How to properly store marijuana seeds?

Feminized marijuana and cannabis seeds

Nature can surprise everyone with its solutions. It is no different in the case marijuana seeds. Although these have a hard husk that makes the cannabis seed quite durable, it is very important to store marijuana seeds properly.

This durable hemp seed shell created by nature makes the seed itself resistant to various external conditions, e.g. temperature or humidity, but does not make the seed indestructible. Sudden changes in external factors can negatively affect these precious little ones. Properly storing your marijuana seeds can prevent them from deteriorating and help protect your precious genetics!

Ideal conditions - storage of marijuana seeds

Seeds, regardless of the plant, are "living". What does it mean? Before the germination process begins, the seeds naturally stop this process. This is the so-called state of seed dormancy (just as the state of winter sleep in animals is called the state of hibernation).

Storage of marijuana seeds is very important!

How to properly store marijuana seeds

Storing your marijuana seeds is crucial to maintain their viability and germination ability. Here are some tips:

  • Temperature: Seeds should be stored in a cool place. The ideal temperature is around 6-8 degrees Celsius. A refrigerator is an excellent choice, but remember to avoid frequent temperature changes.
  • Humidity: Too high humidity may cause the seeds to mold, and too low humidity may cause the seeds to dry out. The ideal humidity is around 20-30%. You can store the seeds in an airtight container with small silica gel bags to absorb moisture.
  • Light: Seeds should be stored in the dark because light can encourage them to germinate. It is best to place them in an opaque container or wrap them in aluminum foil.
  • marking: If you have different varieties of seeds, it's a good idea to label them appropriately to avoid future mistakes.
  • Pest protection: Make sure the storage area is free from pests that could damage the seeds.

Remember that properly stored seeds can remain viable for many years. By maintaining the right conditions, you increase your chance of successfully growing them when you decide to grow them.

Optimal storage conditions for cannabis seeds

In order not to kill the seeds, proper storage conditions should be provided until the grower decides to germinate and plant them. Of course, in the case of marijuana seeds, you should find out if there are no criminal sanctions imposed on growers for growing cannabis in your country.

The enemies of marijuana seeds are:

Marijuana seeds

  1. humidity

  2. high light intensity

  3. temperature changes

The ideal conditions for storing marijuana seeds are cool, dry and dark places. Each marijuana seed producer supplies seeds in original packaging, often ideal for their storage. It's worth taking advantage of.

Risks of improper storage of marijuana seeds

If you expose your cannabis seeds to rapid changes in temperature or a lot of sunlight, they will begin the process of using up their own internal nutrients. Then the chance drops sprouting such seed in the future. High humidity, on the other hand, can result in the appearance of mold on the seeds - this should be avoided because rotten seeds will not germinate either.

marijuana seed storageStorage of marijuana seeds - where is the best place?

It all depends on how long after receiving your seeds you intend to use them. If this time is insignificant, a drawer or a shaded wardrobe at home, in a room with a stable temperature, will suffice. It is worth remembering to avoid places exposed to e.g. drafts or ventilation, as well as places such as a garage or workshop.

As for the longer ones marijuana seed storage then the refrigerator will be the most suitable, and preferably the less frequently used one (if possible).

Marijuana seeds themselves, as it was written earlier, are best stored in the original manufacturer's packaging. If you have a few left from the package, e.g. 100 pieces, you can additionally use a string bag, removing all the air from its interior. It is also worth protecting the whole thing from light by putting it, for example, in a dark box or plastic bag. You can also use the freezer - the lower the temperature, the better. However, this is not a necessary step. The patent with a refrigerator will completely allow hemp seeds to keep their germination for a few good years.

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