Limitation of Company Liability Ziarno Życia


Marijuana seeds in our store are sold only on the condition that they will not be used by third parties in an unlawful manner. Ziarno Życia absolutely does not encourage illegal activities. Anyone who buys seeds must accept the shop's regulations. The buyer is solely responsible for his future actions after purchasing the products, i.e. cannabis seeds.

All product descriptions and entries on our store's website have been developed on the basis of information contained on manufacturers' websites, as well as on the basis of specialized books. Information about cultivation, plant appearance, effect, taste and other similar information has been checked and collected in countries where the consumption and cultivation of marijuana is legal or permitted by local law. None of this information indicates that you can consume (without a permit, i.e. an appropriate prescription) or cultivate cannabis in Poland.

Marijuana seed descriptions are provided for informational purposes only the sale of seeds takes place only for collecting and commemorative purposes.

 Company Ziarno Życia does not bear any responsibility in the event of misuse of products purchased on the website.

The law that governs the possession and export of marijuana seeds around the world

Unfortunately, the laws governing the possession and export of marijuana seeds vary from country to country. For this reason, buyers should familiarize themselves with the laws of their country and act accordingly. It is forbidden to purchase seeds from countries where possession of marijuana seeds is illegal. Currently, such countries include the USA, Germany, Australia and Asian countries. If the customer does not know the law and buys from a country where seeds are not allowed, the company Ziarno Życia assumes no responsibility for any legal problems that may arise. In the described situation company Ziarno Życia fails to reimburse money for parcels seized or rejected by the customs authorities in the performance of official duties. 

Current law in Poland regarding the cultivation of cannabis

The law in Poland clearly indicates that you cannot plant marijuana seeds. Minors are asked to leave the site for security reasons and to avoid confusion. The law in Poland allows the possession of marijuana seeds for collecting and scientific purposes, because the hemp seeds themselves do not contain psychoactive substances and are not classified by law as a precursor for creating drugs. Currently, restrictions on the cultivation of hemp, including cannabis, i.e. marijuana, result from the Act of 29.VII.2005 on counteracting drug addiction.

Illegal cannabis cultivation in Poland – what are the consequences?

The penalty for cultivating cannabis is defined in Article 63(1) of the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction, which states that:

  • who, contrary to the provisions of the Act, cultivates hemp, with the exception of fibrous hemp, is subject to imprisonment for up to 3 years.
  • Anyone who, contrary to the provisions of the Act, collects hemp resin or herb other than fibrous (paragraph 2) is subject to the same penalty.
  • A person who commits a crop that can deliver a significant amount non-fibrous hemp resin or herb is subject to imprisonment from 6 months to 8 years (paragraph 3).