Coronavirus vs Marijuana: Scientists on the move. INITIALLY: Cannabis helps against COV-19?


These studies specifically looked at marijuana extracts.

The conclusions that come to mind at the moment ensure that an extract with a high content of CBD (cannabidiol) from selected hemp strains (mainly Cannabis Sativa L. marijuana seeds vending machines ) leads to a reduction in the number of ACE2 (angiotensin-converting enzyme 2) receptors, even by 73%.

It has been proven that the above-mentioned receptors can help COVID-19 to settle in the human lungs. Marijuana extracts reduce their number in an effective way, leading to a reduction in the risk of virus infection, we encourage you to buy marijuana seeds.

Marijuana seed oil

Canadian researchers from the University of Lethbridge in Calgary are analyzing more than 400 different varieties of cannabis, and the initial phases of research show promising results. However, there are black clouds on the horizon. What is it about? As usual about money. The illegality of marijuana in most countries around the world deters potential investors.

Research into this wonderful plant is mostly done in countries where marijuana is legal, at least in Canada. Canada is a country where smoking and purchasing genuine hemp products is legal.

Dr. Igror Kovalchuk on research

– More research is needed to understand if it is CBD, THC (psychoactive agent of marijuana), or maybe their combination lower the number of receptors - explains researcher Dr. Igor Kovalchuk in the Calgary Herald. – adding: When the number of receptors decreases, the risk of infection also decreases.

From previous studies, it is known that cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties. What's more, its administration is not synonymous with mental impairment or motor dysfunction in the patient.

Current research, in Canada, is related to the prevention of coronavirus infections in the lungs, intestines and mouth.

What comes of it, we'll see. We keep our fingers crossed and support all initiatives and research that may lead to the legalization of marijuana. Especially the one that can help people with all kinds of diseases or illnesses, and even in the fight against viruses. The results of the fight coronavirus vs marijuana? After the first round it's 0-1 for marijuana, the question is will there be more rounds?


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