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Is marijuana legal in the Netherlands?
How many grams of marijuana can you bring with you in the Netherlands?
How many bushes can you have in the Netherlands?
Coffee shops in the Netherlands.

Marijuana is the plant we most often associate with AmsTerdam - the capital of the Netherlands and famous Dutch coffee shops. Probably every adult tourist who visited this place planned a visit to such a cannabis cafe. Does this mean that the Netherlands is a country that professes full freedom for cannabis? Unfortunately not! This is a misconception circulating among the public. It is worth getting acquainted with the law in force in the Netherlands to avoid unnecessary problems during your visit to this country!

Is marijuana legal in the Netherlands?

The legality of marijuana in the Netherlands is not entirely clear to everyone. You should know that it is against the law to possess, sell or manufacture drugs in the Netherlands. Is weed legal in the Netherlands? Marijuana is considered a soft drug there. Soft drugs are tolerated in the Netherlands, so coffee shops are allowed to sell weed under certain, but quite strict, conditions.

How many grams of marijuana can you bring with you in the Netherlands?

The tolerance on the part of the government and the prosecutor's office is that although it is not legal to sell marijuana in coffee shops, they are not prosecuted for it. Citizens are also not punished for possessing small amounts of marijuana. It is assumed that they can carry up to 5 grams of dried hemp and grow up to 5 plants for their own use without consequences. Growing cannabis in the Netherlands is against the law. Once the police find up to 5 plants grown for their own needs, they usually end up seizing them. In the event of a larger number, prosecution will most likely be brought before the prosecutor's office.

coffee shop Netherlands

Coffee shops in the Netherlands 

coffee shops in Amsterdams are illegal, but since 1992 Dutch law has made them tolerated. Thanks to this, the sale of dried cannabis and hashish in Coffee Shops is tolerated, but the owners must comply with certain rules.

– they cannot sell hard drugs
– Cannot sell marijuana to minors
- Drugs are not allowed to be advertised
– it is not allowed to sell more than 5g of cannabis in one transaction
– the presence of such a coffee shop must not be a nuisance for citizens

Municipalities may set additional rules to be met by a café located in their area. Municipalities also decide whether a coffee shop can be established in their area.

Dutch coffee shops closed to tourists

Can a foreigner buy marijuana in the Netherlands? Marijuana in the Netherlands seems to be widely and easily available to everyone. However, there are rumors that this is about to change.

Already in 2013, the Dutch government took measures to limit the number of coffee shops and decided to close them to visitors. Since then, coffee shops were to be intended only for residents, i.e. people living in the commune in which the coffee shop is located. However, this and similar ideas to close coffee shops to tourists have not come to fruition. At the end of 2021, the mayor's statements appeared again Amsterdamu Femke Halsema, that from 2022 the long-announced closure of coffee shops for foreigners will come to fruition. To date, we have not found official information on this subject. Supposedly, cities in the Netherlands such as Rotterdam and Maastricht have already introduced such a ban. Certainly, a ban on access to coffee shops introduced throughout the Netherlands would spoil the charm of these places, which are supposed to be safe and atmospheric for people of different cultures and nationalities who want to smoke a joint without fear and eat a hemp cake in good, cheerful company.


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