Cosmetics with CBD for dry, damaged and AD skin

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is an ingredient derived from hemp. It is an organic compound that is obtained from leaves, flowers and stems. It is not intoxicating or addictive. It is added to cosmetics and preparations made of hemp oil, thanks to which a beneficial combination of unsaturated fatty acids, proteins and vitamins is created, which improve the condition of the skin and make AD treatment more effective. We suggest how cosmetics with CBD affect the condition of the epidermis and why it is worth implementing them in everyday care.

Effect of CBD cosmetics on dry skin

Cannabinoids protect cannabis from ultraviolet radiation and reduce water evaporation. These properties of cannabinoids make hemp cosmetics moisturize the skin without leaving a greasy film on its surface. In addition, there is no feeling of so-called tightening. The skin remains soft to the touch, supple and more resilient. Hemp also produces proteins, phytosterols, vitamins, waxes and flavonoids. These are ingredients that stimulate collagen synthesis, thanks to which they have an anti-wrinkle and firming effect. CBD oil it is also a source of unsaturated fatty acids - omega 3 and omega 6, as well as vitamins A, E, K and those from group B. This combination causes the epidermis cells to regenerate, which effectively supports the care of dry, irritated or damaged skin. Supplementing the deficiencies in the lipid layer has a strengthening effect. Thanks to this, the skin becomes resistant to external factors and drying. Cosmetics enriched with hemp oil even out the skin tone and reduce the amount of irritation or discoloration, which is also recommended for people struggling with acne.

How CBD cosmetics affect atopic dermatitis

Hemp oils with CBD also contribute to alleviating the symptoms of various types of eczema or atopic dermatitis, and even psoriasis, thanks to which atopic dermatitis treatment it becomes more effective. Carefully selected ingredients contained in creams, cheeses, tonics and even make-up removal products allow you to provide the necessary nutrients to even the most demanding skin. Thanks to the content of phytosterols in hemp oil, cosmetics have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, which helps to reduce the occurrence of erythema. They also soothe itching, accelerate wound healing and epidermis reconstruction, and also have antibacterial, anticancer and antifungal properties, which is especially important in the case of various types of skin changes. Hemp cosmetics they are also safe for people prone to allergies. If your skin is problematic, choose products with a natural composition, without dyes or preservatives that could cause allergic reactions, irritation or itching.

Cosmetics with hemp oil and CBD They also support the regeneration of mature skin, which is why they are suitable for women of all ages. The richness of vitamins and nutrients makes it easier for the skin to absorb other beneficial properties from the products you use. It is worth betting on high-quality cosmetics that help rebuild the hydrolipid layer and protect the epidermis against external factors. In our store you will find many products that will certainly meet your expectations.

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