Legalization of marijuana in Israel

Many signs in the sky and earth indicate that another country will join the noble group of countries that can boast of a law legalizing hemp and its use for recreational purposes. Israel, because this is the country we are talking about, is starting work on the preparation of a law regulating the status of marijuana.

The new law is expected to take nine months to process. As a result of several months of work by a special commission set up to change the status of cannabis, Israeli Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn and the Ministry of Justice will draft a new law that will abolish penalties for marijuana possession. But that's not all, because a fully legal branch of the hemp industry is to be created, which will bring significant benefits to the state itself.

Legalization of marijuana in Israel

Legalization of marijuana in Israel - the legislative process.

Of course, the legislative path of the new provision will not end only with its development. The draft must be approved by the Special Committee on Drugs and Alcohol and is to be enshrined in law. The assumption that will accompany the creation of the new law in Israel is to follow the Canadian model, where there is a strong emphasis on education and prevention among young people. One of the main objectives of the project is to stop minors from using marijuana. The budget is to include funds for the diagnosis and treatment of addiction problems, tracking data of marijuana users and improving mental health. To ensure the financing of these assumptions, a special fund is to be created, which will be funded with money from the legal cannabis trade.

Pattern - Colorado

colorado marijuana

Is marijuana legalization in Israel similar to Colorado?

Israel's justice minister says the first reading in the Knesset (Israel's parliament) will take place next month, while the entire legislative process is expected to take nine months. Work on this bill began after an in-depth analysis of the benefits and disadvantages of implementing marijuana legalization and decriminalization policies in other countries. The main assumptions were based on the experience of the state of Colorado in the United States, where cannabis has been legal since 9.

Deputy Attorney General Amit Merari realizes that cannabis is a common drug used daily by a large part of the population, therefore there is no justification to prohibit people from enjoying its benefits. When the entire legislative process is completed, it will be possible to buy marijuana in Israel and smoke the flower of this wonderful plant. The condition is to be over the age of twenty-one, regardless of whether you are an Israeli citizen or just a tourist. So far, the Israeli parliament has a lot of work to do, because the new law must be consistent with other legal regulations. We can't wait for the deputies in Poland to consider such an act, because there are many beneficial aspects related to the legal use of hemp in various areas of health and economy.


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