Is marijuana legal in Italy?

marijuana in Italy

The legal status of marijuana in Italy is quite complex and constantly changing. Here are some key points regarding the legal situation of marijuana in Italy, taking into account the legal status at the beginning of 2024!

Recreational Use: Possession of marijuana for personal use in small amounts is partially decriminalized in Italy, so Italian law is not as restrictive as, for example, Polish law. This means that possessing a small amount of marijuana for personal use is not treated as a criminal offense, but may result in administrative sanctions such as fines or suspension of a driving license or passport.

Home cultivation of marijuana in Italy: In 2019, the Italian Supreme Court ruled that small home marijuana cultivation is legal. However, the term "small" has not been precisely defined, which leads to different interpretations of the law by local authorities.

Sales and Distribution: Marijuana trafficking and distribution are still illegal and prosecuted as criminal offenses. Conducting such activities may result in severe penalties, including imprisonment.

Medical Marijuana in Italy: Medical marijuana is legal in Italy and can be prescribed by doctors for a variety of conditions such as chronic pain, some forms of epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and more. It is available in pharmacies on prescription.

“Cannabis Light”: In Italy, there is also a market for products called “cannabis light”, which contain very low concentrations of THC (the psychoactive substance in marijuana) and are sold legally. However, the law in this area is also complex and often subject to debate.

Can hemp seeds be sent to Italy?

According to available information, the purchase and sale of hemp seeds are legal in Italy, as is their shipment by post. The law here at the moment (January 2024) looks similar to that in Poland. However, Italian law does not allow the cultivation of plants from these seeds​​. This means that while possession and trade of hemp seeds are allowed, growing them is no longer legal.

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Italy legalization of marijuana – process

Italy decriminalizes the cultivation of cannabis up to 4 plants for personal use! Is weed legal in Italy?

4 marijuana plants for personal use

Italy legalizes marijuana

Italy, Rome On September 8, 2021, the Italian MP Riccardo Magi, thanks to the proposed amendment to the hemp law, may introduce the country of the Apennine Peninsula to the group of countries allowing the cultivation of female cannabis for personal use. The proposed solution is to allow the Italians to grow up to 4 bushes. Until now, only Czechs and Spaniards could boast of such a privilege.

Legally, ratification of this amendment is still required. The discussion will take place in the Upper Chamber before its final entry on the pages of the applicable law.

Where did it start? Legal marijuana in Italy?

Many Italian commentators recall the landmark decision of the Italian Supreme Court in 2019. This decision stated that it was legal to grow cannabis in the country on the so-called "small scale". Initially, this judgment of December 19, 2019 went unnoticed by the Italian public. A week after the verdict came to light, a political debate about the use of marijuana in Italy flared up. Cannabis advocates have called for further legalization, drawing the wrath of conservative Italian society. It took two years for "small-scale" marijuana cultivation to be decriminalized.

CBD in Italy - "cannabis light"

Marijuana in the public space of Italians is not a foreign concept. The law on this subject allows for the legal sale of the so-called "cannabis light". This group includes strains of high-density cannabis CBDthat contain up to 0,6% THC. "Weak marijuana" can be sold in stores all over Italy.

Italy legalization of marijuana

Italy legalization of marijuana - up to 4 bushes

In 2019, the universities: University of Magna Graecia, Université Catholique de Louvain, and Erasmus School of Economics conducted research which showed that with the entry into force of the law allowing the legal marketing of "cannabis light" in Italy, the number of shares decreased. police consisting of, among others, on seizures of illegal marijuana, and the number of arrests made for drug offenses has decreased. A market reaction study suggested that the situation with the marketing of "cannabis light" removes approximately 90-170 million euro annually at the hands of organized criminal groups. The conclusion was simple: if we began to further decriminalize the cultivation of marijuana by citizens, such a legal move would reduce the spread of cannabis by criminals, and it would give citizens the opportunity to access marijuana without unpleasant legal consequences.

The black market loses money

The law being tried on Wednesday, September 08.09.2021, XNUMX, in addition to legalizing marijuana cultivation on a "small scale", also provides for an increase in the penalty for crimes related to cannabis smuggling and trafficking, with the maximum sentence increasing from six to ten years. Providing citizens with a small amount of green plants, while reducing the so-called the hemp black market seems to be a very smart solution with positive effects. Let's hope that other nationalities will join the group of Italians, including us - Poles :)

History of Marijuana in Italy

history of marijuana in italy

Marijuana in Italy - the cultivation of this plant dates back to antiquity and until the mid-20th century, Italy was a cannabis powerhouse.

The history of marijuana in Italy is fascinating and complex, as in many other countries. Italy, known for its rich culture and history, has been dealing with cannabis since ancient times.

In ancient times, hemp was cultivated in Italy mainly for its fibers, which were used to make ropes, sails and clothing. Hemp seeds have also been used for nutritional purposes. However, over time, especially in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, other properties of this plant began to be appreciated.

In the 19th century in Italy, as in other parts of the world, marijuana began to be studied for its medical properties. It was during this period that scientists began to discover the potential medical uses of cannabis.

Even in the early 50s, hemp cultivation was allowed on the Apennine Peninsula. Italy as a country was among the largest hemp producers in the world. At the beginning of the XNUMXth century, under the influence of various political and social factors, regulations regarding marijuana became more stringent. As in the United States and other countries, Italy has introduced restrictions on the cultivation, sale and consumption of marijuana.

In the last decades of the 2007th century and the beginning of the XNUMXst century, Italy saw a gradual shift towards the liberalization of marijuana law, especially in the context of its medical use. In XNUMX, Italy legalized marijuana for medical purposes, which was an important step towards changing the social and legal approach to this plant.

There is currently an ongoing debate in Italy on the further legalization and regulation of marijuana, both in a medical and recreational context. The Italian government is exploring possibilities to control and regulate the production and sale of marijuana, which reflects the global trend of changing attitudes towards this plant. But we have already described all this in detail in the paragraphs above.

Summary of marijuana in Italy?

In summary, although there are some forms of decriminalization and legalization of marijuana in Italy, especially in the context of medical use and small-scale home cultivation, the possession, use and distribution of marijuana for recreational purposes are still subject to restrictions and may be subject to legal prosecution. It is important to always check current laws and regulations as the legal situation may change. Answer the question Is marijuana legal in Italy the answer is still – unfortunately no.

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WARNING! In Poland, the law prohibits the cultivation of hemp other than fibrous. This post is not intended to encourage you to break the law. All content related to the cultivation and processing of marijuana is for educational and curiosity purposes only. Currently, more and more countries in the world allow their citizens to grow a marijuana bush for their own use, but Poland is not one of these countries yet.

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