Marijuana legally sold in German stores?

The case of legalizing recreational marijuana in Germany has started with hooves. As the German Minister of Health announced, in the fall of this year (2022) answers to the most important questions posed by society are to appear. Including the question - will marijuana be sold legally in Germany? Unfortunately, the fulfillment of the promise was called into question. As it turns out, the new regulations allowing the sale of marijuana in German stores would conflict with, among others, with EU regulations.

Cannabis legalization in Germany

The German federal government announced earlier this year that it would introduce "controlled access to cannabis for adults for recreational purposes, includingicentional stores.” We already know what the government will be guided by. This will be the health of consumers and the safety of children and adolescents. Marijuana will only be allowed for adult German citizens. However, the entire process will require regulation of many regulations related to, among others: with agriculture, taxes, services activities, and, for example, the already mentioned protection of children and youth. It is already known that the entire legislative process will be laborious and time-consuming. Germany therefore faces a huge challenge and responsibility. It is worth mentioning that if the legal sale of marijuana among our neighbors takes place, Germany will be the first such country in the world EurOpie. For now, states are legalizing marijuana eurEuropean countries, only Malta has decided to do so, but the sale itself remains illegal there.

legal marijuana in Germany

The Germans already know that the profit from the legalization of hemp will be huge!

profits from the legalization of marijuana in Germany

The Haucamp Institute estimated the number of cannabis consumers in Germany at approximately 4 million. On this basis, the annual national demand for cannabis was estimated at approximately 400 tons. With the amount of marijuana sold, tax revenues could reach as much as $5 billion euro annually. These are huge amounts, which are certainly one of the main arguments that convinced the German government to take action on legalization. The German government also justifies its decision with the desire to gain control over the quality of marijuana sold. By cracking down on the illegal cannabis market, the government will have a greater say in protecting consumers from consuming contaminated, harmful substances. Ultimately, recreational marijuana is to be available only to adult German citizens.

EU laws an obstacle to the legal sale of marijuana in Germany?

At the end of June 2022, consultations with health experts, economists and hemp breeders ended. The consultation aimed to remove all legal obstacles to legal cannabis in Germany. The final draft of the act was to be presented in the second half of this year, but it is not known whether this will happen. Bundestag experts pointed out, among others, on EU drug laws, which conflict with a planned project allowing the sale of marijuana. However, these are not the only conventions and regulations that would be violated. There are also UN conventions from the second half of the 20th century, which urge states to recognize, among others, sale or cultivation of marijuana for punishable acts.
Does this mean that the German government will not deliver on its promise? The matter is not entirely settled. A health spokesman assured them that they were going to find a solution. One of the ideas is to adjust the EU law to a certain extent, as well as to submit reservations to the UN Convention. All we have to do is believe and keep our fingers crossed for our neighbors!

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