Costa Rica has legalized medical marijuana and hemp


Already in January this year, the proposal of laws regulating the use of medical marijuana, as well as the trade in industrial hemp, was passed in Costa Rica. 29 deputies voted for the law, 10 of those present were against it. Among those voting against the adoption of the new hemp law were MPs from evangelical parties, who said that the changes contained in the law regarding, among others, medical marijuana could affect national security as well as public health. The Costa Rican government, however, pointed to estimated revenues that could be as high as $10 per hectare of hemp cultivation if the bill was signed. At that time, there were still fears that the president would not sign the bill, due to the Ministry of Health's doubts about some of the issues contained in it regarding recreational marijuana.

Costa Rica legalizes medical marijuana

Costa Rica legalizes medical marijuana!

The president of Costa Rica signed the cannabis law

Finally, the President of Costa Rica signed the law last Tuesday, but with some changes. The original version of the act allowed cultivation for personal use and consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes, in order to limit the development and operation of the illegal market. However, this proposal was vetoed.

Passed and signed act legalizes the use of marijuana for medical purposes, and allows the cultivation of hemp for industrial purposesi.e. for the production of textiles, seeds, oils or cosmetics. Enterprises, among others from the agricultural sector accepted this government decision as an aid and an opportunity to take advantage of the very developing, international industrial hemp market.

Costa Rica is the next Latin American country to legalize medical marijuana!

Medical marijuana laws and regulations in Costa Rica are similar to those in other Latin American countries. Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru. Uruguay was the first country to legalize recreational marijuana in 2013. The new law in Costa Rica regulates i.a. cultivation, processing, transportation and storage of medical marijuana. Access to medical marijuana will require a special permit.

Costa Rica legalization

Industrial hemp with a limit of 1% THC!

THC Limit 1%

Businesses or farmers wishing to grow marijuana for medical purposes will need to register with special national health authorities. They will also be subject to inspections by ICD stands for Costa Rica Drug Institute. Hemp for industrial purposes they have a 1% THC limit. With this assumption, all ingredients derived from hemp can be legally used for food and industrial purposes.

Costa Rica - penalties for growing hemp without licention

Cultivation medical marijuana or its sale without liceis punishable by imprisonment from 6 to 12 years.

This is certainly a huge step for Costa Rica and its citizens. It is implied, however, that at legalization of recreational marijuana you won't have to wait long. Although President Alvarado vetoed this part of the bill, two new presidential candidates are in favor of legalization! The term of the then president ends this year.

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