Morocco legality of marijuana

The legalization of marijuana in Morocco has gained momentum in recent years. The legal situation regarding the cultivation of marijuana has changed in recent years. In 2021, the Moroccan Parliament passed a law legalizing the cultivation, production and export of hemp for medical, cosmetic and industrial purposes. This is a significant change because previously the cultivation and trade of marijuana was illegal and prosecuted.

Is marijuana legal in Morocco?

However, it is important to note that this legalization does not cover recreational use of marijuana. The possession, use and trade of marijuana for recreational purposes remains illegal in Morocco and is punishable by law. People caught in possession of marijuana may face penalties, including fines and imprisonment.

How has the legalization of marijuana cultivation been progressing in Morocco so far? As of January 2024

legalization of marijuana in Morocco

Legalization of marijuana in Morocco - plantation

At the beginning of March 2020, the official Council of Ministers is expected to approve a draft law that has a clear goal: legalization of marijuana in Morocco! The Moroccan authorities are working on a document thanks to which Morocco will officially join the group of countries where cannabis can be grown. For now, the project envisages the cultivation of hemp only for medical, pharmaceutical or industrial purposes.

Where did it start?

The Moroccan press reports that the bill assumes the construction of a legal Moroccan cannabis industry by associating marijuana growers in the so-called "cooperatives of farmers", which would then offer processing companies their crops both on the local and international market.

The Moroccan government notes that the value of the country's cannabis industry is almost double the BBC's previous estimate of $8 billion. In the project, you can find an estimate of the "market", made by Moroccan politicians, amounting to a trifle of $ 15 billion. Currently, without legal regulation, so much money mainly goes to organized crime groups, including traders and farmers, who obviously act against the law.

Moroccan model of regulation of the hemp market - legalization of marijuana in Morocco!

The premise of the law is simple. The state intends to control agricultural cooperatives associating cannabis growers. Thanks to such a move, illegal cannabis traders and farmers can be eliminated in one move. Legal cultivation is to be carried out in six regions of Morocco located in the Rif Mountains. Article 7 of the Act is to contain a provision indicating what requirements must be met by future legal growers. These requirements include:

  • majority;
  • having a specialicence;
  • Moroccan nationality;
  • living in the regions of the Rif Mountains where cannabis cultivation will take place.
Legalization of marijuana in Morocco

Growing under these conditions? The legalization of marijuana in Morocco will allow the cultivation of hemp for medical purposes, which is good news for those in need of the healing properties of this plant.

The project assumes the creation of a special national agency that will be responsible for monitoring and supervising the trade in hemp, regulating the market and specifying what security measures are to be observed when storing and processing cultivated marijuana.

The whole procedure is to concern the cultivation of cannabis for pharmaceutical, medical and industrial purposes, where, of course, only companies registered in Morocco could apply for a special permit that will allow hemp products to be placed on the market. The state is also to issue special permits for the export and import of marijuana.

Winds of change in legislation around the world

Recently, there have been changes in the law on the horizon that affect many countries around the world. In addition to Thailand, some US states in Europie Germany is getting ready to legalize marijuana, even for recreational purposes. The winds of change often affect first of all the lack of punishment for possessing small amounts of dried hemp - the example of the Czech Republic can be cited here. Time will tell when the rest dawned. including Morocco, will join the current trend towards full legalization of marijuana.

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