Luxembourg marijuana in your own home

Luxembourg marijuana

Luxembourg Cannabis Will Be Legally Grown In Homes?

Luxembourg is on track to legalize the cultivation of marijuana for personal use, according to The Guardian. The Luxembourg Ministry of Justice reports that such steps are dictated by the desire to liberalize consumption and plant cultivation "in your own four walls". If such laws are legally adopted, Luxembourg will automatically become the first such country on the old continent.

Who will be able to grow cannabis in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg's new law jumps adults, i.e. over the age of eighteen, as those who will be able to grow up to four marijuana plants per household. Marijuana will only be legally consumed at home, and it will still not be legal to "take" cannabis outside the home.

The law also aims to mitigate penalties for the possession of marijuana. The upper threshold provided for in the legal regulation is to be three grams, and in the event of detention, this fact will be treated as an offense and not a crime, as reported last Friday by the Luxembourg daily "L'essentiel". Above this upper limit of three grams, nothing changes - says Justice Minister Sam Tanson - such a person will be treated as a drug dealer. The Minister also adds that in terms of driving after consuming drugs, nothing changes either - zero tolerance for such behavior.

Cannabis seeds - legal trade in Luxembourg

hemp seeds

The sale of cannabis seeds in Luxembourg remains legal

Trading is allowed without limits marijuana seeds – reports a British newspaper, while the trade in marijuana itself remains illegal.

When is the project to be submitted? Everything indicates that this will happen early next year. The Minister of Justice remains in the position that this law is a "stage" in the process of normalizing the approach to marijuana in Luxembourg.


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