and food industries. Here you can read about the potential of this amazing plant and facts about it.


Cannabis business development

The cannabis business is just growing. Year after year, the number of hectares for hemp cultivation increases, which increases the amount of available raw material. Our knowledge about this plant and how to use all its properties is also greater.

Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana

medical and recreational marijuana

hemp business - medical and recreational marijuana

Another important topic that we will discuss is the issue of medical and recreational marijuana. The change in the law in force in Poland on the legality of marijuana, which we will certainly see, will have a huge impact on the hemp business in our country. Many producers are already preparing for this by purchasing the right lighting, equipment and training in the cultivation of hemp in order to be able to turn it into medical cannabis in the future.

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