Legendary marijuana strains

There are plenty of hemp varieties, whether indica or fibrous, and there are new ones every year. In this post, we will focus on cannabis varieties that, as you may have noticed while browsing ours virtual store shelf, There are so many that you don't know which one to choose. This huge amount results from the work and passion of experienced growers - botanists, whose goal is to create even more beautiful, even more efficient and even more powerful cannabis strains. To create a really good marijuana strain, you first need to know it. The ability to stabilize the genes is essential, but also the knowledge of and access to flagship cannabis varieties. Those, let's say, the most primal, stable, which can be based on when creating new hemp pearls that will delight the most demanding growers and collectors.

What varieties of cannabis can be called so-called classics? On which genes are the most frequently created crosses based? In this and subsequent entries, we will introduce you to the greatest legends and classics of cannabis.


Skunk #1 Sensi Seeds

Legendary marijuana strains: Skunk #1 Sensi Seeds

Skunk # 1 is a legendary hybrid that was one of the first to make a big impact on the cannabis market. Apparently, it is from the name of this variety that the well-known term for the herb - "skun" - came from. The first Skunk #1 was created by crossing three wild marijuana strains: Acapulco Gold, Afghani and Columbian Gold. Such a mixture led to the creation of a hybrid Sativa/Indica, with a strong, characteristic skunk aroma, i.e. sweet and earthy. Other characteristics typical of Skunk #1 are high THC content (up to 20%), large yields with a lot of resin, low cultivation requirements and a relatively short flowering time.

The whole Skunk story began in the early 70s in the United States. Apparently, the first stable hybrid was obtained by a group of hippies, of which he was a member Skunkman himself (David Watson). According to the information circulating in the network, he was the only one who avoided serving time in prison, thanks to which he managed to transport this skunk to the Netherlands. This is where Skunkman, with the help of other experienced growers, further improved the legendary hybrid. What was created was so good and, above all, strong that it displaced the previously dominant varieties on the market.

First prize variety Skunk #1 won at the cannabis festival High Times Cannabis Cup in 1988 w Amsterdam. In the following years, it was mainly crosses made from Skunk#1 that were the winners, which proves some really good genetics. To this day, growers and collectors value marijuana strains based on Skunk genetics. Currently, the Skunk #1 variety is offered by many global producers, and many well-known seedbanks are full of various types of crosses.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia haze automatic

Amnesia Haze Auto - Royal Queen Seeds

Amnesia Haze is a classic that reigns in all Dutch Coffee Shops to this day. It is famous for its energizing high, which is due to the advantage of genes Sativa over Indica. This is another variety of marijuana that, according to the spread story, was brought to the Netherlands from the United States. It is not known who exactly did it, but the more reliable information is that the Haze hybrid was created in the 70's from the combination of varieties predominant in Sativa genes, i.e. marijuana varieties from Thailand (ภาษาไทย), Hawaii (hawaiian) and varieties with a predominance indica from Afghanistan (Afghani). Extremely energizing haze genetics after spawning in Amsterdamie was used to create more hybrids. This was how it was supposed to be famous Amnesia Haze, which won the first prize at the festival in 2004 cannabis Cupand in 2012 it was named the best sativa at the same festival as well. In addition, she won awards and distinctions at the Emerald Cup or Spannabis, and in the magazine HighTimes has been ranked among the best marijuana strains of all time.

What are the characteristics of genes Amnesia Haze? First of all, a strong and energetic high. Amnesies usually produce a good amount of THC, even above 20%. Amnesia Haze it is efficient and grows very quickly, so it needs a lot of space. Citrus floral fragrance notes combined with bitter spicy notes typical of haze genetics awaken the senses. The most commonly described effects of this type of marijuana are agitation and euforiabut also better concentration and relaxation. Original seeds of varieties based on classic Amnesi Haze genetics can be found in our store's offer.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer Auto Fast Buds

Jack Herer Auto Fast Buds

Legendary varieties of marijuana cannot be enumerated and not taken into account Jack Herer. Is is another queen of cannabis competitions, this time from the Netherlands. Awarded many times at the High Times Cannabis Cup festivals primarily for its quality and strength! It appeared in the 90's and since then it has gathered more and more fans, which continues to this day. Jack Herer and its various variations can be found in each amsthirdamskim coffee shop. The team was the first to appreciate Jack Herer Sensi Seeds, immediately after them, other seed producers included strains of this hemp in their offers. Probably the original variety was created from a cross Haze and Northern LightsSome also write about Shiva Skunk Cross, but the exact "recipe" for Jack is of course not known. The name of this marijuana, you guessed it, did not come by chance. Jack Herer is the name of the most famous cannabis activist from the United States, who has devoted most of his life to making people aware of the value of cannabis and industrial hemp. Another success of the variety Jack Hereris the fact that due to its healing properties and amazing aroma, this strain has been recognized as medical marijuana and is sold in many pharmacies around the world under the name Bedrocan.

Let's sum up! Jack Herer it is a dominant variety sativas with an unusual aroma and healing properties. It is characterized by high potency, which is determined by a large amount of THC. This marijuana provides a long-lasting and powerful effect. In the case of medical applications, it helps with depression, all kinds of pain, recreationally it will add joy and improve mood. It is relatively easy to grow due to its resistance to mold and high yield even in less favorable conditions.
No wonder that's it Jack Herer has become a classic, known by all, both connoisseurs and novice cannabis fans. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the varieties Jack Herer the best producers in the world.

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