In Ukraine, the legal status of marijuana and hemp products is quite complicated and varies depending on the type of product and its use.

Recreational Marijuana 

Possession and cultivation of marijuana for recreational purposes in Ukraine is partially decriminalized. It is true that Ukrainian law treats marijuana as a narcotic substance and its illegal possession in quantities above 5 g may result in serious legal consequences, and above 60 g should result in a prison sentence. However, possession of up to 5g of cannabis has been decriminalized in Ukraine. Many people are probably wondering Can you grow marijuana bushes in Ukraine?

Growing marijuana bushes for personal use, e.g. at home, is not allowed in Ukraine. However, growing no more than 10 bushes is treated as an offense punishable by a fine.

status of marijuana in Ukraine

Marijuana in Ukraine – legal status of hemp

Medical Marijuana

In recent years, there has been a debate in Ukraine about the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. Despite some progress on this issue, until April 2023, medical marijuana was not yet legal in Ukraine. However, there are some regulations regarding substances in marijuana, such as CBD, that can be used in medical products.

Hemp (Hemp)

Hemp, which has almost zero THC levels (maximum 0,08%), is treated differently than marijuana. Cultivation of hemp for industrial purposes is legal in Ukraine, provided that the appropriate licenses are obtainedicentions and compliance with regulations. Breeders must obtain the appropriate licention from the State Service of Ukraine for Drug Control and Drug Control (SSUMDC). Hemp is grown in Ukraine for seeds and fiber. Extraction of active cannabinoids from hemp plants is not permitted.

Hemp products

From 2021, products made from CBD isolates and CBD isolates themselves are legal in Ukraine. However, unlike most countries, extraction of CBD from legal hemp remains banned.

Marijuana seeds

Possessing marijuana seeds for non-commercial purposes is generally not punishable, but growing them may be illegal, as described in the "Recreational Marijuana" section. Selling marijuana seeds is often in a legal gray area and can be risky.

Hemp cannabinoids

Synthetic cannabinoids, which include Cannabidiol, Nabilone, Nabiximol and Dronabinol, are classified in Ukraine as "permitted substances" and can therefore be prescribed according to strict criteria. As we have already mentioned, cannabis extracts are not allowed and are classified as drugs.


When discussing the topic of medical marijuana in Ukraine, it is worth emphasizing the importance of Ukraine's recent decision to legalize it. On December 21, 2023, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine made a historic decision by adopting bill No. 7457, which legalizes the use of marijuana in medicine. This is a landmark event that demonstrates the growing awareness of the therapeutic potential of cannabis.marijuana in Ukraine - legal status, legalization of medical marijuana in Ukraine

The parliament's decision, supported by 248 of 401 deputies, opens a new chapter in the treatment of diseases and conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which has become a widespread problem among Ukrainian citizens as a result of the ongoing armed conflict with Russia. This act not only enables the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, but also opens the door to scientific research and industrial applications of hemp.

MP Marija Mezentseva's emphasis that as many as 6 million Ukrainians may need medical marijuana, including cancer sufferers, civilians with PTSD and wounded soldiers, highlights the enormous potential reach of this law. The legalization of medical marijuana in Ukraine is therefore not only a step towards a modern health policy, but also a response to the growing social needs in the face of difficult living conditions caused by the armed conflict.

In a global context, Ukraine joins the growing number of countries that recognize the therapeutic value of cannabis and are adapting their legal systems to enable its use in medicine. This is a significant step forward that could have far-reaching consequences for both patients and the entire medical sector in the country.

Ukraine's way to control the use of medical marijuana 

Ukraine has adopted a comprehensive approach to regulating and controlling the use of medical marijuana. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine wants to establish a clear legal framework to ensure that medicinal marijuana is used responsibly and safely.Medical marijuana in Ukraine

A key element of this regulation is the electronic prescription system, introduced a few years ago, which will now also enable strict control over the amount of cannabis-based medicines prescribed. This solution will allow for monitoring and limiting abuse, ensuring that medical marijuana is used only for medicinal purposes and only by people who actually need it.

Additionally, the production of marijuana-based drugs is to be subject to strict controls at every stage, from growing the plants to their processing. Only numbericeNationalized legal entities with appropriate certificates will be authorized to breed and produce medical marijuana. Each hemp plant is to be individually coded, which will enable full tracking of its path from the field to the patient.

Cannabis-based medicines will only be available in Ukraine via electronic prescription, in line with practices used for other potent drugs such as morphine. Such a system will ensure that medical marijuana is used in a controlled manner and in accordance with the individual needs of patients.

The long-awaited legalization of medicinal cannabis in Ukraine is becoming a fact 

The cannabis industry around the world has been watching with interest the process of legalizing medical marijuana in Ukraine for some time, which is finally becoming a reality. This long-awaited change in the law is a response to growing public demand and to the public and political debate that has been going on for years about the benefits of the therapeutic use of cannabis.

In 2020, President Zelensky conducted a nationwide survey asking citizens whether they supported the legalization of cannabis to reduce the pain of seriously ill patients. It turned out that as many as 64.88% of people answered the question affirmatively, and 29.53% were against it.

Meanwhile, the law on medical marijuana adopted on December 21.12.2023, XNUMX is to be signed by President Volodymyr Zelensky within six months of its publication.

Legalization of medical marijuana in Ukraine – detailslegal status of marijuana in Ukraine

The Act provides for a number of control and regulatory measures to ensure the safe and controlled use of medical marijuana.

In order to ensure access to cannabis-based medicines, the act allows the import of marijuana from other countries. Patients with the appropriate prescription will be able to enter Ukraine and leave the country with a small amount of the drug.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine will be obliged to develop electronic treatment protocols that will define which diseases can be treated with cannabis-based medicines. This is crucial to ensure that medical marijuana is used in accordance with best medical practices.

At the same time, the National Police and the Ministry of the Interior will be responsible for changing government regulations enabling the cultivation and production of medical cannabis. The introduction of a register of medical hemp producers by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy is another step aimed at maintaining transparency and security in this process.

In addition, the implementing regulations will specify limits on the concentration of THC in the product, which is important to ensure the medical nature of the use of hemp. Police supervision over the cultivation and trade of hemp will ensure that it will only be used for medical, scientific and industrial purposes.

Marijuana in Ukraine – summary

The legalization of medical marijuana in Ukraine does not mean free access to this substance. Anyone needing a cannabis-based medicine will be required to have a doctor's prescription, and recreational use of marijuana will still remain prohibited.

The introduction of this legislation is a significant step forward for Ukraine, giving hope to many patients suffering from oncology, PTSD and other diseases. The legalization of medicinal cannabis in Ukraine is a breakthrough in access to new treatment methods and is a testimony to the evolution of the approach to the medicinal use of cannabis in the world.

It is worth noting that the legal situation regarding marijuana and hemp in Ukraine may change. Therefore, it is always advisable to stay up to date with current legal information and consult with a lawyer if you have specific legal questions.


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